York air conditioner problems and how to fix them (Ultimate York Air conditioner troubleshooting guide]

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Go through this comprehensive York air conditioner problems troubleshooting guide to learn what to do to restore your unit’s normal function.

Note that the troubleshooting guidelines we cover in this article apply to most York air conditioner models.

York air conditioner problems- Preliminary York air conditioner troubleshooting steps

Before we turn to the most common AC problems and solutions for York models, try the following basic steps:

York air conditioner troubleshooting

  • Make sure that your thermostat is ready– it should be in the cooling setting (change to cool position if not) for cooling and warm setting (for heating).

  • Check that everything is on (the outdoor air conditioning/heat pump should be running)- for instance, you don’t want the outdoor disconnecting switch or the circuit breakers to be OFF.

  • Change/clean the filter- this will restore proper airflow.

Proceed to the steps to troubleshoot specific York air conditioner problems if this hasn’t helped.

York air conditioner problems – specific problems and repair steps

Here is how to resolve the most frustrating York air conditioner problems..

1.     York air conditioner not cooling

Why is this?

  1. The air filter may be clogged so airflow through the air con is hindered.
  2. It may be having dirty condenser coils- debris impedes overall cooling performance.
  3. The unit has a faulty compressor.
  4. The run capacitor is having issues or it’s blown making the compressor not to run.
  5. You have an improper thermostat setting or it might be defective (the entire component).
  6. Your AC may have insufficient refrigerant.
  7. The unit has a problematic board (culprits could be its main control board, temperature control board, etc.).

What to do

  • Clean the filter.
  • Clean the condenser coils.
  • Adjust the thermostat settings and proceed to replace the thermostat if no change (Hint: it’s broken if it has no continuity when tested with a multimeter).
  • Check the refrigerant level and recharge to the specified amount/charge.
  • Troubleshoot the boards and see the one needing replacement (you usually need to replace them).
  • Replace the Compressor (or the run capacitor- see point number 4 above). Remember that the run capacitor won’t have continuity once tested if dead.


2.     York blower motor problems

There are a couple of things you can try if your York blower motor seems to have problems.

  • Check if it’s receiving power– test whether current is reaching the motor as lack of power will mean it never runs. Troubleshoot the power supply system if so or proceed to step 2.
  • Check if it’s burned out– If it has power but still won’t work, it’s probably burnt. The only solution is replacement.
  • Check if the blower fan is experiencing difficulties spinning– your blower motor may not work as desired if the blower fan is obstructed by something. It will make a humming sound in this case and you must remove whatever is blocking the fan’s spinning path to eliminate the problem.


3.     York air conditioner fan not working

It might be that the fan won’t work no matter what you try.

Now, if this is the case, you can test several fixes.

  • Test if the fan motor has power. If yes, move to the remaining steps…
  • Check if you’re having a bad capacitor (the capacitor supplies power to the fan motor and it could have malfunctioned).
  • Check for loose or even a broken belt and repair, if necessary.
  • Check if the motor is itself burnt out and replace.


4.     York air conditioner not turning on

This is quite straightforward to resolve as you’ll see below:

  • Check if the power cord is in good condition and supplying power (replace if not).
  • Check if the circuit breaker has tripped and reset it.
  • Wash the air filter (again!) if dirty.
  • Work on the thermostat- check the settings (and change) or potential defects (and replace).
  • Clean the AC drain pan if dirty.
  • Check if the fuse in your York air conditioner has blown and replace.


5.     York rooftop unit troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your rooftop mounted York air conditioner problems involve checking some of the York air conditioner parts we have repeatedly mentioned (filter, coils) and a few other steps.

Here is a summary:

  • Clean or change the filters– No matter your model, always start by installing a new filter (disposable types) or cleaning the filter (permanent types).
  • Clean condenser coils surfaces– after filters, dirt should be cleared off the condenser coil to restore required operation.
  • Check the thermostat- a bad thermostat setting could be causing your cooling woes and you should make sure that it’s properly set.


  • Examine the Linkages– inspect the operator and damper linkages and make sure each is not only free but also operating smoothly.
  • Adjust the belt tension– for units featuring power exhaust fans/return air fan, test belt tension and fine-tune as necessary.
  • Add refrigerant– next, visually check the unit for possible refrigerant piping leaks and recharge if necessary.
  • Check the compressor oil level and add– The oil level should be within the ¼ to ¾ range when checked via the oil sight glass under normal operating conditions. A pro may help you add oil if necessary.

Tip: Test the oil only when sure the compressor is running in stable conditions.

  • Unclog the drain pan– sludge and other foreign materials may need to be removed (if present) to restore regular function.
  • Check the sensors- calibrate every sensor and make sure they’re within York’s recommended operating parameters. Also replace the bad ones.

Note: Please involve a pro for the steps you’re unsure of.


6.     York central air conditioner troubleshooting

AC not cooling

Why is this and what can you do?

  • Faulty contactor- this part sends voltage to your condensing unit and its failure could affect cooling. Test it for continuity with a multimeter and replace if necessary.
  • Bad dual run capacitor– the fan motor won’t operate properly or will completely refuse to work if this has issues. Replace if you notice it’s leaking or bulging.
  • Defective condenser fan motor– the capacitor may have failed or the motor itself. Replace the affected component.
  • Failed compressor- this should only be checked if all else fails because it’s often misdiagnosed. Test it for continuity and replace if none.


