Drying rack for LG dryer [3 great options]

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One way of doubling the usefulness of your LG dryer is by adding a compatible dryer rack accessory to it (if it did not come with one).

You see, once you do that, you’ll be able to dry more different items without a problem (think of your knitwear, delicate lingerie, shoes, etc.).

So below are some 3 good options if you’re shopping for a quality drying rack for an LG dryer to use with your dryer.

Drying rack for LG dryer – 3 great options [Front and top load]

LG OEM 3750EL0001C Dryer Drying Rack

dryer rack for lg dryer

This dryer rack is very sturdy and a good bet if you’re looking for a way of drying all those things that you don’t want tumbled around (tennis shoes, sweaters, lingerie, stuffed animals, etc.).

And it fits perfectly and snugly (it stays in place throughout the drying process).

It also cleans easily with water and soap.

And the price is decent too. 


  • Comes at a good price.
  • It is made from good durable plastic material that makes it last as long as the dryer.
  • The racks fit several LG model drying racks for example LG Dryer model DLE1501W and LG Dryer model DLE4970W.
  • Not noisy-since the rack fits perfectly well hence items don’t bounce all over the place (which is what usually causes noise).



LG 3750EL1001A Dryer Drying rack

does lg dryer come with drying rack

This LG accessory drying rack works perfectly well too and it’s our second recommended option.

Like the LG OEM 3750EL0001C Dryer Drying Rack, it fits really well (The sturdy, durable thick plastic feet rest on back of the drum and the front rests in front of the lint catcher).

Bear in mind that it is compatible with so many LG dryer models including the following dryers:

  • 79681362910
  • 79691572210
  • DLE3180W/00
  • DLEX3360V
  • DLEX3360W
  • DLEX2801R
  • 79681582410
  • 79681582411
  • DLE5977BM
  • DLEX2801W
  • DLEX2801L
  • DLGX8388NM
  • 79680272900
  • DLE2514W
  • 79681722000
  • DLE0442W01
  • DLE5977SM
  • DLEX4370W/00
  • DLEX3250V
  • DLEX3250W
  • 79691372210
  • 79691548110
  • DLE2515S
  • DLEX3885C
  • 79681563910
  • DLEX3885W
  • DLGX3551W
  • DLEX8377NM
  • 79681472210
  • DLG3181W
  • 79692198900
  • DLGX3886W/00
  • 79691462910
  • DLEX3360R
  • DLEX3700W/00
  • 79680512900
  • DLG6952W
  • DLGX2451R
  • 79681379210
  • 79580318900
  • 79692192900


  • Has amazingly good quality.
  • The rack works on dozens of LG dryer models.



OEM LG Plastic Dryer Drying Rack

lg drying rack 3750el0001c

This drying rack can fit quite a few LG dryer models and is very well built (It’s a genuine LG replacement part).

It stays secure and won’t be flying around inside your dryer so everything in your dryer interior (including the drum) will remain in good condition.

Just to be clear, you want to set it properly otherwise the items you’re drying could go over its edges!


  • The included instructions are very straightforward so setting it up is super easy.
  • Fit nicely.




 How to install drying rack for LG dryer

It is obviously important to make sure that your rack is securely mounted because the drum will be rotating during the cycle.

With that in mind, here is how to install it:

Open your LG dryer’s door and carefully slide the drying rack into the dryer’s drum.

Just that…there’s nothing complicated you need to do(It’s really that easy).

Quick Notes:

  • You want to make sure the rear legs rest on the stationary wall of the drum so double-check that.
  • Also, check that the rack is resting as intended inside the drum.


How to use a Drying rack for LG dryer

You should, of course, pair the drying rack with the LG dryer when you want to dry things that shouldn’t be tumbled.

You then select the rack dry option (on your dryer’s control panel) then you carefully dry (sweaters, stuffed animals, sneakers, pillows, and many other different delicate items)

Here is a good video explaining to use a drying rack on LG dryer..


More usage tips

Among the things that you should keep in mind are:

  • Be keen to never use the rack while clothes are tumbling in the tub.
  • Remember not to overlap items that need to be dried on the rack as much as you can-as it could reduce drying performance.
  • To avoid damage to your clothes, sneakers, or any other fabric you might be drying, make sure the garments are completely on the rack. Otherwise, the rotating drum could damage them.
  • If your LG dryer did not come with rack dry cycle, you can choose another low-temperature setting(you certainly do not want your items to overheat -they can because they’re not tumbling-so use lower temperature options only.



There goes the best 3 dryer racks that fit perfectly in most LG dryer models.

Of course, you want to check your dryer model no. before you order.


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