Washing machine leaking from bottom left [Fixes]

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Is your washing machine leaking from bottom left?

Here’s how to stop the leaks at the source if you are having any of the following problems:

  • Whirlpool washing machine leaking from bottom left
  • LG Washing machine leaking from bottom left
  • Samsung Washing machine leaking from bottom left
  • Bosch Washing machine leaking from bottom left
  • Beko Washing machine leaking from bottom left

The good news is that most of the repairs are simply DIY stuff…

Let’s dive in!


Washing machine leaking from bottom left – How to troubleshoot

We will start our troubleshooting with general solutions that work commonly followed by other a couple of other potential fixes that work occasionally.

Washing machine leaking from bottom left – general causes and solutions

Machine not leveled

Most washing machines have adjustable leveling legs to help you level it perfectly.

Now, if not well leveled, the machine could be bending on the left causing a leak from that side.

So try to re-level it once again by adjusting the legs.


Contaminated left door filter

There’s also a possibility that the left door filter is contaminated.

To check, remove the filter cover and locate the filter inside.

Pull out the filter and see if some leakage might be originating from the filter housing.

If yes, the odds are that the seal -on the filter- is seriously contaminated with fine particles, grit, etc.

Suggested solution

Clean the seal thoroughly (until you get rid of all contamination).

Be sure to clean the spot where the seal meets the washer with some piece of cloth.


Loose drain hose

In modern-day washers, there’s both internal and external drain hoses.

And the thing is either drain hose can cause leaking at the bottom left of your washer.

Here is how to troubleshoot both hoses:

External drain hose

I usually start with the external one since they are traditionally faster to access.

Steps to follow

  1. Pull your washing machine away from the wall.
  2. Check that the outer drain hose isn’t loose.
  3. Now inspect the drain hose for any possible tears, splits, punctures, or other damage.

For the most part, you need to replace the hose if damaged.

Also, check if the hose is loose and tighten it.


Internal drain hose

What damages the internal hose are things like coins, buttons, and small clothes that could be trapped in.

Here is how to examine it..

  1. Unplug the washer (from power).
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. Locate the tub-to-pump hose that’s connected to the drain hose.
  4. Ensure the two hoses are firmly connected(and not loose).
  5. Also check if any hose that signs of rusting or damage.
  6. Next remove the hoses and visually inspect them for debris that could be slowing draining, causing the leakage- try to clean the debris to unclog the affected hose.

Of course, In case of damage, your best bet is to replace the hoses.


Drain pump problems

A problematic drain pump is yet another potential root cause of the leak from the bottom left.

And one thing that can make the drain pump leak is a loose connection so check it all around and tighten any loose connections you notice.

An important part of the drain pump is the filter that traps lint and all debris from the drain water(it’s also called filter-and-trap assembly)

Now, when it becomes clogged, it leaks water because of resulting pressure so check your filter- and de-clog it.

In fact, sometimes you actually have to replace it to fix leaks.

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Finally, there’s obviously also a chance the drain pump can be damaged.

So, how do you test it?

Simply turn the drain pump impeller to check if it’s turning(refer to your manual for its exact location)- if it does, it is not damaged.

Another way of testing is by removing the drain pump and testing it for resistance(using a multimeter).

You will again need to swap out the faulty drain pump assembly.

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Washing machine leaking from bottom left – other repairs you can try out

While the above general fixes help for the most part, here now are a few more repairs worth trying out if you have not been successful this far…

Inspect the door seal for issues

When the door seal/door gasket is damaged or clogged, the washer will likely leak and the water may flow to the left side.

That being so, check if it is clogged and clean it.

In addition, replace the door seal if you’re seeing holes or other damage- YouTube has awesome videos to help you do the replacement.

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Check for a faulty pressure switch

What the switches do is work as a water level sensor preventing your machine from overflowing.

Whenever the switch is not working as it should, there can be leak at the bottom left of your clothes washer.

How to test the pressure switch:

  1. Remove the control panel.
  2. Examine for likely wear / cracks
  3. Also, ensure the wire is securely connected to the water supply
  4. In case of a decrease in pressure, the pressure switch has failed and replacement will be the best option.


Check the washer’s detergent dispenser drawer

Leaks can come out from here if something in there is clogging it.


Is the drum sealed?

Inspect the drum(the wash basket) and ensure it is sealed (No seams are separating because it can be another source of the dripping).

And that means you might need to replace tub seal, depending on the results.


Check if the washer hose kinked

What happens when there is a water kink is there will be damage to the hose(eventually) or restriction of water flow.

You can resolve the issue of kinks by disconnecting the hose and gently straightening it.

And of course you need to visually inspect the entire washer hose for damage-and change it out or have it swapped out if it’s damaged.


Washing machine leaking from bottom left-Final words

In this article with have covered most of the causes and fixes when it comes to your washer leaking from the bottom.

Is your washing machine still leaking after these DIY tips?

If yes, it may be the right time to call for a professional assessment.


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