GE washer motor reset instructions [Step by Step]

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If you suspect that the reason why your GE washer is acting up is GE washing machine motor problems (from your research), the first thing we recommend you try is GE washer motor reset.

With that in mind, below is how to perform GE washer motor reset – resetting it could clear fault codes that may have been sent there by the washer program, causing the washer not to begin a wash cycle.


GE washer motor reset instructions (step by step)

Step 1: Unplug your washer

Unplug your washer for about 1 minute from electrical outlet.

Step 2: Plug your washer back in

Plug the machine back in and then lift and lower lid 6 times (count six times) within a 12 (twelve) second period.

Important notes to keep in mind:

  • You have about 30 seconds to begin lifting and lowering lid after plugging your washer back in (into the outlet).
  • The washer lid needs to be raised 2” (the minimum)- this will make sure that the magnetic connection(on the lid) is interrupted- and this is what you want to trigger the reset.
  • Ensure you completely close the lid each time.

That’s all- The motor should now reset (all errors cleared) and is likely to be ready to start your selected wash cycle(Make sure the washing machine lid is down)


When to perform GE washer motor reset

For starters, the role of the electronic motor is to spin the washer’s spin basket and drive the agitator/spin basket when in agitation / tumbling mode.

In other words, during a spin cycle, your drive motor typically rotates the machine’s spin basket.

And when during an agitation cycle, the motor turns the gear-case shaft.

Now, as I had mentioned, you want to attempt motor reset on GE washer if you have a feeling that the cause of your washer washing issues is a troubled motor.

Of course, we recommend you do it before you think of buying a replacement GE washer motor, which is often the solution.

To be clear, below are some of the issues resetting the motor could resolve:


Your general electric washer fills up (with water), starts spin cycle, and even drains but won’t agitating to wash

If the washer isn’t agitating, resetting your washer motor could help.


Well, because if your GE washer detects a power spike, disruption in power, or an unbalanced load, it tends to send an error code to motor.

You reset the motor to make it forget (‘delete’) the fault code.

Even so, many GE models will not agitate/spin when you close the lid if either the lid switch probe / the magnet (on the lid- it activates lid switch when lid is closed) is missing or defective so you may want to check both as well.

Just so you’re sure, the lid switch probe is nothing else but the small plastic piece fitting into a hole right in the bottom-right side(of the washer’s open lid).

Meanwhile, the magnet I’m referring to is simply the plastic-coated magnet that’s fastened with 2 screws in the top-right side(again of the washer’s open lid).

Keep in mind that resetting is worth trying (before considering getting a new motor) even when the washer is both filling up and draining but won’t agitate or spin(including when it pumps but won’t spin).


GE washer failed (Is not starting a wash cycle totally)

Also, be sure to attempt washer motor reset if your GE washer won’t start a wash cycle completely


Don’t forget the following too………………..

The wash cycle might have been paused or stopped by accident

Make sure the Pause button or Start/Stop button was not pushed. Also check if the timer knob is pushed in.

Check wash cycle selection

The reason the wash cycle isn’t starting might be because your model is one of those having a soak cycle that can be selected for 15-30 minutes prior to running the main wash.

See your model’s owner’s manual for accurate information.


Allow the washer some time

If you had stored your washer in below freezing temps, water in drain pump could freeze, locking the motor so allow enough time to thaw and then restart the washer.


Check if CAnCELEd (‘canceled’) is scrolling either on control panel or for 2015 and newer units, two furthest LED lights are flashing

If you see CAnCELEd scrolling on the unit’s control panel or the furthest two lights are blinking (2015 and onwards models), it means there’s an error with the machine.

Try to select ‘Drain & Spin’ and then press Start- this attempts to clear the error that occurred.

Now, if the issue persists, disconnect power for 1 minute to the washer, re-connect, and retry either by re-starting your previous cycle settings(by pressing Start) or selecting ‘Drain & Spin’  and then pressing Start.


If the washer isn’t still starting(fills with water flawlessly but won’t wash), there are a couple of other parts that are important to check to verify which one is behind the problem.

In summary, these are:

The “start/stop” button(it may not be getting pressed in), the control board (it could be defective), and even the drain pump.


How to test GE washer motor

The best way is to use a multi-meter to test sensor(on the motor) for continuity in the multi-plug.

You want to test each connection(for continuity).

An easier way of telling if it’s gone is by checking brushes(on the motor)- replace the motor if you see they are worn.


GE washing machine motor replacement

Installation is pretty easy(if your test shows no continuity)..

Just mount in reverse of the original hardware you just removed, plug it in, then connect the belt correctly in the groove..your washer should be fine now.

PS: You can order an OEM GE washing machine replacement motor on Amazon(Check prices here)


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