LG dryer stops before clothes are dry [why is LG dryer not drying completely]

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Your LG dryer stops before clothes are dry? Read this troubleshooting guide

Is your LG dryer continuously shutting off thus leaving your clothes feeling wet(not fully dry) after a full cycle?

Well, below we will look at possible reasons why your LG dryer stops before clothes are dry and how you can fix the issue.

Hopefully, this guide will help you troubleshoot the appliance and get it to start drying completely like it used to.

LG dryer stops before clothes are dry [why is LG dryer not drying completely]

Let us start with the most probable cause of the problem……..


There is a blockage/ restriction in your home exhaust system

A blockage or any kind of restriction in the duct –due to lint buildup and/or debris- is oftentimes the root cause of the issue..

You see, a clogged duct prevents your dryer from running optimally because of hampered airflow.

I know that this might sound like a big deal making you think you need a service technician but it’s really not necessary to go looking for a pro technician.

To be honest, you only need to make sure that your lint filter is clean and free of any blockage -and you can do this by removing it and cleaning it- be sure to clean off lint with a hand/vacuum if the filter won’t come off.

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What if you do not find any problem with your lint filter?

If the lint filter is fine, the fault might be a clogged vent so just follow the following steps to troubleshoot it.

Step 1

Start the dryer on a normal cycle

Step 2

Then, go outside where the vent is mounted and remove any blockages and restrictions you can see.

Step 3

Now, run your dryer purposefully to check if the problem has been fully resolved – you want to check if there is good airflow

If there is no airflow or it’s there but seems weak, chances are there are still some more restrictions that need to be removed.

What to do:

  • Disconnect the vent from your dryer (do this when the dryer is unplugged and turned off) and clean any visible obstructions (if there are any).
  • Then reconnect the vent and your dryer.

You can again try to see if the fault has been fixed..

Quick Tip:

Not all blockages and restrictions can easily be seen because the ductwork is too long in some instances.

Also, it may have bents so try to check the entire ductwork for any hard-to-notice blockages/restrictions and clear them out.

Of course, you want to make sure the vent is straightened up and that all installation instructions have been followed(besides straightening its exhaust pipe, use a smooth pipe instead of corrugated for the whole run).

Your dryer will probably resume drying properly once you have cleared the vent line and air resumes moving..

Below is what else you should try if it is still not drying 100% or your LG dryer stops early…..


LG dryer stops before clothes are dry- more probable reasons and recommended repairs/workarounds

The dryer is overloaded

When you overload your LG dryer, it can sometimes go off before the load is completely dry- it happens with most dryer models anyway.

Recommended fix: Reload it- and be careful to put small loads at a time- then retry. 


The dryer may have moisture sensor issues

A dirty sensor is another common issue that can make your dryer go off prematurely when the clothes are not yet dry (it could be telling the dryer the clothes are dry when they are not because the dirt weakens its sensing ability).

Now, if you’re wondering where the sensors are located, look for two(2) or three(3) long smooth bars on the inside right(of the dryer).


Where the dirt may come from:

The dirt mostly comes from fabric softener build-up (it is an open secret that many of us prefer to add fabric softener).


How to diagnose if the sensor has any problem [LG dryer moisture sensor test]

Just try running the dryer first with dry clothes(put just a few and start a timer) then with damp clothes inside there and see if it runs longer or not with wet clothes.

If it continues running for a couple of minutes without shutting off with wet clothes, the moisture sensor might be okay otherwise you need to clean it(sand off any caked-on dirt/lint).


What if cleaning the moisture sensor does not change anything?

Well, the moisture sensor could as well get damaged and we suggest you try replacing it (it’s an absolutely cheap part and changing moisture sensor bars is incredibly easy). 

We recommend a genuine OEM LG dryer moisture sensor replacement if you want to go that route.

Keep in mind that the moisture sensor is frequently the culprit when some LG dryer models start to consistently finish the cycle before clothes have truly dried.

LG dryer stops before clothes are dry -The dryer tank might be full

When the dryer tank has no room to accommodate more condensation, this can harm your dryer’s drying performance causing it to leave clothes dump.

Recommended fix: Check and empty the dryer tank- there could be quite a bit of water there.


The dryer needs a hard reset

There is a likelihood too the appliance’s system could have become corrupted- an error could have occurred making its program malfunction.

So you should also try hard resetting it before you quit.

How to reset LG dryer

Simply unplug then press and hold on the “power” and then “start” button then plug it back in.

It could start working after this.


The settings could be wrong

You also need to remember to double-check that you have selected the suitable dryer settings.

The truth is  different dryer settings work best for different types of clothes so check the settings and change to the most ideal setting (change to “More Dry”,  “Very Dry” ,  “Timed Dry”, etc. appropriately).

You could also see if turning off eco-mode helps- it saves energy yes but it is on occasions the problem.

If you’re worrying about how to put off ECO MODE, simply press energy saver (at the top-left to switch it off).


Change the Thermistor Assembly

Another thing that could be making it shut off too soon is a defective Thermistor- the part helps monitor plus regulate the temp. inside a dryer. 

Consider replacing it- check this replacement part.


LG dryer stops before clothes are dry [What to do]

Start by cleaning the lint trap then make sure the vent is not clogged and straight (and close to your wall as possible).

Also, ensure the vent is not damaged in any way(pull it out and inspect the vent for cracks or other damage and repair/replace the vent.

The other steps you may try is checking the moisture sensor(and cleaning/replacing it) and hard resetting it.

Do not forget to check if you have set the correct drying settings.


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