LG dryer won’t turn off [Fixed!]

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So your LG dryer won’t turn off automatically anymore? Well, this repair guide could help you fix it

You see, your LG dryers should normally turn off by itself automatically once clothes are dry.

However, at times it may develop problems making it run on and on-you may even have to open the door to turn it off.

In this post, I will help you to diagnose what may be wrong with your LG dryer if it won’t turn off at the end of the cycle and how to fix it.

Let’s jump right in.

LG dryer won’t turn off

Now, there are quite a few reasons that may make your LG dryer not to turn off unless you open the door or unplug the dryer.

Each of this has its own unique solution and we shall, therefore, look at each individually.

Let’s start with one of the very common causes of the issue……


An electrical glitch

Just like other modern-day appliances, LG dryers may experience electrical hitches –and cause it to ‘forget’ to shut off- which can only be resolved by hard resetting the dryers.

That being so, below is how to reset your LG dryer.

How to reset LG dryer

  1. Press the power button to turn your dryer off.
  2. Disconnect your dryer from the outlet.
  3. Now, press and hold the Start/pause button for 5 seconds.
  4. Reconnect the dryer to the outlet and you should be good to go.

Alternative hard reset procedure

Below is how to hard reset some LG Dyer models:

  1. Turn off the unit’s circuit breaker.
  2. Unplug your LG dryer.
  3. While your dryer is un-plugged and its circuit breaker is set to OFF, go ahead and PRESS and HOLD on the ‘POWER/START’ button for about 5 seconds.
  4. You then hold down ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ button again for approx. 5 seconds.
  5. Plug the dryer back in then turn the breaker back on.

If this does not fix your dryer, you will want to follow the below procedures step by step to try and diagnose what exactly might be causing your LG dryer not to turn off.


Check if the Wrinkle Care option enabled

LG dryers do have a Wrinkle Care option (its purpose is to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled).

The issue is when this option is turned on, your dryer will periodically tumble your clothes for up to approximately 180 minutes after the normal drying cycle has ended.

And the dryer is likely to turn off only after you open your door.

In short, there’s a decent chance that your dryer is ‘refusing’ to turn off because the Wrinkle Care option is activated.

So, if you don’t want the dryer’s drum to keep on rolling once it’s done drying, simply turn off the Wrinkle Care option.


The start button might be stuck

If your dryer tends to turn off only when the door is open, then you are probably looking at a stuck START/PAUSE button.

Keep in mind that if your START/PAUSE button is stuck, it will send power to the dryer’s motor.

This means that your dryer will stop only when its door is opened.


You see, once the door is open, the door switch will cut off the power to the motor and vice versa.

With that in mind, inspect your START/PAUSE button to see if it’s stuck.

If stuck, try jostling it to release it.

You can also try to apply pressure to nearby areas(surrounding the control panel) and see if it will get unstuck.

What if this hasn’t worked?

Well, you might need to replace the entire main control board- it is not easy to just repair/replace the START/PAUSE button only.


The dryer relays could have failed or are stuck

A faulty relay on the main board(burnt out or stuck) can also cause your dryer not to turn off (it tends to continue spinning) so you also need to check if all is well with the relays

Now, when a relay is stuck in the “ON” position, your dryer will not respond to commands from the control board and it could instead keep running.

Recommended fix:

Using your screwdriver, hit around the relays fairly hard while being careful not to break anything(be sure to tap all of the relays including the relay controlling the motor)…

This should reset/disengage any stuck relay on the dryer’s main control.

Quick Tip:

Check your manual for the precise location of the various relays and just bang on that side of the dryer on the outside really hard a few times and see if those stuck gets knocked loose.

This is easier than taking it apart to access the relays.

Once done, plug in your dryer and see if this resolves the fault.

Alternative resolution (for some LG dryer models including Model dlex2501v)

  1. Plug the Dryer in.
  2. Open the dryer door.
  3. Cup your hand then hit around the dryer buttons ‘Dry Level’, ‘Time Dry’, and ‘Temp Control’ a little hard without breaking/cracking the plastic. This will again reset the stuck relay.
  4. Shut the dryer’s door. It should stop running non-stop anymore.


Further troubleshooting

If this does not help, you might have to replace your whole control board.

That is because a brand new control board comes with new relays.

Should you decide to replace the control board, we recommend the OEM replacement control board by LG.


LG dryer won’t turn off – wrapping it up

If your LG dryer won’t turn off and continues spinning until you unplug it or open the door, try to perform a hard reset first.

The other things you should next check is the relays (check if they’re stuck or damaged), the start/pause button (it could be remaining stuck).

Don’t forget to disable the Wrinkle Care option too.

Of course, sometimes the problem keeps coming back and the permanent repair here(or if nothing has worked) is swapping out the main dryer control board.


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  1. Dryer was running when the machine was off. I followed: “depress buttons on the control panel Time Dry, Dry Level and Temp Control simultaneously to reset the door relay.” I did that and it worked. Thanks


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