How to unlock Whirlpool washer without power easily

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When there is power outage, you are not sure how long it will last.

And yes, you don’t want to leave your clothes inside the washing machines as they might get damp.

Now, in this article, we will show you how to unlock Whirlpool washer with no power.

Just so you know, the steps below will also help you manually open a stuck/jammed Whirlpool washing machine.

Let us get started.


How to unlock Whirlpool washer without power

There are a couple of methods to go about this.

To be clear, some of these procedures will help you unlock front-loading washers while others will help you unlock both front-loading and top loading washing machines.

So can we now look at each of these methods and which washer type they are best suited to unlock?

Safety tip: Be sure to first unplug your locked washer before trying any of the below steps – close the water faucets too.


How to unlock Whirlpool washer without power

Method 1: Unlocking a Whirlpool washer with no door handle

We shall start with a Whirlpool washer without a door handle…

Now, the first thing you need to do is drain out any water that may be in your appliance.

Here is how to do that for compact Whirlpool front load washers:

  1. Release the base panel by depressing the tabs located on both sides of the panel.
  2. Place a broad flat container below the drain pump filter – for collecting the drain water.
  3. Slowly turn the filter counterclockwise and let the water flow out. Once the container is full, turn the filter in the clockwise direction, empty the container and repeat this step until all the water is fully drained.
  4. Once done, turn the pump filter in the clockwise direction and be sure to turn it as far as possible – it will be left in the vertical position.

Quick Tip: If unsure how to drain your particular machine, refer to your washer’s manual – you will find the right instructions, depending on the model you have.

Now that we have cleared all the water from the washer, it is time to unlock the door.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, loosen and remove the screw at the upper right part of the access door compartment – it is behind the base panel we just removed above.

manually unlock whirlpool washer

  1. You should now see a plastic strap that is marked Door open – you will find it beneath the removed screw. Pull down this strap and your locked Whirlpool washer door will pop open.

how to unlock a washer lid without power

  1. Once you are done, you have to replace the strap by firmly screwing in the screw you just removed.
  2. Finish by reinstalling the base panel.

Method 2: How to unlock Whirlpool washer without power using a string (for a Whirlpool washer with a door handle)

Here we will be using a nylon string or trimmer line – a fishing line can also suffice.

In fact, you may also use any other string you have as long as it is strong and thin enough to fit around the closed washer door.

Now, to open a locked washer door using this method, do as follows (I will share a link to a YouTube video demonstrating the steps below to help you better follow them towards the end of this article):

  1. Feed your string in at the top of the door – between the washer’s door and the rest of the washer’s body.
  2. Now slide the string around the rest of the door making sure to keep it nice and taut. The string should go around the door hook/latch and come out towards the door hinge.
  3. Tie a knot where both ends of the string meet.
  4. Firmly pull on the door line to activate the door lock – the door should now pop open.


Method 3: Whirlpool washer door locked: how to unlock any model

This technique opens both top loading and front loading washing machines doors.

But keep in mind that if yours is a top loading washer, you need to open the front panel.

On the other hand, if you have a front loading machine, you will remove the top panel.

Once you have done that, you should be able to see the door’s hook.

If not sure where it is, simply tug at the door handle while looking inside your washer – you should see the hook moving inside the machine every time you tug at the handle.

Now that you have located the hook, simply depress it and your door will swing open (for a front-loading unit).

And when it comes to a top loading unit, you will still need to pull up the door to open it.


Method 4: using a screwdriver to open a locked Whirlpool front loading machine that has a door handle

This procedure is fairly straightforward- it however only applies to front loading machines that have a door handle.

You see, all you will need is a screwdriver. Yep, that’s right.


To open the door, simply pull up the door handle and use the screwdriver to depress the hook behind the door. The hook that you will need to depress is shown below:

how to unlock whirlpool top load washer without power

While doing this, be sure to be pulling at the door.

Here’s a YouTube video to best show you how it is done.


How do you unlock a whirlpool washer without power – final words

As we come to the end, here’s that video I promised you earlier.

We hope that the above methods will help you to open your locked Whirlpool washer without power.

PS: The steps in this article can also be used to open doors of other brands of washers (A good number of them).



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