Whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode (How to enter diagnostic mode)

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If you are not sure how to enter whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode, read this article to the end.

Of course, putting the washer into diagnostic mode is very important when it comes to troubleshooting a lot of Whirlpool duet washer problems because the machine might display error codes that give you ideas on what’s exactly wrong with your washer.

So below is how to enter Whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode:

Whirlpool duet washer troubleshooting – How to Enter Whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode

Putting Whirlpool duet washer into diagnostic mode is not a hard thing to do..

Simply follow these steps:

How to Enter Whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode – Step by step for Whirlpool duet front load washer

For Whirlpool duet front load washer, you just need to poke any 3 keys three(3) times (other than the Power button) to put your washer into diagnostic mode.

For instance, you can just poke Spin, Soil, & Extra Rinse buttons in that sequence, three times in fairly quick succession.

So “Spin” will be button 1, “Soil” button 2, and “Extra Rinse” button 3- you want to poke 1-2-3 buttons once, twice, and a third time.

This puts it into diagnostic mode and error codes (if there are any) will be flashed- you want to note each code and look it up in the tech sheet for the actual meaning and suggested fixes.

Remember that getting the washer out of diagnostic mode takes three pokes to power button.


How to enter Whirlpool Duet Sport diagnostic mode

To put Whirlpool Duet Sport in diagnostic mode, you need to press any button (except pause and cancel) as below.

Please note that this procedure starts with the Service History Mode and then runs Diagnostic Test..


  • Close the door.
  • Press then hold your chosen button for 4 seconds
  • Then release the button for 4 seconds
  • Again press and hold the button for 4 seconds
  • Release the button for 4 seconds once again.
  • Now press and hold the button for 4 seconds one last time.

Once you release the button, all the console LED lights turn on for about 5 seconds- this shows you have succeeded.

If there are some error codes, all the cycle LED lights flash and the relevant Status LEDs will turn on (The failure code displays on the Estimated Time Display-if available).

Bear in mind that there could be more than one error code so press the key you have been using (remember the key) to move forward (and see which other error codes pop up).

If there aren’t further failure codes, all LED lights (on the console) turn on again for approximately 5 seconds.

Next, the machine starts the Diagnostic Test.

Note: To go out of the service mode, you press PAUSE/CANCEL (This exits the program)


Starting diagnostic test directly (by bypassing service history mode) on Whirlpool Duet Sport washer

While the procedure above will first display the error history, sometimes you may want to perform the diagnostic test directly.

If that’s what you’re trying to accomplish, execute the following procedure:

Before you start

Empty the drum (the drum must be emptied for these steps to work).


Step 1:

Close the door.

Step 2:


Step 3:

Select “CLEAN WASHER” cycle.

Step 4:

Press EXTRA RINSE 4 (four) times within 5 (five) seconds.


Step 5:

To advance, press EXTRA RINSE – this advances you to the next step/phase of the testing procedure.


Note: If the above starting procedure is unsuccessful, push “PAUSE/CANCEL” then repeat the full starting procedure again.


How to Enter Whirlpool duet washer diagnostic mode – alternative method

You can as well try the following procedure if your washer still won’t go into diagnostic mode:

Before proceeding…

The washer needs to be emptied and the control needs to be in OFF state.

In this case, you will be pressing the following touch-pad sequence to begin the diagnostic tests. ..

How to Start the Diagnostic Test Mode

Step 1:

Close the door.

Step 2:

Push CONTROL/ON (if it’s present on your model).

Step 3:

Select DRAIN/SPIN cycle.

Step 4:

Choose NO SPIN – to do that, simply press the SPIN SPEED touchpad.

Step 5:

Push PREWASH OPTION 4 (four) times within 5 (five) seconds.

Keep in mind that if the PREWASH OPTION is unavailable on your model, you need to press “EXTRA RINSE” 4 (four) times within 5 (five) seconds.

Now C:00 should light up (on the display) to show that the test is starting.

If the above Starting procedure fails, you should push the PAUSE/CANCEL touchpad, then repeat the given starting procedure once again.

How to proceed

In order to move onto the next step in the test procedure, just push the PREWASH OPTION touchpad 2 (two) times.

Be sure to press EXTRA RINSE 2 (two) times if the PREWASH OPTION is unavailable on your model.


Overview of the test program

Here is what goes on once the test program has begun:

Indication        Control Action                                                             Actuators checked

C:00                          Door locks                                                                                           The door lock system


C:01                         Fill by the cold water inlet valve….                                                 Flowmeter

                                                                                                                                                    Cold water inlet valve….


C:02                         Distribution system will be set to Pre-wash position                   Dispenser motor

                                                                                                                                                    Dispenser contact


C:03                         Fill by the hot water inlet valve…                                                     Hot water inlet valve….


C:04                         Drum rotates clock-wise at wash speed                                          Motor

                                                                                                                                                     Motor Control (MCU)


C:05                         Heater (if provided on your model) is switched                            Heater (if present), NTC

                                    The drum rotates clock-wise at wash speed.

                                     If there’s not enough water (in the tub),

                                     water inlet valve is switched ON to get the

                                     required minimum water volume


C:06                          Drain pump will be ON.                                                                      Drain pump


C:07                          Drum rotates counterclockwise                                                         Motor

                                     from 35 – 90 RPM within 15 secs.                                                      Motor Control (MCU)


C:08                          Drum rotates counterclockwise                                                         Motor

                                     -at maximum speed.                                                                             Motor Control (MCU)

                                     >If max. speed is EXTRA HIGH,

                                      drum speed => 1000RPM.

                                      >If max. speed is HIGH, drum speed=> 800RPM


Summing it up

The above procedure is likely to give you a list of failure codes (if it detects some problems).

Try it and see if it will help you know what is causing your washer to act up.

Be sure to retrieve the tech sheet from inside your washer if none of these steps work- it will have the exact procedure you should follow to get into diagnostic mode in your specific washer.



Whirlpool duet washing machine diagnostic codes



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  1. Did the diagnostic test, went from C:01 to C:08 and no codes showed up.
    After the test was completed, tried the washer and it’s still not working.

  2. Tried turning washing on n put clothes in and pushed start it clicked and said done beeped three times so I unplugged it did diagnostics and now DONT turn on at all only beeps this is a whirlpool duet front loader washer anyone help or how do I check the fuse if it has one


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