Want to reset LG dryer sensor? Try this

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So, can you really reset LG dryer sensor only?

And to be clear here, it is important you understand I mean the moisture sensor in your LG dryer –as the name hints, it detects moisture level in your clothes…

Well, the answer is that you cannot actually reset LG dryer sensor separately when you suspect it is malfunctioning .

Instead, there are quite a few troubleshooting procedures you can try to fix the sensor- and make it measure moisture content of your load accurately.

Of course, once it begins estimating the dampness level of your laundry load properly, your dryer will start drying more efficiently and effectively.

Below we look at how to troubleshoot LG dryer sensor now that there’s no known of to Reset LG dryer sensor..


Wondering how to reset LG dryer sensor? Try the following fixes instead..

Just as a reminder, your LG Dryer Sensor is typically utilized during automatic drying cycles….

As I had mentioned, it detects the moisture amount in your laundry load and sends a signal to the dryer saying that either the load is dry or wet to a specific degree.

The dryer will respond by adding drying time or stopping based on the signal that came from the sensor.

So your dryer won’t dry optimally if something is wrong with the sensor.

With that in mind, below is what to try if you think that there’s a problem with your dryer’s moisture sensor..

Try cleaning the sensor bars first

If the automatic dry feature isn’t working on your LG dryer, do not be too quick to get replacement sensor bars (most dryers have 2).

You see, they could be having plenty of lint crap –making them not to read moisture amount accurately.

So just remove and clean your existing sensor bars and see if the dryer will resume working perfectly after cleaning out all buildup around them.

To be clear, you need to actually take out the plastic piece holding them (out of the dryer) and while you’re at it, you will probably notice a bunch of lint behind the sensors.

You can simply rub mild soap then wipe them clean really well with a (slightly dump) cloth/towel.


Replace the Dyer sensor bars

The next thing you could want to test if it will solve your problem is swapping out the two sensor bars.

We recommend Genuine OEM Moisture Sensors for LG Dryers, if you’d like to try replacing them.

The good thing is the bars are super inexpensive – they are one of the most affordable parts to replace in LG dryers.

As regards installation, you don’t have to disassemble the dryer completely – you just need to unscrew the screws around the dust filter to be able to remove the old sensors (and install the new ones).

That said, it’s not a difficult job and you can be done in around 5 to 10 minutes.

Quick Tip: If you want to have success after replacing the bars, be sure to clean out the lint everywhere you see while replacing the components.


How to tell if the sensor bars are broken

You can visually inspect them and see if there are signs that they’re physically broken..

But since you can’t easily tell if they’re out/spent by merely inspecting them, perhaps you should try the following test:

LG dryer moisture sensor test

Run the dryer with a wet paper towel (or wash cloth) in place and check if it shuts off a few minutes later without drying anything.

If it does, then the sensor could be defective.


Help! The “Sensor dry” countdown(on my LG dryer) sticks at six minutes and my dryer never turns off

If this is the fault you’re struggling to resolve, the again need to clean out your old sensor bars thoroughly or change them out.

What if it does not stop acting up?

If your dryer starts doing it again at some point, try doing the classic reboot of the dryer.

All you have to do is unplug your LG dryer (from the power outlet) and wait about 30 seconds.

You then plug it back in (after the 30 seconds are over)

It could stop stalling at 6 minutes after performing a hard reset(unplugging and then plugging it back in hard resets the dryer).


Final words

If your LG dryer isn’t drying laundry loads completely even after installing new sensor bars, you may want to clean all the lint (from inside the appliance) from the lint trap to the exhaust duct.

In the event you’re still stuck, try out the other troubleshooting tips we have recommended in the following guide: Why is LG dryer not drying completely? [Reasons and fixes]

Oh, and you can, in the meantime, switch to Time Dry setting from Sensor Dry setting(there is a dial/keypad to press to switch)



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