[Fixed] Maytag washer problems spin cycle

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We have previously looked at how to troubleshoot a range of Maytag washer issues.

Now, to continue with our Maytag Washing Machine troubleshooting series, we shall look at how to fix the most common Maytag washer spin cycle problems in this guide.

In short, we shall be looking at what you can try if your clothes are soaked(at the completion of a cycle)

Let’s get started..

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Maytag washer problems spin cycle – How to fix Maytag washer spin cycle issues (both Maytag top load washer and front load washer)


Maytag washer problems spin cycle- Top load washers

Maytag washer not spinning

Here’s what could be causing it and what you need to try…


It could be due to unbalanced load or overloading the washer

Tightly packed clothes/an unbalanced load often make these washers not to spin.

Recommended fix:

You will have to redistribute your clothes or wash bulky items separately.


You might be washing only one bulky item at a go (again causing load imbalance)

If this is what you have been doing, consider adding some more items to again balance the load- as mentioned, your washer is designed to only spin and drain when the load is balanced.


Your washer might not be level

Also, ensure your washer is on perfectly level-  not completely leveling it also leads to load balance issues, potentially leading to spin cycle trouble.

To be clear, adjust the washer legs and also make sure it is placed where the floor is 100% level.

Indeed, improper level shortens the life of parts like snubber ring besides making the machine prone to imbalance.


You could be using the wrong setting

When you select no spin cycle, your washer will not spin at all so double check that you have chosen a spin cycle to have it spin water out of your garments.


You may be using excess or wrong detergent

If you have been using excess or the wrong detergent, this can cause suds formation- and the excess suds could be the reason your dryer won’t spin or drain.

Recommended fix:

Clean the suds then switch to the recommended HE High-Efficiency detergent.


There could be voltage problem

If the outlet voltage is low, your washer may stop spinning and draining.

Recommended fix:

Wait patiently until the voltage is back to normal.

Be sure to contact the utility company, if necessary.


Maytag wet clothes after spin cycle

Below now is what specifically you can try if clothes are still extremely wet at end of spin cycle…


#1-Check the setting (again)

When it comes to the spin cycle, your clothes tend to come out of the washer extremely wet if you select low spin or no spin.

So use recommended cycle speed, depending on your garments.

For instance, when drying bulky items, avoid using a Normal Cycle or Rapid Wash cycle.

Besides, to remove extra water from your clothes, try to select Drain& Spin.


#2-Check for power fault

If the washer is not ramping up to full spin sleep, a power fault during spin cycle could be behind the issue.

In such a situation, wait for power to stabilize then see how it goes.


#3-Check if an Error code is displayed or a light is flashing

An error code or a light blinking could signal a bigger issue but usually there’s a simple fix that is worth trying before thinking of tackling the Maytag washer fault codes you’re seeing specifically: Resetting it

How to reset Maytag Washer

To clear most Maytag washer fault codes, press pause/cancel button twice followed by the power button (once).

But if the code won’t go, unplug your washer (or disconnect it from power) for about one minute.


#4-You might have added clothes when your washer was not on the “Add a Garment feature”

Never pause the machine to add garments -pausing the machine could cause limitations that prevent the washer from running at maximum spin speeds.

So only add clothes when the washer is on the “Add a Garment feature”


#5-You may have a stripped hub

If clothes are coming out of your washer very wet, it might as well be due to a stripped hub.

To be sure, remove the wash plate and basket and see if the basket drive hub-It connects spin basket to spin shaft that actually spins the basket- is stripped.

If broken, you need to swap it out..

Just so you know, it is recommended you change the hub if you see the following signs:

  • Washer pumps but won’t spin.
  • Washer spins slowly 
  • Washer won’t spin correctly- it’s not spinning water out of clothes
  • Washer won’t agitate

Here’s the Basket Drive Hub (Kit) that we recommend for Maytag Washers.

maytag washer not spinning clothes dry

Maytag washer problems spin cycle- front load washer

Now we turn our attention to a couple of spin cycle problems that are typically associated with  Maytag front load washer


Maytag washer cycle time not advancing

#1- Check if the displayed “Estimated Time Remaining” differ from real cycle time

The time displayed is usually the estimated time to complete the load and depends on the size of the load type, selected cycle, selected options, household water temperature and pressure, unbalanced load detection, and more.

The thing is if time holds constant towards the end of the cycle, that is a clear indication that the load is not balancing as it should.

