Arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting guide and tips

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Use this Arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting  guide to fix your AC….

Arctic King carries several models of AC units serving varied consumer’s wants and needs- from window mounted units to easy-to-carry portable ACs.

Many of these malfunction from time to time, leaving you at the mercy of searing heat during summer days.

The good news is that not every issue is a catastrophe – you can easily troubleshoot some of the commonest errors and have your unit cooling again, all on your own.

Below is a guide with the workarounds you should try when your arctic king AC fails unexpectedly.

Go ahead and give them a shot- it could save you hefty expenditure and precious time.


Arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting – workarounds and tips for a variety of issues including the most common arctic air ultra troubleshooting problems

Why is my arctic air not working?

If your arctic air con is not working, check power supply, air filter (it could be dirty), the cooling pad, water level (if yours came with a water container), or even try to see what error code it shows (if any)..

Below is every repair worth trying, depending on the fault…

Before calling a repairman, implement the solutions in this arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting manual.

You’ll be surprised that most of the faults are very basic and straightforward to repair, even if you are not mechanically inclined.


Arctic king Air conditioner won’t turn on

If your arctic king air conditioner won’t start, it might be because of the following occurrences:

  1. The wall plug is disconnected– check if the plug is loose or disconnected and simply push it firmly into the wall outlet. Don’t also forget to check that the cord is itself not damaged.
  2. The house fuse has blown or the circuit breaker is tripped– if this is the case, try to replace the fuse with the recommended time delay type. Of course, you should reset the circuit breaker if it’s the culprit.
  3. Control is OFF– another possibility is the control being off. Confirm and if true, turn it ON and set your desired setting.
  4. Plug current device has tripped– Just press the arctic king air conditioner reset button to reset the unit (that’s how to reset arctic air and nearly all arctic air con models)


Arctic king air conditioner does not cool enough /Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If the air from your air con is not feeling cold enough, it could be that your device is beset by these challenges/problems:

  1. The room temperature is below 17 OC(62OF)- As a rule of thumb, noticeable cooling may not take place until room temperature has risen above 17OC(62OF). Just play the waiting game and see if the situation improves.
  2. The temperature sensing element is touching the cold coil (located right behind air filter)– This also hinders cooling and you need to straighten the tube away from the coil.
  3. Incorrect temperature settings– If you have set it to a higher temp setting, change to a lower value and see if it helps.
  4. Compressor has shut-off – This can occur when changing modes. All you have to do is wait around 3 minutes for the compressor to restart after setting it to the COOL mode. The unit will, hopefully, function normally after this.


Arctic king air conditioner cooling, but the room is still too warm. In addition, ice is forming on the cooling coil (behind the decorative front)

Here are the potential reasons behind this annoying behavior and the fixes you should give a try:

  1. The outdoor temperature is below 18O C(64O F)- If the temp is at this setting, you’re likely to experience this issue.
  2. Air filter is dirty- A clogged filter is the other typical cause. Make effort to clean the filter as instructed in your specific model’s manual (Scroll to the care & cleaning section).
  3. Thermostat is set too cold (for night-time cooling)- if this is what you suspect to be the trigger, first defrost the coil (see how next). Then proceed to set a higher temperature setting).

Tip: In all scenarios, you can defrost the coil by setting the product to FAN ONLY mode


Arctic king air conditioner cooling, but room too warm- NO ice has formed on the cooling coil (behind the decorative front)

Check for the issues highlighted below if the space feels too warm but there’s no frost on the cooling coil.

  1. Dirty air filter– clean the air filter according to the instructions. This ensures that air is not restricted.
  2. Temperature has been set too high– another probable reason. Change to a lower temperature setting.
  3. Air directional louvers are positioned improperly- this inhibits air distribution leading to insufficient cooling. Position the louvers correctly.
  4. The front of your air con is blocked by obstacles such as furniture, drapes, blinds, etc. – such obstructions interfere with air distribution so clear the applicable ones from the front of unit.
  5. Doors, registers, windows, etc. open- if open, cold air escapes easily making it difficult for the product to cool properly. Close all these to enhance cooling.
  6. You have just turned the unit on in a super hot room– in such instances, the AC needs a little bit of time to overcome the lingering heat. Allow it additional time.

Arctic king air conditioner turns on but turns off rapidly / Why does my Arctic King Air Conditioner keep turning off?

To resolve this mishap;

  1. Clean the air filter– the air filter may be dirty hence the airflow is restricted, making it to turn off soon after starting.
  2. Set the FAN speed to higher setting– this is helpful for situations where the outdoor temperature is extremely hot. Setting the FAN speed higher makes air to flow past the cooling coils at a higher frequency and can be the solution.


Arctic king air conditioner is too noisy when running

You may not need to worry about it being somewhat loud.

That is because it’s normal for an AC to produce some noise when running as air moves through it.

However, you can try to change to a slower FAN setting if it sounds extra loud.

That said, excessive window vibrations (window-installed units) are not a good sign- it’s primarily due to incorrect installation so check with a qualified installer or go back to the installation instructions.


Arctic king air conditioner dripping Water INSIDE when the unit is cooling

For the most part, this is brought about by improper installation and you can remedy it by tilting the AC slightly (to the outside) to allow water to drain the right way.

Check with a professional installer if this doesn’t help.


Arctic king air conditioner dripping Water OUTSIDE when the unit is cooling

Well, this is not a big issue if it behaves this way on an exceedingly humid day.

It simply indicates that the AC is removing a large amount of moisture from your humid room and it’s very normal.


Arctic king air conditioner Remote not working (some models)

Your remote control is not functioning probably because:

  1. It’s not within range– try to operate the remote control from nearer – within 20 feet and 180 radius- of the front of your unit.
  2. The signal is obstructed – inspect for any items that could be getting in the way of the remote control and clear them.


