LG washer drain pump problem [Fixed]

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So, what are your options if you suspect (or you have confirmed) that you need to fix your LG washer drain pump problem?

Well, that is where this guide comes in…You’ll learn how best to fix the drain pulp and hence your washer, if drain pump issues are making your LG washing machine act up.  

Keep reading.

LG washer drain pump problem -How to fix a bad drain pump

Keep in mind that chances are, the best solution for a bad drain pump is replacing it.

But before then, it is important to try a potentially easier fix: unclogging the drain pump filter.

Yeah, you read that correctly..

You see, it is common for folks to blame their washer’s drain problem on a troubled drain pump only to turn out that clogging in the drain pump filter is the true culprit.

So start by trying to unclog the drain pump filter -you don’t want to make the same mistake.

Step – by- step instructions

Drain the water manually

Just use the ‘manual drain’ little hose (open the washer’s front door and check right below main door…it’s typically on the left-you can’t miss it).

It could also be on

Of course, you could need a large vessel(to hold the water) here- releasing tens of gallons of water(on your floor) is no fun!


Clean the filter

Once you have drained it, remove the filter and see if there’s clogging.

If yes, unclog it.

Otherwise, you might have to order an OEM replacement part(Here’s the OEM drain pump we recommend)


Pro tip:

After checking the object trap (and clearing anything stuck in there), be sure to blow out the machine’s drain hose too- you need to be sure there are no clogs there.

To emphasize, make sure the washer’s drain tube is perfectly clear(you don’t want beach sand, hair, dirt or anything else on that end).


How do i know if my LG washer drain pump is bad?

Below now are a few signs that you might notice once the drain pump is damaged(Signs you have a troubled drain pump)…

Weird noises

If you’re hearing a strange grinding noise originating from your washer’s drain pump, the part could be defective.

In other words, if the noise(during drain cycle) is notably louder(even if just a little) than usual(and the washer gets stuck there), then you might have to swap out the drain pump.


Clothes still really damp even after spin cycle

If your old pump is starting to give out, there’s another telltale sign that all is not well with it: clothes will still be really wet(even after spin cycle).

You may also start finding cups(several) of sitting water even after you remove the still soaked clothes.

Okay, the next cycles could run fine but then it soon does it again.


OE error

If the OE error pops up on your LG washer(it’s one of the most dreaded LG washer error codes), then you’re looking at the following 3 common causes:

  • Twisted/blocked drain hose- a kinked/restricted drain hose is sometimes the problem
  • Blocked trap area(at bottom)-behind door (We already saw that you need to clear any clogs in the machine’s drain pump filter first)
  • A troubled drain motor- it can actually be at fault
  • A broken drain pump- the best way to be sure it is the problem is to test it (see how to test the part shortly)


How do I test my LG washing machine drain pump?

Let us now look at how to test LG washer drain pump……

Now, to be sure that this is the part you need, get the “bad” drain pump out of your LG washing machine then try to spin the spindle by hand.

Now, if it is easy to turn and somewhat(a bit) flexible, this that is the clearest sign it is worn and probably bad(an okay pump should be difficult to turn + fairly rigid).


A word about LG drain pump replacement cost

Let’s face it: It is way cheaper to replace the drain pump yourself than pay a repairman

I’m saying so because LG washing machine drain pump price is quite inexpensive (the price starts at often below $30 on Amazon and rarely goes beyond $50)

See current prices on Amazon


LG washer drain pump problem – FAQS (Frequently asked questions)

I replaced my drain pump and the washer still won’t drain completely(after each wash). What could be the issue?

Just check all hoses(possibly the entire drain line) to make sure there are zero blockages.

I would, in addition, recommend a hot cycle(with some strong vinegar) since it could be due to buildup in the hoses, especially for an older machine(might be because of using liquid fabric softener).


LG washer drain pump problem -Final words

Search for a couple of LG washing machine pump replacement or LG front load washer drain pump replacement(if you have a front loader) videos on YouTube and watch them first if you’re going that route..

They will help you be aware of where to find the screws and the right order of removal for you to access the old pump.

Oh, and the sheet metal that is used on LG washers is usually razor sharp so we suggest you wear gloves before you start the process.

Reminder: Here’s the OEM drain pump we recommend for LG washers



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