Samsung air conditioner remote symbols explained

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Below is a brief look at the most basic functions of your Samsung air con remote control (Samsung air conditioner remote symbols and their function) to help you operate your unit correctly, depending on your needs.

samsung air conditioner manual remote control

Samsung air conditioner remote symbols (Samsung ac remote control functions) explained


samsung air conditioner remote control settings

You use this button to set your desired temp (for perfect cooling)- you can also change AC cooling mode (from Cool, Heat, Auto, Dry, Fan, etc).


How to set temp using the function

To change the temp in each mode, simply press the temp button  +, – to increase or decrease the value. 

This works regardless of the mode you have selected (Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan, Heat)

Important Tips

  • When on Cool, Auto, Heat modes:Adjust temp by 1 ℃ – you can go from 16 ℃ all the way to 30 ℃.
  • When in Dry mode:Adjust temp by 1 ℃ – here you can go 18 ℃ upto 30 ℃.
  • When in Fan mode:There’s no temperature control here (compressor is not running).

samsung air conditioner manual remote control


As mentioned, you can change the cooling mode to the auto mode, fan mode, cool mode, and more.

You just press the Mode button to open up the various modes and their options…

More on the individual modes below…

Auto mode

how to use samsung ac remote

For starters, the auto mode performs powerful cooling (or heating) to automatically come to your desired temperature.

Now, after the actual difference between your room temp and the temp you have set decreases, the AC will start controlling the fan speed as well as airflow direction.

So it will produce chilled air when the space temp drops lower than your set temp..likewise, it will blow warm air when room temp decreases lower than set temp.

Finally, you press the Mode button then you select Auto to enter into Auto Mode


Cool mode (Samsung AC remote setting for cooling)

samsung ac remote control manual pdf

You probably know this: In Cool mode, your AC will cool your space…. And you can, of course, adjust the temp and the fan speed too as you want, to feel cooler in the hot months.

Just note that if your current outdoor temp is much higher than your selected indoor temp, the AC may take more time to bring down the indoor temp to your desired coolness.

Also, if you choose Quiet mode, the indoor AC unit is going to be quieter when running in Cool mode.

how to set samsung air conditioner remote control


How to go to cool function

  1. Press Mode button and then select Cool. 
  2. After enabling Cool mode, go ahead and select the function you desire to adjust(temp. or fan speed). 

Helpful Tips

  • To cool the space more quickly, adjust to a lower temp. and a quicker fan speed. 
  • To reduce energy consumption, go for a higher temp. + a slowed fan speed (As the room temp. nears your set temp, the compressor motor tends to slow down hence it saves energy).
  • It is best to keep the temp difference between the inside and outside air within 5 ℃(for max comfort).  

Dry mode (Dehumidification mode)

samsung ac remote control manual pdf

The dry mode makes the AC function almost like a conventional dehumidifier(it will be removing excess moisture from your indoor air) so it’s a nice setting on a rainy or super humid day.

In fact, the outdoor unit repeatedly and automatically turns on/off for max dehumidification effect according to the existing temp difference between current and your wished temperature.

So, when your outdoor unit runs, cool air might come out from your indoor unit.

How to set Dry Mode

Press Mode button and then select Dry on your remote control.

 Useful Tips

  1. The proper set temp. range for a dehumidifying operation is usually 24℃ – 26 ℃. 
  2. If you’re feeling that the current humidity is too high, select a lower set temp. 
  3. The dry mode is never intended for heating the room! 


Fan mode

samsung air conditioner remote control manual

You use Fan mode option when you want the air conditioner to operate like a normal floor fan.

In other words,  in Fan mode, the AC provides just a nice breeze for your room without powerful heating/cooling

So, when can you use Fan mode?

Well, select Fan mode if the air feels stale and you just want to ventilate your space to refresh the staleness.

Keep in mind that all you need to do here is press the Mode button then Fan to enter into Fan Mode


Heat mode

samsung ac remote mode symbols

This is a dual-function mode- The AC heats and cools when in Heat mode.

So it’s a handy setting when winter has turned ugly (when it’s biting cold) – it will warm your space significantly.

How does it work?

The fan might not blow cold air for approx. 3-5 min after you start the AC in heat mode to allow the AC to warm up sufficiently.

Do not forget that because the air con heats your room by removing heat from the outside air, the heating ability of the AC may decrease a bit when outdoor temp is extremely low.

So you may want to add an extra heating appliance to supplement the AC when it’s too cold outside.

Again you can choose Quiet setting to make the indoor AC unit operate quieter when running in Heat mode.


Adjust Airflow direction

samsung digital inverter air conditioner remote control manual

 The above symbol is for the button that you can use to control the direction of the AC Airflow

How to change airflow direction

Press Airflow button (see image above) to select your wanted airflow direction.

Besides, you can keep airflow in a consistent direction by stopping movements of vertical air flow blades.

Good tips

  1. If you manually change vertical airflow blade, it might not close fully when you shut down the air conditioner. 
  2. Always use your remote control to change the airflow blades- never move blades by hand (They may stop operating normally afterward). 
  3. You cannot control vertical air-flow direction in the Cool mode when you have activated Good’ sleep function. 


More Samsung air conditioner remote symbols and functions explained

Display lighting function (specialized in some few models)

You can turn on/off the lighting of your indoor unit display thanks to the Display lighting option.

Simply Press Option button on your remote control and then Select Display.

Lastly, press the Set button.

Timed on/off

samsung ac remote how to use


You can conveniently use the timer on/off function any time you want to turn the AC on / off after a given duration.

In simple language, you can schedule your AC to turn on/off automatically after a particular duration – the idea is to help you use your Samsung air conditioner more economically.

How to set Timer function (to turn on AC at a specific time)

samsung ac remote operation

  • Press Power button (turns on the air conditioner)
  • Press Timer button to make the ON function selectable (Timed On).
  • Press select button- then set your desired time waking up time. Remember to press SET button once done.

How to set Timer function (to turn off the AC at a specific time)

  • Press Power button (it turns on the AC)
  • Press Timer button to make the Off function selectable(Timed Off)
  • Press Select button – then set your desired time going off time. Remember to press SET button once done.

Crucial Tips

  1. To turn the timer on or off function OFF, set duration to 0.0
  2. When it comes to setting the duration, you can set it to/from 0.5hours upto 24 hours.
  3. You are not allowed to set the same time for both Timed off and Timed on functions. 
  4. Once you enable Timed on/off setting, the timer indicator will appear on your indoor unit’s display.


samsung ac remote symbols meaning

Samsung air conditioner remote symbols (Samsung ac remote control functions) – conclusion

I believe that this Samsung air conditioner remote control symbols guide will help you operate your unit seamlessly to make your room cooler and more comfortable. 

Of course, you manage the most essential functions of your Samsung AC with the accompanying remote control.


  • The actual look of the remote control may differ for your specific model -check your user manual (here’s a copy) for proper guidelines if so.
  • The lowest setting temp of these remote controls sometimes vary by country.


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