Mr coffee iced coffee maker start button not working [Fixed!]

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Your Mr Coffee iced coffee maker start button not working? Try the repairs/tips we recommend in this troubleshooting guide..

Once you press the start button, you expect your coffeemaker to start brewing your favorite drink right away. Right?

Now, if it doesn’t begin brewing right away, here’s how you can fix it.


Mr coffee iced coffee maker start button not working – how to troubleshoot Mr Coffee iced coffee maker button issue

Basic troubleshooting procedures

A common occurrence with Mr coffee iced coffee maker is the start button breaking after using the machine for some time.

When this happens, you can try to tape the button before turning it on- regular electrical tape should suffice here.

Bear in mind you might need to shift the button (the whole button) a little around for it to resume working.

Moreover, the start button might not be getting fully depressed after pressing it.

If you feel that this could be the issue, try this:

Simply use a strong thin wire to pull out the button.

Once you do that, insert a small spring inside the button such that it automatically raises itself each and every time you press it.


Mr Coffee iced coffee maker start button not working -Further troubleshooting

Moving on, there are other reasons that may render your start button unresponsive.

Let us have a look at them.

Power supply issues

The reason the button is not working could be due to a power connection problem as well

So make sure that you have connected your coffeemaker to a power outlet and that the power is turned on.

You could also try a different outlet just to be sure- the thing is once the coffee maker is plugged in(and water added), the start button should light up(as soon as it is pressed).


Check if there’s adequate water supply

Yep! You heard that right.

The thing is Mr Coffee iced coffee maker is able to detect the amount of water available in the water reservoir.

And if this water is not enough, the coffee maker simply won’t start.

So check the water level in your reservoir.

Additionally, Mr Coffee iced coffee maker has a water-level gauge on the front side so you can also use this gauge to check the water level.

Of course, if the water is not sufficient, add some more water and then press the start button once more.


Check for unbalanced or off-centered coffee filter

This is another possibility if your Mr coffee iced coffee maker start button won’t work.


Well, when the filter is not in its right position, the Mr Coffee iced coffee maker tends to “think” that there is no filter.

As a result, it will not start no matter how many times you press the start button.

To fix this, open the top lid of your coffee maker and then reposition the filter.

Now, if the problem persists, you might have a misshapen filter and you might have to replace it.

We recommend you go for the Easy Measure Filter by Mr Coffee(it’s an OEM part).


New Mr Coffee iced coffeemaker start button unresponsive

Next, if yours happens to be a brand-new coffee maker, press hard and hold the button…yeah sometimes you have to do this to sort of jumpstart it

Do this 2 to 3 times- you have to literary hit the button- and see if it fixes your new Mr Coffee iced coffee maker unresponsive start button.


Mr coffee iced coffee maker troubleshooting: more Mr Coffee coffeemaker problems

Other than a start button that won’t work, you might experience other starting problems with your Mr Coffee iced coffee maker.

Below we look at how to handle the most common ones…


Mr coffee iced coffee maker won’t turn on at all

Now, the first suspect is usually a loose power cord.

Therefore, confirm that your coffee maker is well plugged into its own independent power outlet.

Also, check along the length of the cord to make sure that it is not damaged.

Next, be sure to check your mains to confirm that the circuit breaker is not tripped. If it is, be sure to flip it ON.

The outlet can also be the culprit so plug in the coffee maker into another power outlet and see if the issue is solved(it should, if your original outlet is defective).

Finally, if nothing still works, open the cord head of your coffeemaker to see if the fuse might be blown. If it is, simply get a new electrical fuse.


Mr Coffee iced coffee maker leaking from bottom

This could be an indication of a damaged, clogged, or loose rubber hose.

That being so, you will need to fix it.

Quick tip: Disassembling your coffee maker voids its warranty. For that reason, if your coffee maker is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer to get a replacement. On the other hand, if it is no longer under warranty, you can proceed with the following steps.

How to fix the hose

Using a screwdriver, open the base of your coffee maker and locate the rubber hose.

You want to carefully inspect it for any signs of damage, clogs, or to see if it is loose.

Now, if it is loose, all you will need to do is tighten it.

Meanwhile, if it is clogged, simply unclog it-You can use a piece of hard wire but be careful not to pierce the tube.

Lastly, if the hose is damaged, just replace it with a food-grade silicone hose that will fit your Mr Coffee iced coffee maker(here’s one).


How to reset Mr Coffee Iced Coffee maker

For the most part, when none of the above solutions fixes your coffeemaker, chances are your coffeemaker could be experiencing an electrical glitch.

The good thing is that resetting it resolves many random electrical/system glitches.

So here’s how to reset Mr Coffee Iced Coffee maker:

Simply unplug your coffeemaker for 15 minutes- This makes sure that all the electrical charge flows out of your coffee maker.

You can now plug it back in (after the 15 minutes have lapsed) and see how it behaves..


Mr Coffee iced coffee maker start button not working – final words

It is our hope that the above steps will assist you in troubleshooting and fixing your Mr Coffee iced coffee maker start button problem.

Good luck!



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