How to reset Haier air conditioner without remote: The easiest way

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Learn how to reset Haier air conditioner without remote (in 3 simple steps) in this guide (plus a couple of useful troubleshooting ideas)

Some minor Haier A/C unit problems can be resolved by just resetting the unit.

Whether your entire AC has malfunctioned or you are trying to restore its power supply perhaps after a power surge, resetting your air con is a simple but tried-and-true troubleshooting method we recommend.

That being the case, here is how to reset Haier air conditioner without remote (the alternative is, of course, pressing the Reset button in your air con’s remote control).

How to reset Haier air conditioner without remote 

Resetting a Haier air conditioner remote can solve many issues. Follow these simple steps to reset your Haier AC remote in just a few minutes.

Let’s go through the three simple steps to follow when you want to reset your Haier air conditioning unit but without using the remote.

How to reset Haier air conditioner without remote – step by step instructions

If you may have misplaced the remote or it has broken down, try these steps to reset your unit:

  1. Follow the power supply cable from your AC to its electrical outlet – the one it is plugged into. On the power cord plug, look for the buttons Reset and Testhaier air conditioner troubleshooting
  2. Next, Push the Reset button down if it has been raised. You may notice a green light appearing on some Haier air conditioner
  3. Lastly, turn your Haier air con on as you normally do.

Congratulations! The power supply has now been reset and the unit might start to operate without any further issues.

Important note

The power cord used in most Haier units features a current interrupter device.

In general, it is a good idea to test the device from time to time by first pressing the ‘TEST’ button then the ‘RESET’ while it is still plugged into an electrical outlet.

This can help keep some of the most common electrical and/or technical issues at bay.

Note that you should discontinue using the unit and reach out to a qualified service technician if you notice either the ‘TEST’ button failing to trip or the ‘RESET’ button refusing to stay engaged during the procedure.


How to reset Haier portable air conditioner without remote

The procedure is the same outlined above:

In short, simply press the ‘Reset’ button -on the plug case- to reset it and resume operation.

I should add that it is important to check if your AC is still plugged in- the plug could have come loose- before pressing the button.

In the event your portable unit still remains inoperable, you can proceed with the Haier air conditioner troubleshooting procedures we suggest below:

  • Test if the unit’s electrical wall receptacle has the proper voltage (you can also change to a new outlet).
  • Check the circuit breaker too- and reset, if necessary. Still on the circuit breaker, be sure to check if the fuse might need to be replaced as well.
  • Check if the AC is ‘OFF’- you, of course, don’t expect it to work while in ‘OFF’ mode.
  • Check if the unit’s warning light has come on and if so, drain the water. Sometimes this is the issue making the air conditioner malfunction.


What to do if Haier air conditioner reset button keeps tripping (pops out)

This is mostly caused by disturbances such as electrical overloading, overheating, etc. in your home’s electrical current.

The remedy here is to test your electrical setup for any of these problems and repair as required.

Also, inspect the power supply cord for damage/pinching/aging – This is not easy to fix through repairs so be sure to replace it with a new power cord (check your manufacturer’s recommendations).

Proceed to try to reset it after repairing the problem.


How to reset Haier window air conditioner without remote

To reset a Haier window air conditioner unit, all you have to do again is press the all-important Reset button found on the power supply cord plug case.

Now you need to wait for a couple of moments for the AC to complete the reset and resume operation.

Check if the AC will work properly after this.


How do you reset Haier air conditioner using the remote?

As mentioned at the start of the guide, the usual way of resetting Haier ACs is by using the reset button on the remote.


  1. Locate your Haier air conditioner reset button on the remote – it is typically found in the bottom-right corner of the AC’s remote control.
  2. Next, grab a paper clip (or a similar object) and unfold it.
  3. Now use the unfolded paper clip to push your ‘Reset’ button.
  4. Allow the unit a few moments to complete the reset process.

Voila! The unit should reset successfully…

How to unlock Haier AC remote

Follow the procedure in the diagram below to try and unlock your Haier AC remote control:

Haier air conditioner filter reset button

Haier air conditioner filter reset

The Filter reset pad feature automatically alerts you that the unit’s air filter needs to be cleaned.

In fact, the indicator light is programmed to come on after the unit runs for a set number of hours- for instance; window units will come on after 240 hours.

What you should do when this happens is clean the air filter thoroughly (check your Haier window air conditioner manual for instructions) then place it back.

The final step to make the light go off is pressing the Filter Reset pad / Haier air conditioner filter reset button (Haier air conditioner reset button for filter)


Bottom Line

Resetting your Haier Air conditioner unit is often the remedy to a mountain of issues including probably Haier air conditioner fault codes.

If you have not been successful, contact support at 1-877-337-3639 or go to to arrange service.

Your other option -in case your AC problems persist- is to contact an authorized repair person for further assistance.


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