Samsung oven not working but stove top is (Solved)

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So you have found yourself in a situation whereby your Samsung oven is not working but the stove top is?

Well, in this article, I will share with you what might be causing this.

Additionally, I will tell you how you can fix the issue (for the most part, it’s a fault you can resolve yourself)

Samsung oven not working but stove top is – Causes and how to fix your oven

To start with, this might be due to one of several causes.

Here they are and the possible solutions for each probable cause of your Samsung oven not working but stove top issue….

The oven door is open

This is perhaps the most common cause (and, of course, the easiest to troubleshoot reason).

You see, as a safety feature in Samsung ranges, it automatically shuts off the oven if the door has been left open for more than a minute.

Recommended solution

Confirm that you have closed the oven door.

Also, make sure that there are no obstructions that might be preventing the door from fully closing.

Finally, check the door harness connection and make sure that it is well connected.

If not, be sure to reconnect it properly.


The temperature probe is not well inserted

Here’s the thing: If your probe has only been inserted partially, the temperature icon (on the control board) might light up but the oven will not work.

Instead, if you turn on the oven, it could start shutting off almost immediately since the probe’s connection is not secure.

Recommended solution

Open up the oven to access the probe.

With the probe in sight, confirm that it is fully inserted in place.

If it isn’t, be sure to insert it properly and then start your oven to see if that fixes it.


The heating element might be damaged – for electric models only

For the most part, electric ranges usually have three heating elements – one for the stove top and two for the oven (broil heater and bake heater).

So it could be that one of the oven’s heating elements is gone.

When this occurs, your stove top may work as it should but the oven will not.

Recommended solution

Start by taking off the harness at both the broil heater and the bake heater.

Next, using a multimeter, measure the resistance at the broil heater terminal.

If it is healthy, you should get a reading of 13 to 16Ω at room temperature.

Next, press the broil keypad and measure the voltage of the broil heater – it should be 240v.

If you get a different reading, it could mean that your heating element is gone and you ought to get a replacement broil heating element.

Next, measure the resistance reading at the bake heater terminal – you should get a reading of 26 to 30 Ω at room temperature.

Afterward, press the bake key and measure the voltage at the bake heater’s terminal.

You should again get a reading of 240v if the element is working fine.

Quick tip: While measuring the voltage, measure the voltage for more than one minute because the heater cycles on and off as it works.

Now, if you get a different reading, it is likely that your heating element is bad  so try to get a replacement bake heating element to replace the defective element.


The circuit breaker could be the issue too (for electric ranges)

Remember that for electric ranges to work well, they require to be connected to a 240v power outlet.

Now, if the two circuits (at the circuit breaker) are not properly linked together, one might trip but the other won’t (half-tripped).

This might result in the stove top working but the oven not working (remember that they use different heating elements).

Also, if you have recently installed your range, it could be that you have connected it to a 120v power outlet.

So check and confirm that the circuit breaker has not tripped.

If it has, be sure to reset it.

Also, if you have recently installed your electric range, test and confirm that you have connected it to a 240v power outlet.


There’s a  gas pressure problem (for gas models)

Now, you might note that your oven is working only when you turn the stove top on.

However, when you turn off the stove top, the oven no longer works.

Usually, this means that the gas pressure to the range is quite high.

Recommended solution

If this is the case with your gas range, I recommend you have a licensed technician come and have a look at your gas connection.

This is because most states have laws dictating that only licensed technicians can deal with gas connections.

Otherwise, if you are a licensed technician, you will want to confirm (from the installation guide) what pressure the range requires.

However, most Samsung gas ranges require a gas pressure between 5 and 13 inches of water column if natural gas is being used.

On the other hand, if LP gas (such as propane or butane) is being used, the range will require a pressure that is between 10 and 13 inches of water column.


Oven sensor might have malfunctioned

The oven temperature sensor is responsible for monitoring the oven’s temp and signaling it to the main control board.

Now, if this sensor is gone, it won’t signal the control board to start the heating element/igniter.

Possible solutions

Using a multimeter, measure the resistance between both ends of the oven temperature sensor and compare your readings to those in the table below (will vary depending on its current temperature):

Temp (⁰C) Temp (⁰F) Resistance in ohms
-17.8 0 932.12
-10 14 961.86
-5 23 980.95
0 32 1,000
5 41 1,019.02
10 50 1,038.02
15 59 1,056.99
20 68 1,075.92
25 77 1,094.83
30 86 1,113.71
35 95 1,132.56
40 104 1,151.38
45 113 1,170.17
50 122 1,188.93

Quick tip: At room temperature, the reading should be around 1080Ω.

Now, if you get a different reading, it means that your oven sensor is gone and you ought to replace it (they are quite cheap) – see Samsung oven sensor prices on Amazon.


Check the Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) – gas range models only

A problem with the Hot surface ignitor (HSI) can also make an oven not heat up yet the stove top is working just fine.

That being so, check the voltage at the T602-T605 (Bake) and T602-T604 (Broil).

If you do not get a voltage of 120v, then your control board might have malfunctioned- get a replacement control board.

However, if the voltage is fine, proceed to check the resistance of the HSI.

Typically, a healthy HSI should have a resistance of 40 to 400Ω.

So, if yours doesn’t have a resistance within this range, then it is faulty and will need to be replaced.

HIS prices will vary from one range model to the next (from under 20 bucks to 75+ bucks) – see your model’s hot surface price ignitor price.


Test the safety valve – in gas models

As the name suggests, this valve acts as a failsafe by shutting off the gas flow in the event of a pilot outage.

Most importantly, it can lead to oven issues (while stove works perfectly) if it is troubled.

So I recommend you measure the current at the safety valve terminal.

Keep in mind that if the safety valve is healthy, it will have a reading that is between 3.3 and 3.6 Amps.

Now, if the reading of your safety valve is not within this range, then it could be necessary you install a replacement safety valve.


Check for control board problems

As you might know, the electronic control board controls all the functions of your range.

This includes the heating of the oven and the stove top.

Having that in mind, it could be that there is a loose wire harness connection somewhere in the main board.

Also, it could be that the control board no longer works, in turn causing the oven not to work.

For the most part, when this occurs, it is accompanied by some of the control panel buttons being unresponsive.

Possible solutions

Start by checking the wire harness connections at the control board.

Generally, you will want to make sure that they are not loose (of course, if they are loose, be sure to insert them properly).

If all the connectors are sitting well in place, perform a visual inspection on the control board to check for signs of damage such as burns.

If you note that there is a burnt relay, you might opt to replace it as it is cheaper.

Now, if you opt to take this route, make sure that the replacement relay matches the model number of your board’s relay (If unsure how to solder in the new relay, you can find several instructional videos on YouTube to help you do it right).

On the other hand, if you cannot find any signs of damage on the board, you might consider replacing the control board as a whole- get a replacement control board that is compatible with your model.

Samsung oven not working but stove top is – final words

When troubleshooting your gas oven, you might want to have the tech sheet at hand- it is typically quite useful when measuring the resistance readings of different electrical components.

So, where do you find it?

Well, in most Samsung range models, you can locate the tech sheet behind the back panel.


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