Central air condition won’t start

Why is this and what can you do?

  • Check the wall thermostat’s contacts (those that control its furnace and repair)-it might not start if they’ve failed.
  • Power problems- the circuit breaker may have tripped due to a power problem or you have a blown fuse. Check and reset the breaker/replace the fuse.
  • Capacitor issues– check and replace the capacitor for your condenser fan motor/compressor if at fault.
  • Bad contactor- repeat the steps we explained in the AC not cooling section.


AC unit runs noisy or loudly

Why is this and what can you do?

  • Loose or broken fan blade- check and repair.
  • Worn condenser fan motor bearings- rotate your condenser fan motor (by hand) and replace it if it won’t turn without a fight (this shows the bearings are worn).
  • Faulty contactor- the part tends to make noise when faulty and it’s a potential culprit. Test and replace as indicated earlier.
  • Failed compressor- this can also run noisy occasionally. Test it for continuity and replace if necessary (should be checked last).


Condenser fan motor won’t run

If the condenser fan won’t work, it’s perhaps because there are failed capacitors or a damaged motor.

You already know what to do for capacitors and motors.


York air conditioner error codes and air conditioner troubleshooting chart for some of the codes

Here now are some of the common York air cons error codes and troubleshooting ideas.

York air conditioner error code


Recommended troubleshooting

York mini split E1 error code / York error code E1



·         Communication issues between the indoor & outdoor unit OR

·         Loose internal Connections OR

·         Bad PCB Board

·         Phase sequence issues/lack of phase



·         Check both units for loose internal connections.

·         Check and repair the wire communication lines linking the two units. Also check and mend the voltage lines.

·         Reset the unit (unplug then plug it back in)

·         Call Pro to check PCB boards.



York air conditioner error code E2 / York split ac error code E2



·         Communication problem between the indoor/outdoor unit.

·         Sensor malfunction (York Central units).


·         Check if the connection between the indoor and outdoor unit has been done correctly. If not, adjust and test again.

·         Check if the sensor wire has grown loose and repair, if so.

·         Check the temp sensor’s resistance (first remove it). There could be issues with the sensor if there’s an open-circuit, a short-circuit, or the value is abnormal and you’ll need to replace it.


York air conditioner error code E3


·         Compressor problems (e.g. due to low pressure).

·         Temperature sensor (T3) malfunction

·         Indoor fan speed problems.


·         Troubleshoot the sensor as described in error code E2.

·         Check for refrigerant under-charge and recharge.

·         Replace the compressor (a pro should test it first)

York E4 error code air conditioner


·         Indoor room temp. sensor fault.

·         T2B sensor malfunction (central systems)

·         Troubleshoot the sensor as described in error code E2.


York aircon error code P4


·         Compressor drive error

·         Discharge Pipe Temperature Protection(central systems)

York air conditioner error code E7


·         EEPROM malfunction

·         Communication fault between indoor/outdoor units

·         Reset the unit (unplug then plug it back in)

·         Call Pro to check PCB boards.

·         Check the connection between the indoor and outdoor unit as described earlier.


How to check York error code

As I had hinted at the start, the above York package unit error codes are troubleshoot-ed in a similar way in many York ACs including the popular York stellar plus air conditioner, York YCD, and York LX series.

You can check all the interpretations of each error code at the back of your specific model’s manual.


York VRF error code list

Error code: E0

Meaning: Phase sequence problem/lack of phase


Error code: E1

Meaning: Communication fault within the system


Error code: E2

Meaning: sensor T1 fault


Error code: E3

Meaning: sensor T2A fault


Error code: E4

Meaning: sensor T2B error


Error code: E5

Meaning: sensor T3 error


Error code: E7

Meaning: EEPROM error


Error code: E8

Meaning: Fan motor control issues


Error code: E9

Meaning: Communication fault between the display board and PCB boards.


Error code: EE

Meaning: Water level checking error.


Error code: H1

Meaning: Net communication error.


Error code: H2

Meaning: Outdoor decreasing error (host unit).


Error code: H3

Meaning: Outdoor adding error (host unit).


Maintaining your unit

The manufacturer recommends that you carry out regular maintenance on your appliance as indicated in your manual.

Indeed, proper maintenance goes a long way in helping keep the various York air conditioner problems at bay.

Below is a general maintenance guide for York air cons…

  • Filters: An essential part of periodic maintenance is cleaning the filters (or changing them if disposable). You should inspect the filters at least once a month.
  • Outdoor coils: Also, cleaning the outdoor coils periodically helps (Use a brush/vacuum cleaner attachment/any other suitable means).

Tip: Be careful when cleaning the coils as the coil fins can be easily damaged.

  • Check the airflow: For continued optimal performance, do not allow overhanging structures/shrubs to obstruct the hot condenser’s air discharge.

Word of caution: To avoid potential personal injury, shut off power to the equipment prior to carrying out any of the mentioned maintenance procedures.


York air conditioner problems and fixes- Final words

Like other AC brands, York AC repair cost can be high- especially when your York air conditioner warranty is expired- and the above ideas may help you save a significant amount of money.

However, if nothing works, consider contacting York tech support (write to them via this form) or a dealer near you (Look up York HVAC distributors on York’s website if unsure) for further assistance.

Note that you might be asked to give your unit’s number so you should first check (York air conditioner model numbers are found on the information tag or the York air conditioner manual).


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