LG dryer won’t turn on [Fixed!]

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If your LG dryer won’t turn on no matter what you try, there’s a decent chance that it could be a simple-to-fix problem making it not turn on.

In this article, we shall look at how to troubleshoot your LG dryer if it won’t start as it has always done when you try to bring it on

LG dryer won’t turn on / LG dryer won’t start / LG dryer won’t power on – How to troubleshoot the issue

Below are the most common causes why your LG dryer won’t turn on and how to troubleshoot it.

Most Common Causes for an LG Dryer Not Turning On

The dryer might not be getting power or it has some voltage issues

Start by ruling out power issues since sometimes it is the reason(it might not be receiving enough electrical power or it may not be getting power at all).

Here you should try the following remedies:

  • Check your home’s circuit breaker box- flip flipped breaker back on if that’s the case.
  • Make sure that the dryer is well plugged directly into a functioning outlet(be sure to check the power outlet for appropriate voltage)
  • Check your LG laundry dryer power cord- make sure it is plugged in properly. You also want to verify that it is working(you can test it for continuity-replace if you find an open electrical circuit)


Your dryer needs a hard reset

If there’s no power fault, then you should try hard-resetting the dryer before going further –sometimes the entire appliance system gets issues that can only be cleared through performing a hard reset.

With that in mind, below is how to hard reset your LG dryer…

Step 1

Unplug the dryer from the power outlet.

Step 2

Press and hold the POWER/START button for not more than 5 seconds.

Step 3

Now press and hold the PLAY/PAUSE button again for about 5 seconds.

Step 4

Plug the dryer back in.

Now the drum light and dryer should turn on-if the issue has cleared.


Child lock feature could be engaged

The child lock feature(it prevents kids from messing with the cycle settings) typically disables all buttons(except power)-and the dryer won’t start(but will have power), until you disable it.

So check if the feature is engaged(you should see a CL message on the display, if it is on) and turn it off.

You simply need to press and hold onto the CHILD LOCK button-for 3 seconds- to get it to automatically turn off.


The dryer door might not be closing

If your LG dryer won’t work, probably the dryer door is not closing properly(you might see light remains on).

Now, one of the primary causes of this happening is a broken latch (it may not be holding the door tightly shut).

So visually inspect the door latch and see if there are any signs of damage(being broken).

If yes, get a compatible replacement and unscrew the old one and screw in your new one.



Bad LG dryer start switch

When it comes to LG electric dryers, you might also want to look at the possibility of the start switch being broken if your appliance is having problems starting.

There are a couple of possibilities….Could be the switch is not staying pressed down once you attempt to start the dryer or it has developed a short.

Again you could need to swap out the start switch- It’s worth mentioning that the most common reasons for replacing LG dryer door switch is if it won’t start or won’t stop when the door is opened.

If you want to try that direction, we recommend the LG Electronics  Dryer Door Switch Assembly(the price is great!)

Speaking about doing the replacement, it is a relatively easy installation to do- it’s more of a drop-in part

That said, if you are not very technically inclined, you can just search for a detailed YouTube about LG dryer start switch replacement to help you identify the part, remove it, and complete the installation.


LG dryer won’t turn on says check filter

Here there’s nothing really wrong with it(for the most part)- the check filter warning is simply reminding you that you need to clean the lint filter.

Do that and see if it will start.


Bad Control board

If none of the above troubleshooting procedures work, the problem might be due to a problematic control board (The motherboard – as it is also called-is essentially the brain/heart of your LG dryer)

To be clear, a lot can happen to the main control board- some of its parts (for example some capacitors) can short out, some of the connections can come apart, wires can fry, and more.

So you need to open up the unit and slide the board off your LG dryer first so you can see everything in a better way- from the wires, capacitors, etc.

Once you successfully do that, look for shorted/burnt wires, bent parts, damaged connectors, loose connections, and any other sign of damage/fault.

Needless to say, you can try basic remedies such as reconnecting any cables/ components that have come apart/loose and see if it will help.

But what if nothing works?

Well, I’m afraid you might have to replace the whole control board.

The thing is it can be a little pricey so it is important to test it before considering a replacement.

Which brings me to another question: Is there a way of testing the control board?

Well, there should be a tech sheet in your LG dryer along with a wiring diagram.

So look for the tech sheet and check for incoming power to the control board.

You can also look for etching on the main board itself.

As regards where to get an appropriate replacement, you can shop for a compatible LG dryer control board on Amazon(you need to be sure of your dryer model).

Quick Tip: YouTube is very helpful when it comes to these repairs so go there and look up a step-by-step tutorial about LG dryer main control board replacement to help you do the replacement.


LG dryer won’t turn on-conclusion

In summary, the problem could be due to a possibly bad door latch, a failed start switch, malfunctioned outlet, broken cord or plug, weak or bad breaker, or a defective motherboard.

And the thing is you can probably figure the issue out if you follow the above troubleshooting steps.


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