How to fix LG washing machine spin cycle problems

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Below are the fixes you should try to fix your LG washing machine spin cycle problems…

How to fix LG washing machine spin cycle problems 

LG top load washing machine spin problem

We shall start by looking at how to fix LG top load washing machine spin problem..

Correct balance issues

When you’re washing bulky items like bedding, towels, or even rugs, they can create imbalance, especially when they bunch together on one side of the wash tub.

On the other hand, washing too many garments or just a few garments can result in an imbalance load.

The good thing is that you just need to redistribute items properly or remove excess garments(if overloaded).

Quick Tip: When washing either a small or single large item, add more small pieces to achieve better balance.


Adjust the spin speed in your washer

If you want your spin cycle to continue uninterrupted when you have a large load, just lower the spin speed.


Check if you’re using too much or the wrong type of detergent

If your washer is not spinning plus it is full of suds, it could be you’re using excessive detergent or a non-HE detergent.

So another thing you can to solve the spinning fault is shift to a recommended HE detergent (for LG HE washer models)- also put the right amount of detergent for your load size.


Level your LG washing machine

If your washer is not on the level, it might not spin as well.

Recommended fix

  • Make sure the flooring underneath the washer is even.
  • Besides, ensure the flooring is not slippery.
  • Lastly, double-check that the washer legs are perfectly level(adjust the legs appropriately).


Check if the drive belt is broken or loose

This is one of the very common causes of LG washer spin not working.

In short, if the rubber belt is worn out(torn) or is loose, your washer is unlikely to spin properly until you get a replacement.

The best part is that it’s not costly to replace(Check its price on Amazon).


Check if lid switch is defective

The lid switch prevents the machine from spinning when lid is open so if it has failed, your washer wont spin.

You can test the part(lid switch) for continuity to ascertain if it damaged- replace it, if so.


LG washing machine spin cycle problems – more issues and recommended  troubleshooting

LG washer spinning slowly – how to fix an LG washer that is spinning slowly

If your washer spins but wont spin fast, check the following:


Check if there are issues with the drain system

If the draining system is not draining properly, your washer will be trying to spin when it is still full of water- that way, it tends to end up spinning slowly.

With that in mind, below are things to check(to solve the problem):

  • Start by checking the hoses for any kinks(straighten) or clogs(clean the hoses).
  • Next, check the drain pump to make sure it is not clogged/obstructed(clean it, if necessary). The truth is, you may have to change out the drain pump entirely if your washer can barely spin and wont drain. Here’s our recommended replacement drain pump for LG washers.
  • Finally, ensure there are no clothes stuck between the tubs-they can cause drag that could be making your washer spin slowly.


Check if you could be having a faulty clutch assembly

With time, the clutch assembly wears out and subsequently, the clutch stops working as intended (remember the clutch tub helps the washer gradually reach proper spin speed, meaning your washer could spin slowly).

In fact, when it fails, you may hear loud grinding noise when your washer is spinning.

Again your best bet is swapping out the part- Here’s a Genuine LG washer OEM clutch assembly…Replacing it is easy-peasy too.


Check if you have a damaged / loose drive belt

As mentioned, the drive belt is a common culprit when it comes to spinning problems and you need to inspect the belt for burnt marks/any shiny spots.

These are perhaps the most obvious signs the belt is damaged.

Of course, see if it’s loose and tighten it- before you consider replacing the belt (Check its price on Amazon).


Check for bad motor coupler

Now, a coupler connects the motor to the transmission and if one of the plastic pieces of the coupler is cracked(where it is mounted to the shaft), your washer might spin slowly.

To be sure, listen for some noise coming from that place during the spin cycle/inspect it for signs of wear.

Once again the best solution is installing a new coupler(see prices on Amazon).


Replace the Machine’s rotor position sensor(motor rotor position sensor)

If your LG washer pumps but won’t spin /agitate/ wouldn’t go into a fast spin cycle(you might notice an “LE”-locked rotor- error on the display), then you may be looking at a broken sensor assembly.

Don’t forget that you also hear slight grinding noise when the sensor fails.


Just replace it with a compatible Rotor Position Sensor(OEM) Assembly for LG washers

Bear in mind that it can also be the stator-works with motor rotor to make the spin basket rotate and is another likely culprit if you’re having spin cycle balance problems..

Needless to say, the permanent fix is putting a new functional one in there(check price at Amazon)

Note that if replacing the stator and sensor won’t fix it(The LE code won’t go), then it could be the main board – it might not be sensing that speed sensor.

Quick Note: Some common causes for delayed spin cycle are unbalanced load and slow draining so always start by checking these two


LG direct drive washing machine spin cycle problems

When it comes to LG direct drive washing machine spin cycle problems, some of the culprits are not very different(more or less) from the ones explained above.  