Room too cold despite the AC running

This is mainly attributed to setting temperature too low.

Try to increase your set temperature then wait.


Arctic king air conditioner reset button keeps tripping

This happens to protect users from over-currents that may damage your air conditioning unit (and cause fires).

The way out is to RESET (more later) the device but it’s important to find the origin of the hiccup first.


Arctic king air conditioner keeps beeping

By and large, a constant beep sound may point to a glitch so you should take it as an alarm warning you of trouble inside your air con.

A sensor inside the unit may, for example, be faulty.

Of course, the best way to eliminate the annoying repetitive beeping sound is to narrow down to the specific issue and solve it.

At the same time, it could be a hitch with programming so check if switching off power supply to your AC for approximately 5 minutes can help.

If beep sound persists, seek a trained air conditioning pro.


Arctic king air conditioner control panel not working

If the control panel is unresponsive, it could, in general, mean something is wrong with the control panel- the control module may even have gone dead.

Sadly, there is not really much anyone can do about this and its fix is to go for replacement.


Other Questions

How do I reset my Arctic King Air Conditioner?

Press the unit’s reset button- it’s located close to the power cord (for 5 seconds)- then take the finger off the reset button.

After this, wait roughly ten minutes for the aircon to complete the reset procedure.

Finally, turn the AC cooling dial down to have the air compressor engage.



Arctic air tower troubleshooting problems -Final word

This above Arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting guide includes common mishaps that do not arise from defective workmanship or use of wrong materials in the appliance.

We encourage you to test the various tips/hacks/solutions before inviting a technician- they do work quite often and we believe they could save you significant amounts of money and frustrations.

Needless to say, be sure to consult an experienced technician if nothing works.



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23 thoughts on “Arctic king air conditioner troubleshooting guide and tips”

  1. My artic window unit lights are on and it sounds like it’s about to start cooling …. then nothing! It just stops. No air blows at all. Just humming with no air flow at all.
    What happened?
    How do I fix it?

    • I just bought a artic king ac and heat the 14000btu, got felivered yesterday. I hook it up and turn on but not cooling and heatong for the fan blows for a litle nad then shots off the led display still remains on but the fan shots off. I just bought its brandnew. I dont know if its a defective unit and have to send it back.. or i just need to reset it.. i mean i try to recet on the plug but still does the same thing.

      • m9st have a power sacing mode that comes on automaticly tgat will cause it to run for a sec than kick off for 5 ot 10 minutes tgan kick on again for a few minutes than kick off again its a pain and dorsnt cool on hott days right so turn ac on than hit the powetsaving mode to turn it off. it should start cooling right away qnd keep running instead of kicking off right aftrt it was just turned on

  2. My unit has in the last two weeks has a water sound, like dripping or running water, and now in the last two days, the air is blowing good, but it’s not cold. I did notice that the last two weeks, I had to turn down the ac because it was so cold and I only run it on low. What does this mean and what do I do? I bought the unit in the summer of 2020, so it’s not that old. It has been wonderful until now.

  3. my a/c is not removing any moisture. Last check the cooling is working however, the humidity is 74%. Same as outside. What is the problem?

  4. My artic king window ac is running and cooling but the panel is stuck. It’s lit up but I can’t push any buttons that will work. I can’t even turn it off unless I unplug it. It shows number as 88 or JJ.

    • The unit needs yo be cleaned inside. You have to remove the covers over the unit. Clean the front evaporator coils and also the back coil with sospy wzter, then rinse. Best done outside. Always make sure to unplug the unit before working on it. Uou will need a long (about 12 inch) phillips head screw driver and magnetise it so screws don’t fall. This is to remove screws holding the fan down.

  5. My artic king displaying 88 code beeping..shutting off
    We have drained it. Cleaned filters, and it still happens

  6. My Artic King is making a buzzing noise when its on any cool setting. When its on fan the buzzing sound goes away. Any advice or suggestions??


  7. I was using my portable artic air conditioning unit these last couple of days. If i left, i would turn it off. Sometimes i wouldnt even use it! So it was working just fine. Well, today, i set it up to use, and it wouldnt turn on. When i first clicked the power button, i saw a quick flash of blue light. Tried it again, ths time nothing at all! Tried using other micro type cables and plugs, but nothing. Does it sound like i need to take it in to the experts? Its fairly new, and dont want to trash it.

  8. My arctic king window unit sleep button keep beeping on and off through the night. The control panel does not work sometimes only the remote. It also does not automatically turn off at certain temperature. It is a fairly new unit.

  9. My Artic King window unit is vibrating really hard when it’s turned on. The fan blades do have dust on them but not much. I did notice that some wasps have made a home in it but not on the fan blades. As you can tell I haven’t used it much this summer. I need help, I don’t know what to do next!

  10. My artic king AC is blowing in cold air when it is not turned on. It is -30 here today and getting cold air blown in does not help to keep warm. What can I do to keep it from blowing cold air in beside cover it with card board

  11. my window artic king AC stoped blowing cool air. After watching a YouTube video on how to clean the unit I followed the instructions and cleaned the unit. However I was limited in my tools and other materials I was able to clean the condenser by spraying water as fast as I could the air filter in other parts of the AC unit after following the instructions for re-instalation I put it back in the window but I did in and it is still only blowing at half power possibly with very limited cold air is there something else that I can do

  12. m9st have a power sacing mode that comes on automaticly tgat will cause it to run for a sec than kick off for 5 ot 10 minutes tgan kick on again for a few minutes than kick off again its a pain and dorsnt cool on hott days right so turn ac on than hit the powetsaving mode to turn it off. it should start cooling right away qnd keep running instead of kicking off right aftrt it was just turned on


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