Is your Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing? Try these fixes

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Is your Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing? Try the fixes in this troubleshooting guide.

Nothing is as annoying as a washer that won’t work when you have a huge load of laundry to wash.

In this article, we shall be looking at what you should do if your Whirlpool washer is getting stuck on sensing and won’t go on to wash your clothes no matter how long you wait.

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Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing (new whirlpool washer stuck on sensing)– How to troubleshoot your washer 

Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing fill?

Check water supply issue( it may not be turned on or blocked). Also, your washer’s water inlet valve  could have  a problem (check if it’s clogged/damaged- replace if so). The other possible culprit is a bad/clogged pressure switch (clean it or replace). There’s also a chance you might have a bad control board or sensor.. read for exact troubleshooting steps

Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing (whirlpool washer stuck on sensing fill) –try this first

Below are the basic fixes you should try out first if you are having your whirlpool washer stuck on sensing mode

Reset the washer (whirlpool washer sensor reset)

To reset whirlpool washer, first try to cut off power to the machine for a few minutes (about 3-5 minutes) then reconnect it to power and see if it will behave.

Quick Tip: Every so often, leaving the washer unplugged for longer (you can even leave it unplugged for 15-20 minutes) does the magic.

Now, try the following procedures if unplugging it for 3-5 minutes did not help and the washer is still not progressing to “wash”..


Whirlpool washer won’t go past sensing cycle? Check your wash settings

You cancel the wash you have started then select the correct settings (Follow the instructions on the manual).

This is important because sometimes the problem is caused by incorrect settings and switching to different wash settings could make it successfully wash.


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Whirlpool washer stuck in sensing mode? Check the inlet water valve

Another likely cause of the issue is a clogged water inlet valve- it happens a lot if there have been repairs on the main water line so check if sand or other stuff is clogging either inlet valve.

Simply turn off water then remove hose and proceed to clean the screen (on the valves at the washer).

To add, if you notice the fill light has lit (and remains on), and there’s little or no water coming in, go ahead and check the water supply lines- Both water lines must be completely opened(turned on) for your washer to run correctly. 

Quick Note: During auto sensing, your washer usually senses if the load size is correct as well as balance so ensure you have not overloaded it and that the machine is properly balanced.


Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing top load error (whirlpool washer auto sensing not working) – Other things to check 

At times the issue is brought about by a faulty sensor, equator, or and even a clogged drain pump so check all these and replace/unclog as necessary.

If nothing has worked so far, you should try what is often the best solution: Entering diagnostic mode and then checking the washer for any error codes.

So let’s look at how to do that:

How to Enter diagnostic mode – The procedure

1.       Turn the dial one complete turn (360 degrees)

2.      Once you do that, you’ll have to perform this combination of turns/clicks: Rotate the knob LEFT then RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT then LEFT, RIGHT (once).

3.       Timing is key so be fast when turning the dial (there should be half-seconds exactly between clicks)- once you have done that, all the dials will start flashing.

4.       As soon as they start blinking, turn the knob until it gets to the Spin cycle.

5.       Once that happens, press the START button.

6.       This makes the washer go into diagnostic/test mode and this typically checks on various components and could help you isolate what is behind the issue.

Keep in mind that the diagnostic/test cycle takes about 3-5 minutes to complete.

More importantly, if there are any problems, the machine will display an error code and you can check the tech sheet/service manual for interpretation and suggested fixes (depending on the error code you get).

For the most part, the sheet is found on the inside-front panel (of the washer) so try to retrieve it.

Below is a YouTube video showing the process above step-by-step.

Whirlpool washing machine stuck on sensing (whirlpool washer stays on sensing)- How to use diagnostic mode to troubleshoot the issue


Quick Tip: It is a good idea to unplug the washer for about 10-15 seconds then plug it back in before you attempt the above steps. This clears any previously saved modes.

We cannot emphasize this enough: Be sure to try what the tech sheet recommends and see if this will resolve the problem of your washer getting stuck on sensing.

Also, your washer’s tech sheet will have the exact steps on how to enter diagnostic mode on your specific washer – remember that the above procedure is general and might not work on certain Whirlpool washer models.


Whirlpool washer sensing fill not working? Recalibrate the washer

Another trick you can try is recalibrating the washer.


Well, Whirlpool recommends the recalibration of some of their washing machines if they stop working correctly since the fault may occur due to the settings going out of sync with the system.

Also, if you just replaced parts such as the Main Control PCB, drive assembly, suspension, basket, motor, or capacitor, you need to calibrate (and reset) the washer afresh.

So it is worth giving a shot at recalibration.

Here are the steps (and please make sure the tub is completely empty before you run the recalibration cycle).


How to run Re-Calibration Test Mode

1.       Set the dial to the top (12 O clock) position (normal).

2.       Then turn the knob left (counter-clockwise) once then clockwise (right) three times, then left (counter-clockwise) one time, and finally clockwise (right) one click. Be fast and allow just a half-second between turns.

3.       Now all its LED lights will light up for a second (except for the last one on the right).

4.       Next, turn the dial until only the Rinse LED lights up (keep turning it until the rinse LED lights up)

5.       Go on and press the “Start” button and wait as the machine re-calibrates and resets the parameters.

Watch this YouTube video for the above steps.

You want to restart the wash cycle for yet another time after its done recalibrating and see if you’re in luck.

Quick Tip: It is again a nice idea to first unplug the washer for a couple of seconds before you do the recalibration- It helps clear up any bad settings stored in memory.


Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing for too long- What to do if the washer won’t enter into diagnostic mode /run recalibration

In the event that your washer can’t get it into the diagnostic mode (or run recalibration) then chances are you’re looking at a board problem- and this means a replacement could be needed.

But before that, inspect inside the appliance for any disconnected/broken wires, especially those going to or from the main board.


Why is my whirlpool washer stuck on sensing (whirlpool washer not sensing / whirlpool washer not sensing clothes)-Wrapping it up

You already know why now so try the above troubleshooting procedures and see how it goes.

Now, if the machine is brand new then the best route to take is to call Whirlpool (or the dealer you got it from)- it should still be under warranty meaning they should fix it or replace it.

Otherwise, you might need to place a call to a professional repairman.


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