So in short, the reason why your LG direct drive washing machine is having spinning issues could be:

  • Failed motor coupling – open it up and replace(if you see it is worn/loose)
  • Bad/weak clutch assembly-Replace too.
  • Broken drive belt- replace

Having said that, there are a couple of unique causes that can be behind the issue.

These are:


Broken 2 drive “fingers”

If the two drives have broken off, your washer will probably not spin.


Because the clutch will not disengage the brake and that might mean no spin (until you change it out).


Worn-out drive block

Besides, if the drive block is worn out, your washer might produce some strange noises and/or stop spinning completely.

Now, you can inspect its condition but you have to remove the agitator.

See the images below to differentiate between a new and worn-out drive block

So, how do you fix it (if worn out)?

That answer again: Replace with a new one.


Bad tub bearing and seal

If your washer is humming/sounding like a jet/ makes high-pitched noise during spin cycle, then you possibly need a new Tub Bearing and Seal Kit


LG direct drive washing machine problems and fixes


LG washing machine spin cycle problems – more problems and their repairs

LG washer stuck on spin cycle for 9 minutes

Try the following if it is getting stuck:

You could have overloaded the washer – reload it

If you have overloaded your washer, chances are it could be getting stuck on the spin cycle(it’s a pretty common cause).

Now, you will have to unplug the washer, remove the clothes, and reload it correctly(evenly distribute your laundry so that some space remain for items to move around).

I had mentioned that if you’re washing a super light load, adding a few items helps the washing machine achieve good balance (for the spin).


The drain filter and drain hose may be clogged – check

If your LG washing machine is stuck on the spin cycle for 9 minutes, inspect it for a clogged filter and drain hose.

If that seems to be the issue, remove the drain filter from your washer clean it and put it back- clear the drain hose too.

Quick Tip: One thing that frequently clogs the drain filter is small items (for example a sock or anything else we put in laundry bags ) slipping around drum seal, clogging it so you want to check the drain trap and pull out anything foreign you  might find in there.


The timer may have malfunctioned- replace

When the timer is defective, it will not advance.

So test the timer for continuity, and if it shows no continuity, replace it.


Faulty drive belt

If your drive belt is torn/stripped, it will need to be replaced to get your machine back up and running- look for an instructional video from YouTube and follow it.


Hard reset it

The last thing you should try here is a hard reset.

Steps to hard reset:

  1. Unplug your washer.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes and plug it back in.
  3. Now press the power button then wait for about 5-10 seconds then release the button.


LG washing machine spin cycle problems – more faults and proposed solutions

LG washer keeps adding water during spin cycle (probable reasons and suggested solutions)

Defective water inlet valve

The inlet valve controls the flow of hot water and cold water into the washer.

So, as you know, the water inlet valve has solenoids, which open and close to allow the water to flow into the washer.

Consequently, when the valve sticks and stays open without closing, your washer can’t stop filling.

How to test/to determine if the water inlet valve is at fault:

  1. Turn your washer on and leave it to fill.
  2. As it is filling, disconnect the power from the washer.
  3. Be keen and see if the washer will stop filling.

If it does not stop, that means the water inlet valve has failed to close buy a durable replacement water inlet valve and replace.

Important tips:

Inspect the water valve visually for any damage/debris that can be blocking the screens inside the water valve- remove it.


Faulty water level switch

This is a pressure-activated switch that determines when the tub needs to stop filling with water.

Now, the switch has two sets of contacts-one that sends power to the water inlet valve and causes the valve to fill and another that sends the power to the motor so the wash cycle begins.

Subsequently, if the washer does not stop, test it with a multimeter to confirm if there is electric flow, and if not, replace the water level switch(check prices at Amazon).



Water pressure problem

When water pressure is not enough, the inlet valve will not be able to close completely, potentially causing your washer to overfill.

So if you notice any problem with the water pressure, adjust the water pressure.

Don’t forget to check if the filter on the inlet valve is clogged(clean the filter) because that can reduce the water pressure too.

You might have to call a plumber to troubleshoot the water pressure fault if it persists.


Bad pressure hose

If the pressure hose has clogged, fallen off, or gotten torn, it automatically reduces water pressure.

And when the water pressure reduces, the water level switch fails to shut off power to the water inlet valve, and that way, water keeps flowing.

So inspect the hose for any damage and clogging- replace it, if damaged and unclog it(if clogged).


Main control board issue

After you have tried all the above fixes and your washer still keeps adding water during the spin cycle, the last thing to check is the main control board.

You see, when the control board is faulty, it will not communicate with the water inlet valve or the water level switch so water might keep overfilling your washer during the spin cycle.

So check the control board for signs of trouble (disconnected wires, burnt spots, and more).

It’s worth mentioning that you might have to replace it(further diagnostic tests are necessary, since the part is costly as you can see on Amazon).


LG washing machine spin cycle problems (Final words)

Be sure to refer to your machine’s service manual if have performed all the above LG washing machine spin cycle problems troubleshooting steps to no avail

It is the best way to be sure you’re properly diagnosing your appliance’s breakdown.



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