LG washer LE code grinding noise problem [Solved]

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If your LG washing machine is displaying LE error code and at the same time making grinding noise, then you want to read this to the end.

I will tell you what LG washer LE code means and how you can resolve it (permanently).

Let’s get started


LG washer LE code grinding noise problem [Actual meaning and how to repair your washer]

LG washing machine error codes LE meaning

So: what does LE code mean on LG washing machine?

Answer: The LE code on LG washer is one of the most frequent LG washer codes and it indicates that the motor rotor has been locked (motor is locked).

That explains why the washer often makes low grinding noise/sound during a wash cycle(the washer might not spin)

To be clear, sometimes the annoying grinding noise won’t pick up on till the tub stops turning all together.

How to fix LG washer LE code grinding noise problem

There are a couple of fixes I want you to try…

First, try to reset the code.


Because your LG washer may be showing this error code due to a temporary computer fault (and not a damaged motor rotor as you might be thinking).

See the LG washer LE code reset steps below..

How to reset LG washer LE code

  1. Disconnect power (turn circuit breaker off or unplug it)
  2. Wait about 5 minutes
  3. Restore power

Restart cycle and see if all is now okay


  1. Disconnect power (turn circuit breaker off or unplug it)
  2. With power off, press and hold onto to the Start + Pause cycle buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds  
  3. Restore power (turn circuit breaker back on or plug it in)

Restart cycle and see if all is now okay- if not, proceed to the next repair


Helpful Video about resetting LG washer LE code grinding noise problem 


Is the washer overloaded?

The code also pops up when these washers are overloaded.

Yeah.I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth…so check your washer for possible overloading and re-load it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Start it after loading it as recommended and see if the error will go (larger size loads leads to extra strain on the washer motor, resulting in LE code every now and then).

It’s a good idea to reset the washer (as described above) after reloading it but before you restart the cycle.

Read on if you’re not yet lucky

Could there be something wedged in your washer’s tub?

The next thing to make the lg washing machine LE error appear is stuff (foreign items) jamming the tab.

To be clear, the reason why you’re seeing the LE error code is a coin, pin, wire, etc that is stuck somewhere inside the tub (there can be noise due to friction too).

So check the tub..


Well, here are the instructions to follow:

  • Disconnect power (turn circuit breaker off or unplug it)
  • Inspect the tub for stuck coins,pins, etc.
  • Get whatever is there out (use pliers or a similar tool to do that, if necessary)

Restart the wash cycle.


LE error code LG washer top load – Other solutions to try

Change the motor rotor

How do I reset my LG Le code

It is also likely that the motor rotor is bad- and the best repair is changing it out.

The good thing is that the part is a really easy job to swap (it can take you as little as 10 minutes to complete the job).

We recommend the Lg OEM Washer Rotor Assembly Part – it fits perfectly and could resolve the issue on your LG washing machine if it not spinning and is making terrible grinding sounds.

Just don’t forget to apply a quality thread locking compound(when you’re bolding on the newly installed part).

LG washer LE code not spinning – What else to check (and replace)

Check LG washer rotor position sensor

If your lg front load washing machine has stopped spinning and shown error LE (and is probably making low grinding noises), then it could be the motor rotor position sensor that’s bad as well.

So consider replacing the sensor- it’s not costly (check price) and changing it isn’t hard.

In fact, it typically takes under an hour (to disassemble everything, change sensor, and then re-assemble everything back together).

To add, you need a regular socket set(10mm/17mm) plus Philips screwdriver- all you need to do is remove the rear cover plate and all is accessible. 

Keep in mind that you’ll find countless YouTube videos on changing it so it’s hard to go wrong.

I again recommend that you additionally purchase a good quality threadlocker for the motor rotor’s bolt – It’s to keep that bolt from eventually unscrewing itself due to vibrations.

Quick Tip: Check if the wiring harness is showing signs of wear- and replace it too, if so (order the sensor+wiring harness).

By the way I should mention that cleaning the rotor will occasionally do the trick- the rotor is simply magnets so cleaning it might make it work properly once more..

Check the stator (and replace)

If it is still throwing LE error code -and your cables are not looking worn while the sensor appears fine- then the stator is probably your villain.

It’s super easy to replace too- and you could save yourself a lot of money (you know that repairmen can quote insane figures).

Remember it is advisable to test the stator before throwing it out – see how to test a washer motor stator 

Hint: When it comes to testing the stator, you perform resistance tests – and you are looking for specific ohms so see your machine’s service manual.

Finally, I recommend the OEM LG Motor Stator Assembly if you need to swap it out.


LG washer LE code troubleshooting -Final words

Book a professional service from LG support center if you’re still having problems and your washer is under warranty.



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