Why is LG dryer not drying completely? [Reasons and fixes]

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We answer the question “Why is LG dryer not drying completely?” in this guide and how to fix the fault

It can be really frustrating when suddenly your LG dryer starts to consistently leave your clothes not completely dry.

With that in mind, we will look at the reasons why your dryer is not drying clothes completely and how to troubleshoot the problem in this article.

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Why is LG dryer not drying completely? Possible reasons and recommended fixes

Below are the possible causes and the troubleshooting steps to follow if you want to resolve the issue yourself- a service repairman can obviously be pretty expensive.

Overloading the dryer

Jamming your LG dryer with clothes is one of the most common reasons why clothes stop drying fully.

That’s because too many clothes restrict airflow- and without good airflow, your clothes won’t dry completely.

Tips to follow to avoid overloading

  • If you have large loads, split up the loads into smaller ones.
  • Where you have large loads, dry them separately.


Underloading your dryer

On the other hand, if you put too small a load, tumbling might be a challenge meaning your clothes might come out still wet.

Recommended fix:

Add a few items of clothing to ensure proper tumbling.


The dryer could be clogged

A dryer has many parts that can get clogged, potentially resulting in your clothes being partially dry at the end of the cycle.

Here are the most notorious spots to check for clogging issues…

·  The lint filter

Lint buildup comes from dryer sheets, softener remains, and small fibers that fall off of your garments as they tumble in the dryer.

And I’m sure you know that lint buildup typically hinders proper airflow- needless to say, without good airflow in the dryer, your clothes might not dry out completely.

The solution is clearly cleaning the lint filter- and you should make it a habit to clean it before every run/after every load.

How to clean the lint filter

You can easily clean the part by pulling it out then cleaning it by hand/vacuum.

You can, of course, use water to thoroughly clean it if it’s extremely clogged up- be sure to dry the filter completely before re-inserting it.


·  Lint filter housing

Bear in mind that if there’s lint left in the filter housing, there is still a chance of poor airflow and that again can make your clothes remain damp.

So also make sure you clean the filter housing if you notice any residue- You can just use a vacuum cleaner here.


·  The dryer vent

When clogged/restricted in any way, the vent affects air circulation- and this is one of the major reasons why these dryers leave clothes damp.

The good news is that most LG dryer display error codes D80, D90 or D95 to alert you the vent is blocked.

Here is how to clean your LG dryer vent…

Steps to clean:

  1. Unplug the dryer from the outlet.
  2. Then, move the dryer away from the wall and proceed to disconnect the vent from the dryer and wall.
  3. Remove any visible blockage inside the vent(you can use a narrow vacuum hose attachment, if need be).
  4. Vacuum or brush away the debris from the vent.
  5. Reconnect the vent to the dryer and interior wall.
  6. Plug your dryer into the power outlet.


·  Blower wheel

The blower wheel circulates warm air to the dryer and then out the exhaust.

Check if it is clogged with lint- lint build-up settles inside blowing wheel housing- and get to clean it

Also, ensure that the blower wheel isn’t stripped and verify if it is still attached to the motor shaft.

How to check if the blower wheel is damaged:

  • Spin the blower.
  • That will make the motor turn as well as the drum.
  • If it doesn’t turn, then you will have to get a replacement.


The door gaskets

Finally, check and clean up any buildup you see on the door gaskets as it can contribute to worsening drying performance by your unit.


Why is LG dryer not drying completely? What else could be happening

The heating element could be damaged

The dryer will definitely not heat up as it should (and your clothes won’t dry) when the heating element is defective(if it’s electric) so you’ll need to swap it out.

LG dryer heating element test

Use a multimeter to test for continuity in the wires leading to the heating element and replace it if there is inconsistent/nonexistent continuity

We recommend this compatible replacement heating element.


Issues with the moisture sensor

The moisture sensor-found behind lint filter- usually detects the moisture of your clothes and tells the control board when they are completely dry(the dryer typically stops at this point).

The thing is it will not correctly detect the moisture and it might subsequently be misleading the appliance to stop before drying is complete.

Again the best repair is to replace the moisture detector though you can try to clean it first(sometimes lint buildup may make it malfunction-use a clean dry rag to wipe it).

Note that if replacing, we recommend an OEM LG dryer moisture sensor replacement.



This is simply a sensor that tells the dryer the temperature inside the drum and it can also be defective/damaged, leading to drying problems.

The good news is that it’s another inexpensive part so replacing could be your best bet.

Here is an exact fit replacement thermistor for LG Dryers. 


Check the settings

Also, try setting your dryer to possible More dry or even Very dry.

You may also want try wool dryer balls.


Check vent installation

Is your dryer vent duct extra-long? If it is too long, your dryer is unlikely to dry well because it may not be actually venting.

Check and have it installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Reset the breaker

Flip the breaker off, wait about 2 seconds then flip it back on.


Why is LG dryer not drying completely? -final words

If your drying problem has not been fixed yet by the solutions in this article, you might have to call a qualified repairperson.

You may also reach out to LG for assistance if your dryer is still under warranty.

PS: Be sure to search for a good YouTube video (there are numerous great ones demonstrating nearly all the replacement procedures) to help you replace the parts, if it comes down to that.


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