LG washing machine start button not responding [Fixed!]

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Your LG washing machine start button not responding? Below are some quick fixes you can try:


LG washing machine start button not responding (LG washing machine start button not working)- fixes and workarounds

Before we start, it is important to mention that there are several reasons that may cause the issue.

Here is a list of some possible causes of the problem:

  • A fault with the programming- if the washer’s programming developed a glitch, the machine may stop responding because it cannot interpret instructions.
  • Something may have gone wrong with the machine’s contact point (behind its start button)- any problem occurring there could result in poor contact between the button and other parts that coordinate response.
  • The power button (or a component/part that helps it respond once pressed) may be worn off- for instance, it may not react if its touch sensitive part is in bad shape.
  • The main PCB board could be broken.
  • Some foreign material may even be stuck somewhere between the button.

Let’s proceed to potential solutions and workarounds now that you have gotten an idea of what could be the reason behind your washing machine start button not working.

LG washing machine start button not responding – how to repair the issue

Go ahead and try these repairs- it might save you time and a few pennies!

Solution 1: Try to apply pressure on areas around the start button

The first prospective repair for the issue of LG washing machine start button not working is applying pressure (or tapping) to the areas around the button.

This may help dislodge any foreign material that may be stuck between the button and could make it function normally once more.

See how it is done in this demonstration video:


Solution 2: Reset your LG washing machine

Sometimes all it takes to get the button to start responding once again is a simple hard reset of the machine.

This is especially true when the trouble occurred due to a glitch with the programming of the washer’s computer system.

Here are the steps:

How to reset LG washing machine (general steps)

  1. Turn off the washer by pressing POWER.
  2. Next, unplug the machine from the outlet (or turn off the circuit breaker to your washer). Now the power is disabled.
  3. Proceed to press and hold POWER/START button for about 5 seconds.
  4. Next, you need to press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button for about 5 seconds.
  5. Power the washer again by plugging it back in (or turning its circuit breaker on). I should mention that you may notice a little spark when plugging it back in.

If lucky, your machine will now come to life!

Quick tip: Check your owner’s manual for the instructions on how to reset your specific LG washing machine model.


LG washing machine power button not working (LG washing machine start button not working)– advanced fixes

Don’t panic if none of the two methods has done the trick- there are other solutions you can attempt by yourself.

Read on.


Solution 3: Replace the entire control panel (instead of LG washing machine power button replacement) – do this too for the issue of LG washing machine touch panel not working

You cannot rule out the likelihood of the button having broken down- the micro switch(usually located behind its power button) may, for instance, have malfunctioned.

If this is what you suspect, the remedy that first comes to mind is replacing the troublesome button.

However, replacing the button isn’t quite practical – The button is usually not sold separately so you should instead swap out the entire control panel.

Luckily, the process of replacing the control panel is fairly simple.

Here are the steps, in summary:

  1. Remove the screws securing the machine’s top cover panel
  2. Take the soap dispenser out.
  3. Now remove the screws fastening the control panel.
  4. Remove the control module (the holding screws to be removed first).
  5. Disconnect the electrical connectors -these tend to be a little fragile so it’s the trickiest step.

Boom! You can now remove the defective control panel.

Below is a step-by-step video by Michael Borders demonstrating the general steps of completing the replacement operation:

Follow it.

Quick Tip: It is advisable to check all the wiring connections (on the control panel) prior to commencing the replacement procedure- the fault may just be because of a loose wire/connection.


Solution 4: Change the main PCB

There is a chance that the main PCB is defective if the problem keeps recurring even after resetting the unit.

And so the best fix (you want a long term solution rather than have to keep resetting it) would be to replace the PCB Board.

Start by ordering a genuine OEM replacement PCB circuit board online at Amazon (choose the one compatible with your exact model number).

Now, replacing it is not that difficult and it’s something you can do all by yourself (your determination to see your machine work normally again should be enough motivation!).

But we don’t want to leave you hanging so below is a great step-by-step instructional video for top loading LG washing machines by repairclinic.com.

Watch it and follow everything- it might help you resolve your LG washing machine start button problem.

Quick Tip: You may want to test if the PCB board is indeed bad before you perform the replacement. Have a service technician carry out the test if you’re not confident of your testing skills.

lg washing machine power button replacement

LG washing machine start button stuck – how to resolve the issue

Like other LG washing machine buttons, the start button sometimes gets stuck leading to problems such as becoming difficult to press or totally unresponsive.

Here are some fixes you can try, if after checking around the area you notice that the button is actually stuck:

  • Get innovative and insert a tiny nail (or something fitting) in the button’s hollow end- for some models- and use it to pull the stuck button out. Alternatively, try to use blackhead remover pimple tool to make the button pop out.
  • Remove the control panel then refit it properly- try to make the ‘sunken’ button ‘come out’ as you reinstall the panel.


LG washing machine start button not responding front load / LG washing machine start button not responding top loader / LG washing machine start/pause button not working – Final words

If none of the above tips work, your unit may be having a bigger issue and could be in need of professional repair.

Contact an experienced LG washing machines engineer or request troubleshooting from LG support through this link.


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