Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting [Fix your washer now!]

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In this Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting guide, we shall look at how to fix the most common Whirlpool top load washer problems.

Read it to the end if your Whirlpool top load washer has started acting up…

Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting guide- how to fix the most common Whirlpool top loading washer faults

We shall look at how to fix the problems individually. This is because there is no one-does-it-all solution.


Whirlpool top load washer not turning on / Whirlpool top load washer won’t turn on / Whirlpool top load washer won’t start / Whirlpool top load washer won’t power on

To begin with, if your washer simply refuses to turn on, the first thing you need to check is if it’s due to a power supply fault.

So first check the washer power connections and make sure that everything is looking all good – the washer should be plugged in properly and power turned on.

In addition, ensure that your washer is plugged into its own independent power outlet.

Be sure to check the mains too- confirm that the circuit breaker to your washer is not tripped(reset it, if necessary).


Whirlpool top load washer not spinning clothes dry

The most common reason for this is using the wrong wash cycle.

You see, different wash cycles have different spinning speeds meaning using a cycle with low spinning speeds on clothes that require higher spin speeds will result in damp clothes.

So ensure you select the right cycle according to the manufacturer’s recommendation(your owners manual can be handy here).

Also, check that you are not using too much detergent or the wrong detergent.

To be clear, the extra suds could slow(and might prematurely stop) the spinning and draining process of your washer.

Suggested solution

You want to select RINSE & SPIN(it removes the extra suds)-do not add any more detergent for that cycle.


Alternative fix

Your washer may be tightly packed or unbalanced, causing the washer not to spin correctly (that could be the reason why your clothes are coming out wetter than usual).

Now, for balanced spinning, evenly re-arrange your wet load and select RINSE & SPIN(to get rid of the excess water).

Oh, and ensure there isn’t an article(of clothing) stuck somewhere along the side(s) of the tub- socks etc. can find their way between tubs, leading to this issue


Other than that………….

Other than that, check the drain pump-It could have sediments(clear it) and it may be bad(get a replacement)

You may also want to check the lid switch- it too could be to blame (it can be dead or not making good contact).

Simply find where it engages then push it carefully (be careful since it will be open- and if it starts working, it’ll start going).

It’s worth trying to adjust the lid switch to make good contact.

Else, replacing it could be your remaining option(if it will still not spin)

That said, you may want to look at the mechanical side- a failed belt, a malfunctioning motor, etc….there are several possibilities


Whirlpool top load washer not cleaning clothes

As mentioned previously, start by checking that you are not overloading your washing machine- loading too many clothes tends to result in some spots being left dirty.

So, how do you know if you have overloaded your washer?

Well, for a full load, ¾-full does the trick (you can always confirm from your owners manual).

Next, make sure that you are using a recommended laundry detergent for your washing-again ensure you are using the right amount.

Try hot water

Try to use hot water – hot water works best on heavily soiled clothes.

Change the setting

Finally, change to the right setting– using the wrong setting to wash your clothes could result in half-washed clothes.

For instance, if you wash your jackets on the DELICATES cycle, they come out still dirty no matter how long you run the wash cycle.

Quick Note: If unsure which setting to use, refer to your owner’s manual for guidance about all the cycles.


Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting – more repairs

Moving on…

Whirlpool top load washer not draining completely / Whirlpool top load washer not draining or spinning  / Whirlpool top load washer won’t drain or spin  / Whirlpool top load washer won’t drain

If your washer is not draining as it used to, first verify that the drain hose isn’t clogged (accrued lint, hairs (from your pets) or even a stuck sock can clog it)- the solution is to clean the drain hose.

Also- and I had mentioned this previously- it could be you’re using excessive or wrong detergent.

So if you’re seeing extreme suds, select RINSE & SPIN to expel them(do not add any more detergent afterward, for that cycle).

The next possible culprit is the drain pump-again we had touched on this earlier on- so take the drain pump off then check if something e.g.  A sock/underwear could be stuck in there(at the impeller).

Keep in mind that the pump may not be working(here is a compatible replacement). 

Another part that could be culpable if your washer stopped draining is the lint filter(in the front-left corner)-so pull the filter out then clean it out(a toothbrush could suffice here).

