Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working [Fixed!]

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Your Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working? Don’t call a Pro yet – we will show you how you can try to fix the fault yourself in this article.

Frigidaire air conditioners are exceptionally reliable units. Even so, just like other brands of ACs, they do- on occasions- encounter issues.

In this troubleshooting guide, we are going to look at some of the reasons why your Frigidaire air conditioner buttons have suddenly stopped working and how you can fix the issue.

The good thing is that resolving the issue may not be that complicated and even untrained individuals can perform some of these required remedying procedures.

Why is my Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working?

The issue could be due to:

  • A software glitch

  • Loose wiring (within the control control panel circuit)

  • An issue with the entire user’s interface control board

  • A bad part

Read on for the best repair tips

Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working- fixes to try

Your Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working?

Well, here is a list of probable causes and what to try if the AC keypad has become unresponsive before calling a licensed technician- it could save you hefty expense and time.


A software glitch could have occurred

The unit could have developed a software glitch causing the buttons to freeze up- they do once in a while.

Suggested solution: Turn off then unplug the entire air con for five or so minutes. This resets the controls system and could help clear the software hitch. Try it and check if the buttons will work properly after you push them (once you turn it back on).

Quick Tip: In general, resetting your A/C is the first thing to try.


The wires could be loose

For some Frigidaire AC units, the problem can arise when the wires (inside the control panel) become a little loose.

Suggested solution: If this is what you suspect could be the cause, try to hold down the panel with one hand and press the buttons that are not operating with the other hand and  see if it helps. If the buttons that had quit working respond, then all you need is to fix the wiring and you’ll be all set.


The user’s interface control board (within the control panel) may be faulty

The other possible cause of the buttons stopping to work (or the control panel failing to light up in some models), is the user interface board having problems.

For starters, this is the board housing the selection buttons/tabs you usually push and it processes the fan and temperature setting you choose.

Therefore, it is logical that the buttons may fail to activate if the board is faulty.

Suggested solution: As a rule, it is best to replace the entire board rather than trying to do some patch up work. It typically doesn’t take very long.  YouTube is your go-to place for the best Frigidaire User Interface Control Board installation videos.

frigidaire ac remote not working

Quick Tip: Be sure to order the correct part number when buying (check your model number first and look for it on the compatibility list published by the seller on their website)


A different internal part might be dead

You may not be happy to hear this but it is possible the mechanical controls have failed due to another different internal part dying.

Now, the first likely culprit here is a dead main control board- note that if there is an issue with the main control board, it might not be able to send voltage to the AC buttons, causing them not to work.

Before we move on, it is important to mention that the issue you’re having may happen when the aforementioned board becomes damaged/wet because of condensation getting near it.

If this is the case, there are two potential challenges you are faced with here….

To begin with, replacing this can be a little complex though it is not exactly rocket science.

Secondly, the price of a replacement main control board can be somewhat of a turnoff depending on your model (check current price range on Amazon).

And I must add that you may need to replace both the control board and the PC board for the buttons to start working again!

Useful Tip: If the condensation has gotten on the control board, you are likely to notice other signs (apart from the AC remaining stuck in one mode). For example, in many cases, the AC begins to change settings randomly on its own.


Buttons on Frigidaire AC not working – Related problems

Frigidaire air conditioner remote control not working / Frigidaire ac remote not working

Possible reason 1:

Your remote control might not be located within the operational range.

Suggested solution:

Place your remote control within 20 ft. and 120° radius (of the front of your unit)

Possible reason 2:

Your remote control signal may be obstructed.

Suggested solution:

Remove the obstruction

Quick Tip: For the most part, you can resolve your Frigidaire air conditioner’s remote control issues with basic procedures such as cleaning it, adjusting the battery, or shuffling your furniture.

What If I want more help?

If all the above solutions fail to make your AC work and even the remote control is not helping, you can call the Frigidaire service team via 1-800-944-9044.

The other option is to reach out to a local air conditioner professional you can trust.

Over to you!


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