LG front load washer leaking from door [How to fix the issue]

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Read about the possible causes of your LG front load washer leaking from door and what you should do in each case in this duide.

If your LG front load washer is leaking from door constantly, you do not have to pay a repairman- you can fix the issue in just a few minutes even if you’re not particularly handy.

Read about the possible causes of your LG front load washer leaking from door and what you should do in each case.

Let’s dive in.

LG front load washer leaking from door [How to fix the issue]

As I have mentioned, we look at the potential sources of the leakage separately and the repairs you need to stop the leak.

Hose connector not well positioned

When you open the door-on the very top part on the round part of the door opening- you’ll see the hose connector(a little white piece that sticks out there).

If you’re not aware, the piece connects to the water supply and sprays water into your laundry.

Now, if it faces the wrong direction(it’s not facing inside the washer), it will spray water down the side of the door, potentially causing the door to leak.

Suggested repair:

Try to turn it to face completely inside the washing machine and see if that will stop the leakage.


There’s extra space on the bottom of the door (between the door and the gasket )

If there‘s an extra space between the bottom part of the door and the gasket, the door can leak from the front.

Suggested remedy:

Just push on the door of the washer to create a tighter seal (with the gasket).

Water will cease leaking if that was the root cause of the fault.

Side note

In some instances where the door seems to have a weak seal with the gasket(and you’re seeing that once you visually inspect it), you may need to do some adjustments (on the door) to form a better seal.

In fact, it could be that vibrations have loosened the screws enough to let the door pull away a bit so check and tighten them.

Lint/hair/soap accumulation on the door glass

A proper seal between the glass and door seal(on the bulkhead) is essential for a leak-free operation and it is recommended you clean off any lint/hair/soap accumulation here frequently to prevent leakage.

Put another way, if you see any dirt here, you need clean it off otherwise water could continue leaking from the door(the dirt makes the surface rough, preventing a good seal with the rubber).

Cleaning procedure

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing three-quarters of a cup of bleach with one gallon of warm water(vinegar can be used instead of bleach).
  • You then dip a clean cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution then use it to gently wipe the inner door glass, including the underside and edge of the glass(where it meets the gasket).
  • Be sure to clean all around the bottom of the door(everywhere where hair lint and residue can gather).
  • Also, clean the surface of the door gasket-from top to bottom- on each side.
  • Next, pull the lid of the gasket back and clean it underneath to remove any debris.
  • Lastly, run a tub clean cycle using a commercial tab cleaner following the directions on the tap cleaner package.

Watch the following Video for step by step instructions..



The Door Gasket/Door Boot Seal is damaged or worn-out (seal on the door)

A damaged or worn-out door gasket / door boot seal is typically a common reason why your LG front load washer leaking from door.

To be clear, some of these washers have design defects causing standing water, leading to mold or mildew forming there.

And in such a case, you will probably have to replace it.

Order the part on Amazon at a great price.


About installing the part

The good news is that swapping it out is not super difficult and there are good videos with clear instructions and the tools you need on YouTube to help you do that(Search on YouTube).

Helpful Installation tips:

  • Make sure your washer’s drain plug clamp isn’t facing the rubber otherwise it will rub a hole(in the boot) when the machine runs.
  • Use a little liquid soap to make installation easier.
  • If your LG washer uses the older style seal/gasket/ boot which does not have drain hole (on the bottom), you’ll need to modify the replacement  to drain as intended
  • Clean out the drain plugs and pump while you’re still down there- If you have to get a new boot, there’s a good chance your drain / pump need servicing too


Consider cleaning the gasket first

Before you go ahead to replace the part, it is important to first clean it as it may have become clogged – and you’ll have an opportunity to check it for any tears/cracks.

The truth is it will stink like hell but removing and cleaning it out can be all you need to do to resolve the issue(it does work many times).

Just grab some fitting rubber cleaning gloves, some small amount of bleach(or an ideal substitute), and clean out that seal thoroughly.

Once dry, go ahead and examine it carefully (everywhere) for small tears / other signs of wearing- You’ll certainly have to get a little crafty by spreading the part out to inspect at the folds since tears can be there.

Side note

Remember that some LG washers models have drains that routinely get clogged -at the bottom/base of that big front gasket(between the wash tub and the door).

You will see them once you pull-on the bottom-front of the door gasket. They’re worth checking too (clean them, if necessary).


LG front load washer leaking from door -final words

Other potential causes are a cracked water inlet valve, a clogged drain filter(resulting in slow draining), and even a washer that is not level.

So be sure to check the water inlet valve(replace, if need be), clean out the drain filter, and ensure the washer is level.

Best of luck from machinelounge.com


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