Best Dryer Vent Hose For Tight Space [5 great options]

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Venting a dryer is super important but standard dryer vents are very hard to fit in a small space(Sometimes there’s an extremely small space between the wall and back of your dryer).

That’s where best dryer vent hose for tight space comes in

Taking that into account, below are 3 flexible and easy-to-cut dryer vent hoses that work for tight spaces…consider them if your only have the room where you’re installing the appliance is too small (for all the dryer vents you have tried)


Best Dryer Vent Hose for Tight Space – our top recommendations

Dundas Jafine 4-Inch dryer vent tight space

best dryer vent hose for tight space home depot

This flex duct comes with a lot of range(it is waaay more flexible) to work with, which is cool if there isn’t much space behind your clothes dryer..

Of course, the extra length can be very handy if you want it to reach further, depending on how your hookups have been installed but the most important thing is that it collapses down quite tight.

It also comes with two clamps you use to secure it to the top(of the lint trap) and to the rear of your dryer to keep it from slipping off.

Besides, this fireproof flexible dryer vent hose is sturdier than the many others we looked at so it should definitely last.


  • Very easy to manipulate (bend and cut) and consolidate- remember it stretches as much as you want(to get around any corners or obstructions) thanks to the spring-loaded action
  • The vent hose is reinforced with sturdy inner metal coil(making it reasonably sturdy). It actually won’t collapse when pinched.
  • Works on all dryer models- fits on standard dryers 4″ pipe


  • You might need to use better clamps as the ones this short dryer vent hose comes with can be a little easy to puncture(pets that like getting behind the dryer can especially be a problem)- you can use any leftover worm gear hose clamps(from your last dryer hose) or buy these better quality clamps


Technical specs

Construction: 4 Ply Aluminum Foil Laminate

Size: 4″ by 8′



iPower 4 inchx 8 feet Non-Insulated Flex Aluminum Foil Ducting Dryer Vent Hose

dryer vent hose tight space

This is another awesome pick when it comes to the venting a dryer in a tight spot.

And like the Dundas Jafine 4-Inch dryer vent hose, It is pretty flexible and easy to handle (you can cut and trim it to your needs easily)- the good thing is that it has some somewhat slinky wire going right through it that hold its form even after its cut. 

This flexible ducting is again sturdy enough for most for most tight space situations.

It too comes with all parts you need to install it to both ends(including new clamps).

I should add that it works well and it’s air tight(it secures tightly over your dryer and wall connections)- and you will no issues as long as you’re gentle when attaching it.

In short, while there are a lot of good options out there, this probably offers you the best value for your money.


  • It handles great when stretched out(even quite far)
  • The ducting and the included clamps are very well made(everything feels top par). 
  • Easy to install- even the clamps are super easy to tighten as well (use a Phillips screwdriver).


  • It’s made of aluminum foil (to give it maximum flexibility) so you’ll have to be careful when installing it to avoid tearing it.


Technical specs

Construction:  3-layer thickness(Aluminum Foil+PET+Aluminum Foil)

Size: 4″ (diameter) by 8′ (length)



Whirlpool  0-to-18 Inch Periscope dryer vent

periscope dryer vent

A periscoping dryer vent is another viable option when it comes to exhausting a laundry dryer in tight spaces.

And the Whirlpool  0-to-18 Inch Periscope dryer vent is our most recommended choice if you want to go that route.


Well, it allows you to position your appliance only a couple of inches from the wall(you can get your dryer as close to the wall as needed).

To give you a clearer idea, I have seen folks taking their just 4-inches from the wall.

That said, bear in mind that how close to the wall you’ll be able to place your dryer depends on how far out(of the wall) the vent pipe is.

It’s also worth mentioning that it was originally designed to be used in small laundry rooms with 2-1/2″ clearance. 

Installation note: Because this particular product ranges from 0″ to 18″, you’ll need to trim down excess length(with tin snips/metal scissors) as you adjust the vent down(to get your dryer stand closer to the wall).


  • Adjustable length-Adjusts from 0” – 18″ depending on how much wiggle room you want
  • Very easy to attach(comes with standard hose clamps)
  • Let’s your dryer sit closest to the wall


  • Seams can leak air once bent if you don’t seal the gaps(you can use HVAC tape for sealing).


Technical specs

Construction:  Fairly thin aluminum

Size: 4″ (diameter) by 0-18 inches(length)



Best Dryer Vent Hose For Tight Space – other options

You may also want to take a look at the following alternative options:

  1. AC Infinity Flexible 4 Inch Aluminum, Four-Layer Protection (25-Feet Long) Heavy-Duty Ducting for dryer Exhaust This  is a very good universal dryer exhaust that is so nice to work with(no tears, no rips, no surprises)
  2. 4 inch Vinyl dryer vent hose– Vinyl dryer vent hoses are extremely easy to work with in tight places and cost very little money (they are, in general, the most affordable).


Final words

Remember that, for the most part, these flexible vent hoses can tear if you don’t handle them with care during installation so do not be too rough when attaching them.

And you probably know why: unlike the rigid ones, these are made of more flexible material (aluminum foil/vinyl) to give them the much-needed flexibility.  

Other than that, they work very well when you’re done and tend to last reasonably.


Dryer venting close to wall [4 great options]


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