Amana washer stuck on sensing fill? Try these fixes

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Is your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill and won’t run through the full cycle?

If yes, we will share some helpful troubleshooting ideas in this article.

Read it and try out our suggested fixes:

Your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill? Try these fixes

If your Amana washer has malfunctioned –your Amana washer is actually stuck on sensing fill for a long time and it won’t proceed no matter what you try, below is how to troubleshoot it…

Try to reset it

The most obvious first solution if it gets stuck on sensing fill (it just sits there, doing nothing) is resetting it …

Here is how to reset Amana washer:

  • Turn the washer off and un-plug it from wall outlet.
  • Then after about 60 seconds, plug the washing machine back in.
  • Then, within 30 seconds(of plugging it back into the electrical outlet), fully open then close the machine’s lid six times (in a row).

Now check if it will operate normally.

Don’t forget that you might have to reset it a couple of times for the problem to go.


Amana washer stuck on sensing fill- more troubleshooting ideas

Run it with Affresh

Another thing you can try for some models is running the “Clean Washer with Affresh” cycle- it sometimes works and your washer could start running all-the-way through.

Check out the instructions in this post.


Check the inlet valve

Also, you may want to check your apartment’s cold water inlet(the problem could be due to a bad or blocked inlet valve).


What else to try- mixture of simple tricks and advanced troubleshooting steps

Ensure the lid is closed

We would also recommend making sure lid is fully closed and locked.

Of course, if the lid is not properly shut, it can prevent the wash cycle from starting/running to the end.


Check for a faulty fill sensor 

The problem might also be due to the fill sensor malfunctioning- it won’t detect water filling if it has failed so the machine will appear stuck.

So try to swap it out and see if this will help.


Make sure the washer is loaded properly

Another potential reason why your Amana washer won’t go past sensing fill is a huge than recommended load size.

The solution is obviously to empty extra clothing items and ensure the washer has the optimal load size before trying to wash again.


Check for a bad shift actuator

It could be worth checking the shift actuator for issues too- the washer may stay on sensing fill if it is not able to shift position before a wash cycle.


Is the fill light on?

If the washer’s fill light is actually on, then go ahead and check the water supply lines- it might mean there is no (or there’s very little) water coming in.

Bear in mind that both water lines have to be open completely (turned on) for your washer to run correctly. 


Ran diagnostics if your Amana washer won t go past sensing fill

The next best thing we recommend is putting the washer into diagnostic mode- you want to run self diagnostics to see if you’ll get any error codes that could give you a better idea of what’s wrong.

The truth is, your washer’s control board might need to be replaced to get rid of the problem- and the best way to confirm this is by running diagnostics and reading the error codes.

Keep in mind that in some Amana washers, the actual fault code is given by a combination of lights flashing.

How to put Amana washer into diagnostic mode

Make sure the washer is plugged into power (but all of its lights should be off).

Quick Tip: If any light is turned on, rotate the knob 360 degrees counterclockwise and set the knob to face the Normal/Regular Mode (at the top-of the dial).

Now rotate the dial counterclockwise (one click), then clockwise (three clicks), then counterclockwise (one click), then finally clockwise (one click).

The washer should now enter diagnostic/troubleshooting mode- and you will notice cycle status lights light up.

Then go clockwise (one click)-the cycle complete light now lights up.

Next press “start” button then rotate the knob clockwise (one more click)- the washer will start to run diagnostics and give out diagnostic codes (depending on the issue that is found).

If the above steps do not get it to perform self-diagnosis, get the tech/service sheet out and follow the listed steps.

Quick Tip: The Tech sheet should be in the console/stuck to the side (of the cabinet) on the inside- you might need to push drum (to one side) and get one hand (in there) then feel around until you’ve found it.

You can check out what various Amana diagnostic codes mean in this guide (Front load washers).


Amana washer won’t move past sensing fill- Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long does sensing fill take on Amana washer?

The sensing usually takes about 2 or 3 minutes and then water will be added to your load.

Please note that this may vary slightly from one model to the next but it should give you an idea if you’re wondering how long the sensing fill phase takes.


Wrapping it up

Is your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill? If you have answered in the affirmative, follow the above tips to try and diagnose the cause.

Needless to say, you may need to call a repairman in if you do not get any luck with the fixes suggested up here.

We hope that your washing machine will be back on track soon.


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