The malfunction could be gone once you put the filter back in(lint and pet hair get stuck in there)..

One more thing: Check the toggle switch(that senses lid closure)- they actually break away(from the frame) quite frequently so they stop actuating when lid closes.

Here you can just zip tie to fix.


Whirlpool top load washer not agitating or spinning / Whirlpool top load washer won’t spin / Whirlpool top load washer won’t agitate

For this issue, check the agitator dogs, the coupler, and the clutch- One of them is probably causing the timer to stop advancing through agitate cycle.

Now, to test the agitator dogs, start a wash cycle and hold the top of the agitator in place.

If you can hold the agitator in place and stop it from spinning, then the dogs are likely faulty and you might need to replace them(Here’s a good set).


Alternative test

You can also test the dogs without starting your washer.

To do that, just open the washer and spin the agitator clockwise….It should spin so if it doesn’t, the dogs might be defective.

Now, if the agitator does spin, next try and spin it in the anticlockwise direction-Your agitator should engage and not spin.

However, if it spins, then the agitator dogs could be broken and you again need to change them out(remember we recommend you get these ultra-durable agitator dogs).


Testing the coupler

To test if your motor coupler is out of order, first set the timer dial and choose the regular wash cycle.

Now, if the water fills to the selected level and you can hear the motor as it runs but the washer is still not agitating, set the dial on the spin cycle.

Here is the thing: If the machine drains the water and you are hearing the motor running but the agitator is not spinning, then you could be looking at a bad coupler and you need to swap it out.

We recommend this quality coupler replacement- it’s inexpensive and so easy to fix.

The motor can also be gone- and unfortunately you have to buy a new one(Motors are a bit pricey)..


Whirlpool top load washer locked and won’t turn

Start by unplugging the unit for 10-20 minutes.

Besides, it could be either the shift actuator or door lock sensor to blame.

So you may want to order a new actuator and try to bypass the door lock(and see how it goes- you want to be sure you’ve lost the lid lock before investing in a replacement).

Otherwise, you could need to change the board– It could be a main control issue but the only way to know for sure is to do some electrical testing with a voltmeter(the wiring diagram-from inside the washer- can help a lot here)…


Whirlpool top load washer not locking / Whirlpool top load washer won’t lock

The most common reason here is the presence of an item that may be under the lid that prevents it from locking.

So check for items lodged directly under the lid and remove them.

Next, check the door latch…

It should wiggle a little so if it is too stiff, the door switch will cancel due to the resistance and your lid won’t lock.

If it feels tight, try and loosen it a bit.

Next, check the lid lock assembly-If it has malfunctioned, your washer is unlikely to lock at all.

In this case, you will need to replace the entire assembly to solve the problem.

With that in mind, here’s an OEM lid lock assembly for these types of washers.


Whirlpool top load washer not spinning fast enough

If you’re sure that you are using the correct cycle and your load is evenly distributed inside the washer, then we suspect you need to change the clutch.

Remember the basin is typically attached to the unit’s motor via the clutch, which breaks occasionally.

Your best bet is again to install a new clutch kit(here’s a cheap, genuine OEM one).


Whirlpool top load washer won’t fill with water

Here begin your Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting process by checking the water supply line…..

  1. Are the hoses properly attached?
  2. Is water flowing to the inlet valve?
  3. Are the water faucets turned on really?

And while at it, undo any kinks along the inlet hoses – the kinks might be restricting water flow.

If the above does not help, check the inlet valve- there’ll be problems if clogged(clean and re-insert it, if needed).

Don’t forget the remedy could be exchanging the inlet valve as the part goes bad sometimes(the valve can be leaking or solenoids damaged so water is having issues coming in).

We recommend this replacement water inlet valve, if you’d like to go that way.


Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting – final words

Before changing any part, run diagnostics -on your whirlpool washer- it’s the best way of identifying the exact part that’s bad..

Also, when opening your washer to fix internals such as the drain pump, be sure to search and follow the countless YouTube videos online- They will help you easily locate, test, and replace the parts.

Reminder: Most washers come with a handy “service manual”-on the interior wall of the washer if you lift lid off -It should have priceless Whirlpool top load washer troubleshooting information so find it including wiring diagrams.



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