For that reason, extra time is required to balance the load(for the final spin).

Recommended fix:

Balance the load by redistributing the load.

In addition, only wash bulky items separately.


#2-Check the cycle you are using

Are you using a heated cycle, steam option, or sanitize wash cycle?

If so, the heater in the washer will be turned on- and because the heating will depend on the incoming water temperature, load size, and type, this can extend cycle time and cause the value displayed to remain constant.

Recommended fix:

Choose the right cycle to use according to your load size and type.


#3-An error code may have occurred

An error code can occur, for example, if you use non-HE High-Efficiency detergent forming suds-the error code could be “Sd”, “5d”, or “SUD” (depending on your specific washer model). 

Recommended fix:

Check if it shows the Sd,” “5d”, or “SUD” error code and run the machine empty(a few times) using regular bleach products to remove the suds.

You can even throw in a tablespoon(one) of cooking oil when running it empty to break down excess detergent.

And then use only HE High-Efficiency detergent.


Maytag washer stuck on spin

Anytime your washer is stuck on spin cycle, the first thing you should try before doing anything else is to reset the washer.

How to reset your Maytag washer

Disconnect your washer from power for not less than 3 minutes.

Now plug it back in and start your washer on a spin cycle.

If it still fails, unplug it again but wait about 10 minutes before plugging it in.

If your washer does not work after resetting it, the culprits could be:


#1- Malfunctioning timer(Timer is not advancing so Spin cycle is not working properly)

To be sure, disassemble your washer and test the timer for continuity with a multimeter.

We suggest you get a replacement timer if there’s no continuity.


#2- Bad lid switch assembly

A faulty lid switch assembly can also prevent your washer from spinning too(the lid could be remaining open)

To determine if it is defective or not, test it with a multimeter- replace it, if it shows no continuity.


#3- Defective motor coupling – most likely cause if your Maytag washer agitates but won’t spin

The most common symptom of a failed motor coupler is your washer will fill but not agitate/spin- but will be draining the water(from the tub).

So it could be the problem if you’re noticing the above.

You can go for this motor coupling if you own a Direct Drive Washer.


#4- Damaged drive belt

If your washer doesn’t toss, spin/drain water as intended, it might be due to these belts(one or both) being worn or even stretched out(tighten it).

You want to inspect the drive belt(visually) for any wear/tear- if so, replace it(this drive belt kit is compatible with most Maytag Washers).


Maytag washer drains but won’t spin

When your washer drains your clothes but it is not spinning(perhaps the tub is not spinning- and won’t budge even when you try by hand), first try to reset it as described earlier.

If it doesn’t work, try the following solutions:

Check for unbalanced load

If you have overloaded it, remove some clothes to balance the load(running large loads puts excessive pressure on the washer). Also, rearrange your items.


Replace the three terminal switch

Replacing the three terminal switch also often resolve the issue of a Maytag washer draining but not spinning..


Maytag washer problems spin cycle – summary of commonly replaced components for a Maytag washer that is having spinning issues

Replacing the following parts could help fix spinning malfunctions on Maytag washers:


Maytag washer problems spin cycle (Maytag washer not spinning clothes dry)-Final troubleshooting steps for Maytag washer problems spin cycle

Remove any objects stuck in there

Feel around your washer’s top edge-between spin basket and outer tub- and pull socks (and anything else)out of there.

They could be the cause(a sock can also be stuck between inner and the outer tub).


Change the transmission (gearbox)

A slow spin can occur(your direct-drive washer might not spin at all) if the transmission has started to seize up(or has worn out) so you may need to replace it(the transmission is not repairable if toast).

Quick Tip: Transmission failure on many models normally results in an audible bang(during spin) and/or the agitator oscillating(during spin)


Change the shifter(Shift Actuator)

If you hear it agitate but it gets hung up when it comes to spin, you’ve probably got a troubled shifter(you can test agitate manually then test the spin again to verify)


Change the drum

Can you turn the tub by hand(when grabbing outer tub)?

Reminder: You might have a thing caught between side of the washer tub and basket so check first.

If you can and it is not spinning then the drum could be broken(it can be costly to buy so do your math and see what makes more economic sense between buying a replacement drum or a new washer).


Replace the clutch kit

If it is jammed, there might be spinning fault every time(here is a great replacement)

PS: Search for a Maytag washing machine parts replacement videos on YouTube and watch them first if you’ll be replacing something..they will help make your job way easier.


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