Dryer venting close to wall [4 great options]

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Let’s talk about dryer venting close to wall (the inventions that work…)

Venting your dryer is, off course, very important (if you don’t, your dryer won’t dry your clothing properly, and worse still, there is a bigger risk of fire).

However, traditionally, it is not very easy to push your appliance all the way (or very near) to the wall due to the tight space (you may want to gain that space in your laundry room).

So, what options do you have if you want to vent your dryer super close to a wall when it comes to small laundry spaces?

Well, below we recommend a couple of great inventions for tight spaces (close clearance style dryer vents) that will help you safely (and easily) save valuable space (in your laundry room)

Dryer venting close to wall [the practical inventions you should consider]

Here are the transition ducts we recommend if you’re looking at closing your dryer-wall gap including dryer periscope vent kit:

Builder’s Best adjustable dryer vent periscope

 are periscope dryer vents safe

The first customized venting solution you can try is the above adjustable dryer vent periscope..

Now, this close clearance dryer duct is best when your dryer outlet overlaps (or is within about 5″)of the wall outlet so keep that in mind.

What we love most about this most clever invention is that it’s slim (so it will get your appliance closer to the wall).

Most importantly, it is adjustable – You can easily slide the piece to make it longer/ shorter meaning it accommodates many different locations.

You can also trim any excess length to fit your needs.

Another great advantage of this accessory is its smooth interior – it helps decrease air friction, which ensures excellent airflow.

It is also reasonably easy to install (not super easy sure but not too hard either)

I should say that you might need two accessories to make installation easier..

The first item you could need is Thermal Foil Tape (This can be a good choice and you can order it alongside the attachment).

Secondly, you will likely need an Easy-Turn Metal Clamp with Thumb Screw – Duct tape tends to work for just a while then comes undone so the clamps are better.

Still on uninstallation, you must unplug your dryer (or shut off the circuit breaker- for the appliance) before you start installing it.

Don’t forget that this periscope usually ranges from 0 inches to 18 inches (depending on preference).

And it includes a male snap-lock fitting (one) and an extra-long draw-band collar (one)..

Try it.


Whirlpool 0-to-18 Inch Vent Periscope

dryer vent tight space

Whirlpool also makes this brilliant adjustable dryer vent and it’s our second recommendation.

And the best thing is that it works for a range of dryer brands (not just Whirlpool)- it fits Maytag dryer, KitchenAid dryers, Amana dyers, Frigidaire  dryers, and more.

In fact, it fits the connection for all regular dryer outputs so it should fit yours unless there’s something very unique about it.

It goes up to 18-inches too…

In other words, the distance from your dryer’s outlet to the wall vent must be in the 0-18 inches adjustment range to use this periscope.

Bear in mind that its closest to wall use is 2-1/2 inches.

Like the Builder’s Best adjustable dryer vent periscope, it slides to come to whatever length (as you need it, to get the 2 holes line up)- and again you can cut off the excess length.

It’s all aluminium as well- but it is pretty thin (It is way thinner than standard dryer ducts to make it easy to work with).

And for easy installation, it comes with one male snap-lock fitting + an extra-long draw-band collar.

You may, however, still have to buy the Scotch 3311 Thermal Foil Tape and the  Easy-Turn Metal Clamp with Thumb Screw to make your job even more simpler.


MV-180 MagVent Magnetic Dryer Vent Coupling

Periscope Dryer Vent

If you want your dryer closest to the wall (closest possible) once installation has been completed – but you still want it accessible for cleaning (and such), the MagVent could be your best bet.

It does exactly that but without killing your dryer’s ability to dry your clothes (it happens when your air exhaust set up has a 90 degree bend).

So, yes, it shortens the exhaust hose you need, the vent is superbly sealed, and anytime you need to move your dryer, it’s really a breeze (you simply pull it away).

You can install it in about 30 minutes when you’re a complete novice and you will likely need to order it together

Just to add, you can order the 90-degrees version (if your air exhaust set up has a 90 degree bend)- see the directions below

whirlpool periscope dryer vent

Or the 180-degrees version (for straight connections)… see the directions below

best periscope dryer vent

STV-90 Easy DIY Dryer Duct Connector

how to get dryer vent close to wall

The STV-90 snap-to-vent-90-degree-elbow kit will also let you to push the dryer right against your wall – and without crushing/kinking the hose, losing airflow).

And you just need to slide this 90 degree close elbow dryer vent on then push your appliance back…really..

In a nutshell, you’ll be done in a few minutes – there’s no fiddling around with annoyingly rigid metal clamps here (you won’t need any tools either!)

Dryer venting close to wall

As regards compatibility, the latest design has been updated to fit any 4-inches vent ducting, whether straight or beveled.

Besides, we love that the silicon seal ring that comes with this gives you a really airtight dryer connection(which makes your appliance way more efficient while saving on energy).

But be sure to look at your dryer set up- You could need two of these duct connectors (with one connecting to the dryer and the other hooking up to where your dryer hose exits your house/laundry area).

Just so you know, the package comes with the 90-degree elbow, the seal ring(clear), and the snap-to-vent finger connector.


Dryer venting close to wall – Wrap up

These products go between dryers and the vent opening in the wall.

In short, they connect to your appliance’s exhaust (on one side) and to dryer vent ducts (on the other) but they allow you to take your clothes dryer back a couple more inches (without kinking/crushing hose, losing airflow).

So try any of the three solutions if you are looking for a way to take your dryer as close as possible to the wall.

One final thing: These products are universal so they can fit nearly all brands as long as your dryer has a standard vent hole(check your dryer’s wall vent diameter).

PS: Did I mention that you can even go for Dryerbox Dryer venting close to wall accessory? See image below..

dryer venting close to wall



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