Wondering how to turn off sensor dry on LG dryer? [Read this!]

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If your LG dryer came with the sensor dry feature and it is not drying clothes fully when the feature is enabled(it works with automatic cycle settings), you may want to turn it off and see if that will improve its drying results.

Indeed, you’re not alone- a lot of people are searching ‘how to turn off sensor dry on LG dryer’ from what I have seen on the web…

But here is the thing: You may not even need to turn it off (there is even no clear way LG has specified of turning off the sensor dry setting) and what you might instead need to do is change a couple of things here and there to get better results with the setting.

So instead of showing you how to turn off sensor dry on LG dryer, I will share with you a few things you need to try to have your dryer dry your clothes efficiently and quickly load after load.

What to do to make your LG dryer dry efficiently and quickly

The truth is the reason your dryer is not drying as you’d expect is because the moisture sensors- the part that helps the feature function optimally- are having problems detecting moisture level in your clothes.

In other words, your dryer will never understand how damp your clothes are if the moisture sensors cannot sense moisture content of loaded clothes.

So the idea behind the following tips is to help the component automatically sense wetness level of your garments.

That way, your LG dryer will change to the right cycle settings (remember the innovative feature is designed to help the dryer save energy while ensuring that your clothes do not get damaged)

I, therefore, want you to try the following if you have been having drying issues with the feature:

Sort clothes properly

First, be sure to separate and sort your clothes by weight and material.

Needless to say, having your clothes sorted properly helps the dryer perform better when it comes to drying them.


Check the load size

Another cause of poor drying performance is inadequate load size.

You see, if there are not enough clothing pieces tumbling past the dryer sensors, then there’s a decent chance that it won’t measure remaining dampness level accurately.

And that might make it send a signal that the clothes are dry when they’re not completely dry.

So ensure you put the recommended load size into the dryer- with that, there will be abundant clothes passing through the all-important parts.

Quick Tip: if you feel that you have put too small a load, just try to throw in a few extra items in there- that make sure there’s good contact (with the sensors) for effective estimation of residue dampness.


Try the Time Dry feature

If you’re drying just a few items of clothing, just try the Time Dry feature instead of sensor dry settings.


Time Dry allows you to customize the drying time on a dry cycle.

In short, you can play around – by setting different time durations manually- to see if you can have it run longer(you may want it to cease stopping before your clothes are 100% dry).

Quick Tip: Try Time Dry too if you’re drying baby clothes (or other smaller items like your socks)..You could start getting better results.


How to turn off sensor dry on LG dryer -Important tips

What to do if you want to dry on low

Sensor Dry adjusts temp based on the wetness of your clothes and it’s not an option you can manually adjust the temp.

That being so, try Times Dry as well any time you would like to dry a load on low.


Try turning off energy saver

The energy saver feature tends to come on automatically when you’re doing a normal cycle.

Turn it off then see if that will dramatically improve results(with sensor dry).

To do that, long press energy saver button / wrinkle-free button (depending on your exact model) until you see the energy saver illumination/light turn off (and off displaying on the pane)


LG sensor dry troubleshooting

Perhaps the sub-optimal drying performance is due to an issue with the moisture sensor- you cannot rule out that possibility if you have tried the above without any luck.

With that in mind, we shall now look at how to troubleshoot the moisture sensor itself in this section…

Where is the moisture sensor on LG dryer?

Now, before we delve deeper, it is important you know where to find the moisture sensors(we already saw that the sensors are at the heart of the performance of the Sensor Dry feature) in your dryer- it is typically found in the dryer front just after the lint trap.

But just we get to speak about fixing the part itself, try these basic steps:


Check the lint filter

For the most part, there will be a drying issue if you have selected normal mode(with Sensor Dry) if the lint filter is badly clogged.

So check your dryer’s lint filter and clean it, if need be.

Check the exhaust

If it dries just fine on any other dry settings except with Sensor Dry, it could still be a problem of clogging and this time it might be a clogged exhaust.

So check the dryer exhaust and again clear it.

Clean your dryer’s lint screen housing/chamber

A common maintenance procedure that many of us overlook is pulling out the lint screen housing/chamber and vacuuming the trough.

You also want to vacuum off the rear(back) of the sensor itself(that’s because if dirty, the sensor could mess up the timing of dryer cycles).


Fixing the moisture sensor(s)

So, how do you exactly fix the moisture sensor bars(most dryers have two)?

Clean the sensors first

It’s not a very difficult job to clean them- you just need to wipe off any buildup from fabric softener/dryer sheets with a (slightly damp) clean, dry towel/cloth (the residue hinders accurate moisture reading)

You can add some mild soap before wiping if there’s a lot of lint/buildup.  

Replace the moisture sensor

LG dryer sensors are typically relatively inexpensive so the next step I would recommend (if cleaning does not help) is you replace them both.

We recommend Genuine OEM Moisture Sensors for LG Dryers, if you would like to go that route.


How to turn off sensor dry on LG dryer – Final words

In a  nutshell, there is no way of turning sensor dry off- at least not I have seen on my LG dyer- and what you should do is observe a few things if you want the dryer to produce superior drying results.

Just to recap, these are:

  • Sort clothes appropriately(Avoid mixed loads)
  • Check the laundry load (add more items, if too small)
  • Try Time Dry- see if it will fully dry a load once on timed dry
  • Troubleshoot the moisture sensor



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