How to use self clean on Samsung oven [Samsung self clean oven instructions]

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Numerous Samsung brand oven models come with a convenient self-clean function to do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning the appliance.

This article teaches you how to use self-clean on Samsung oven s (various models) to clean your appliance quickly and easily.

Samsung self clean oven instructions

Samsung oven self clean symbol

Samsung self-clean oven instructions -how to use self clean on Samsung oven

Follow these Samsung self clean oven instructions to clean your unit when it is time:

Precautions to observe and things to do before and during the self clean cycle

Here are the precautions to keep in mind for the safety of the unit (and your own safety) before, during, and after the procedure:

Before running self clean

  • Remove the racks from the oven as they may be damaged. Remove the lower drawer (or drawer pan) from inside the oven as well.

Quick Note: While it is recommended you remove Nickel oven shelves from the oven before starting a self-cleaning cycle, you are free to leave porcelain-coated shelves in the oven for cleaning during self-cleaning cycles (they are not easily damaged).

  • In addition, remove all utensils, oven probes, aluminum foil – it can melt and stick onto interior surfaces. In short, any foreign object will need to be removed.
  • Wipe off excess spillage (if any).


While running self clean

  • Do not leave kids unattended near the oven during the self-cleaning cycle– they can easily be burned upon touching the outside surfaces (they can get very hot).
  • Turn the oven off– If an error occurs during the self-cleaning operation, you should shut off the oven then disconnect power. It will be important to have an experienced service technician look at the oven before you attempt to run a new cycle.
  • Don’t force the door open– Never try to force the door open during a self-cleaning cycle because you may end up destroying the oven’s automatic door-locking system. Bear in mind that the door stays locked until you cancel the cycle (or it completes) and the oven temperature drops below 350 degrees (or cools down enough).


After completing a self-cleaning cycle

Stand away from your oven when opening your oven’s door after completing a self-cleaning cycle.


The oven is usually extremely hot and you don’t want the hot air (and steam) escaping out to burn you.


Other precautions

  • Keep off commercial oven cleaners (or oven liners) during self clean– the reason is that residue from such cleaners can cause damage to the interior parts of the oven.
  • Relocate your birds to properly ventilated areas– Some birds are hurt by the fumes escaping from a self cleaning unit and should be moved to a different room. Ensure it is properly ventilated.


How to self clean Samsung oven -step by step

Here now is how to use self clean on Samsung oven s:

Step 1:

First remove all the things listed above from your oven, including accessories such as the partition (divider).

Step 2:

Clean up all the grime you can. Also, wipe excess spillage off. Don’t forget that self clean is intended to be used only on whatever remains after this stage.

Step 3:

Start a Self-Clean cycle.

To do this, simply select Self Clean then press Start.

Concerning the duration, select Self-Clean multiple times before you select Start if you want to toggle through the available duration options. Note that 3 hours work for most averagely soiled ovens.

Step 4:

Leave the Self clean to run for the set duration.

Step 5:

Wipe away leftover ash- by the time the period is over, food residue will obviously have been burned off but you routinely need to clear leftover ash by wiping it away (use a damp cloth).


How to use self clean on Samsung oven – Gas Range Ovens

This section covers how to use self clean on Samsung range ovens..


 Before running self clean 

  1. Turn off the unit’s light before cleaning- you don’t want it to burn out during the self cleaning cycle.
  2. Remove broiler pan (and all other pans) and oven racks from the oven.
  3. Clean the oven’s frame and door frame. Also clean the area outside of gasket (and even around the opening -in the door gasket- using a nonabrasive cleaner like Bon Ami* or your favorite detergent and water. These areas are not cleaned by the self-cleaning feature.

Quick Tip: To prevent damage to the gasket around the oven’s door, do not clean or rub the spot. 

  1. Wipe off any excess grease/spillovers from the oven’s bottom.
  2. Also wipe up any sugary /acidic spillovers like tomato, sweet potatoes, or milk-based sauces from porcelain enamel as they may cause it to discolor (it is not acid-proof).


How to start a new self-cleaning cycle

  1. Close the door to the oven.
  2. Move the door’s lock lever right into a locked position.
  3. Press the “CLEAN pad”. CLEAN will start to flash on the display. Note that if you have not closed the door, beeps may sound and “DOOR” will show on the display. Also, if you do not close the door within 45 seconds, your self-cleaning cycle is likely to be canceled.
  4. Press the (+) or (-) pad to specify the oven’s soil level.

 The options are as follows:

  • CL-H(Clean-Heavy Soil; 4 hours)
  • CL-M(Clean-Medium Soil; 3 hours)
  • CL-L(Clean-Light Soil; 2 hours)
  1. After 4 seconds, your oven will begin to clean (and the cleaning time begins to count down in your oven’s display. LOCK and CLEAN also appears.
  2. Wait as the feature does its thing.
  3. Wipe off any ash

Quick Tip: If you have left the oven door open, “DOOR” will flash constantly in the display until you close the door and press the “CLEAN” pad again. As mentioned, a signal will also be beeping continuously.


After self-cleaning

Wait about one hour from the time the self-clean cycle ended to unlock and open the door- the lock turns off after one hour or so. 

Remember that the oven door may be damaged if you try to force the door open when LOCK symbol is still displayed.



How to use self clean on Samsung oven – Wrapping it up

It is normal to notice flare-ups, smoking, or even flaming when cleaning the oven in self-cleaning mode if it has been heavily soiled so don’t panic.

In fact, odors are normal so the kitchen need to be sufficiently ventilated to keep the odors associated with self cleaning at bay.

I should add that cleaning the oven regularly is better than waiting until your oven has a heavy buildup of soil. 


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