What happens if dryer vent is not connected?

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You might be aware that dryer venting is absolutely important for the normal running of your dryer.

In fact, we all understand that a clogged dryer vent can be a risky thing- it can be a huge fire hazard..

But what happens if dryer vent is not connected exactly? Sometimes the vent duct becomes disconnected(by accident or when the installer doesn’t do a good job during dryer installation)

In this article, we shall look at what happens if you use a dryer that is disconnected from its vent.

Now, looking at only the effects of a disconnected dryer vent is not enough so we shall also look at some creative methods you can use to check if your dryer vent is disconnected – we also have more juicy stuff and tips along the way.


What happens if dryer vent is not connected?

Simply put, your dryer will run pretty much as normal, at least for some time.

However- and this is the worrying bit- your house will be anything but normal…

For instance, the humidity in your house will increase significantly.

And this increased humidity might cause mold to begin growing inside your house…and we know what that means ultimately: possible myriad health issues (stuffy noses, wheezing, red/itchy eyes, skin infections, etc.)

Therefore, you might want to have some windows open. Better still, turn on your dehumidifier.


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You might also experience a rise in room temperature- And of course that’s because dryers are designed to expel hot air as they run.

So you may start feeling really hot once your dryer stops venting hot moist air to the outside(of the house).

Another change you are likely to experience is lint flying all over your house- remember that this is the lint meant to be expelled via the event.

Now, this lint is not safe lying around, especially if you have members of your family who have respiratory problems.

Still, on the issue of lint, continued use of the dryer without the vent could lead to the accrual of the lint.

And the accumulated lint might end up becoming a perfect nesting and breeding ground for rodents like rats –you certainly do not want this.

Reminder: This collected lint is a massive fire hazard-it can easily be lit by the hot gases coming out of your dryer.

So in short, we recommend that you avoid using your dryer when its vent is disconnected..


How to check dryer vent (how to check if it is disconnected)

As mentioned earlier, the problem is your dryer will probably continue running as normal even when the vent is detached as long as its exhaust is not clogged..

So it is important you know how to check if it’s indeed unhooked if you notice some of the above signs.

Here is how you can check:

Basic method

Run your dryer while it is connected to the wall vent.

Next, go outside to the exhaust vent and then, using the palm of your hand, feel the vent’s cap.

Now, if you do not feel any air flowing outside, then, your vent might be disconnected.

Quick Note: This method is not full-proof since absence of airflow can also be an indicator of a clogged vent (We recommend cleaning it) instead of a disconnected one.


Feel the room temperature

Because some dryer vents have sharp angles(of up to 90⁰), it is very difficult for you to just try and peep through the vent when checking for a disconnect.

Besides, the vent can be going through dark places where there’s no light -at the point of disconnect- to help you inspect visually.

As a result, you could need to improvise.

With that in mind, the most basic way to check for a suspected disconnect is trying to feel the room temperature when you operate your dryer.

Now, if you feel the humidity level or the temperature rise, then your dryer could be disengaged at some point.


Look out for spots where lint has accrued

Another easy way to verify if your dryer vent is disconnected is this:

When you start noticing accrual/settling of lint at a certain spot in your house, check around this point(in the line).. the odds are the vent line is disconnected near this location.


Use a snake inspection camera

Thanks to advances in technology, you can use a snake inspection camera to check for a disconnect.

Unlike industrial class snake cameras, this snake camera is quite pocket friendly and has lights making it perfect for navigating dark places.

Also, you should not worry about operating it as all you need is to install a simple-to-use app on your phone or PC and you will get to see HD videos of the inside of your vent.


What happens if dryer vent is not connected? –FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you use electric dryer without vent?

As regards running electric dryer without vent, it is not dangerous by its very nature, but be ready for all the effects we have seen above – mold growing in your house, accrued lint, and so on.

With that being said, a few days shouldn’t harm anything (be sure not to overuse it without a vent – remember, it is a fire hazard).

Quick Note: Using electric dryers without a vent typically voids your dryer warranty.


What happens if dryer vent is not connected – wrapping it up

As we have seen there are a quite a few negative effects that you will notice- From increased room temperatures and humidity to lint problems everywhere in your house.

Reminder: When you note that your vent is disconnected, you should avoid using your dryer completely until it is fixed to be safe.



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