Window AC control panel not working: do-it-yourself troubleshooting guide

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Your window ac control panel not working? Here is a handy troubleshooting guide

For control-panel only operated window ACs, nothing can be as frustrating as the control panel buttons failing to work properly or not working altogether.

But do not call a HVAC professional yet- we encourage you to first take a shot at the repairs we recommend in this control panel troubleshooting guide.

Window ac control panel not working: do-it-yourself troubleshooting steps

If your ACs buttons quit working, try the following repairs:

Reset the unit

The first thing we suggest you do is reset your window mounted AC.


Well, for the most part, resetting an AC clears some of the system glitches that could be causing the manual controls to act up- the buttons might become unresponsive due to system errors.

Consult your owner’s manual if not sure how to reset your AC.

AC control panel not working? Check the control module

If you had no luck with resetting the unit, the next thing that comes to mind is the control module itself.

Now, the control board may be fried or be working partially.

If this sounds more like it, you have options:

  1. Go ahead and spray contact cleaner where your control module plugs in – if the problem was resulting from poor contact, there is a good chance this will fix it.
  2. Replace the control board– other times you may not be that lucky since the control module may have died. If this is what you suspect, it is time to purchase a replacement control module online (ensure you order the correct replacement part). Note that a replacement may be necessary even if only a few buttons are frustrating you (it is not easy to fix individual buttons).

How to replace the control board (typical steps for Kenmore, GE, LG, Frigidaire, and Crosley window AC models)

window ac control panel button not working

  1. Unplug the unit from its wall outlet.
  2. Remove the front cover/grille panel.
  3. Now remove the filter.
  4. Pull out the unit’s control panel (remove the screws first) and hold it above your AC.
  5. Next, un-plug the control board’s wire harness connection.
  6. Remove the screws that are on the sides of your control module case and proceed to open the case.
  7. Next, remove the mounting screws holding the control board.
  8. Now remove the control board from the case. Don’t forget to release the wiring harness from the plastic retainers on your control panel.
  9. Insert the new control board in the case and follow the reverse steps to install everything back.
  10. Plug it back in and see if it will work.


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Frigidaire window unit controls not responding

If your Frigidaire window AC unit buttons have stopped responding, our detailed guide about repairing the issue of Frigidaire AC control panel button not working can help.

Read our Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working -troubleshooting guide here.

GE air conditioner control panel not working (GE window ac control panel not working)

If your GE window air conditioner panel has become unresponsive (some or all buttons won’t respond when pressed), we once more recommend that you reset the unit.

Simply disconnect power to the AC for 2-3 minutes.

This takes it back to its factory settings and could solve the problem that might be causing the panel to fail to send signals to other parts of the AC properly (making it freeze).


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LG window ac control panel not working

If you have an LG Window AC with keys that seem dead (or working intermittently), first try the reset procedure.

The procedure is straightforward:

Simply push the ‘Reset’ button (on its power plug) followed by the ‘Power’ button on the unit’s control panel.

If the AC control panel fails to work (or works temporarily before quitting again), check the control module (and replace if necessary).

Haier air conditioner control panel not working

If the control panel doesn’t work nearly all the time on your Haier AC, there may not be really much unique you can do about it.

Just like all the rest, you could probably try to reset it and see how it behaves.

If there is no change, it may be time to replace the control module.


How to reset Haier air conditioner without remote – step by step


Final tips

As mentioned before, you can hack the exasperating issue of a control panel that won’t respond by shifting to using the remote- if your unit has been set up to work with a remote.

This could help you enjoy cooling as you work on a lasting solution for your persistent AC control panel problem.


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