Samsung oven wont heat past 175 [Fixed!]

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Your Samsung oven not heating over 175? Try these repairs if your Samsung oven only heats to 175

If your Samsung oven wont heat past 175 all of a sudden, stay calm!

Well, I know you are feeling very unhappy about your Samsung appliance (and your family might be hungry) but hey, there are a couple of fixes that often work and worth a try before you call a repair person.

Admittedly, this seems to be a very common problem with this oven –a high number of users have reported the oven stopping working properly with the oven temperature remaining stuck at only 175 degrees even if on for 30 minutes!

Below are the repairs you should try if your Samsung oven won’t heat past 175- you may save yourself hundreds of dollars (repair guys typically quote hundreds of dollars for this fault!)



Samsung oven wont heat past 175 (Samsung oven won’t heat up past 175) – Easy fixes to try 

If your Samsung oven won’t go past 175, check if it’s properly installed. Then, reset the oven. Also, use self-clean setting to clean it. You can also try to see if it’s displaying any error code(and resolve it). There are, of course, several fixes you may try as explained below


Try the following troubleshooting procedures if your Samsung oven has randomly started doing this:

Quick Note:  You may also detect a faint gas smell (after a few minutes) for gas ranges.

Check the installation

I’m not kidding! If it was not correctly installed, one of the issues likely to arise is that of your Samsung oven not heating properly when you want to use it.

In fact, if the installation is incorrect, gas models often have enough gas to correctly run the stove but not your oven leading to heating challenges.  

And so you should start your Samsung oven troubleshooting job by inspecting the installation and ensuring that it has been done right.


Power cycle the oven

Question: Have you attempted to power cycle your unit?

It helps to fix the problem of the oven just sitting at 175 degrees (and never going past that) on occasion so it makes sense to try too.

Bear in mind that here, you should try resetting the breaker for about 10 minutes before restarting it.


Start the self-clean cycle on your oven

Our next suggestion is you try to start the self-clean cycle on your unit- this usually heats the oven to 500 degrees.

Once you start it, let it run for about five minutes and then ‘clear’ the cycle.

Now you can restart your unit and set it appropriately depending on what you want to cook/bake- if you are in luck, your Samsung oven will preheat as it used to.



Check for any error codes

Are there any error codes displayed?

If yes, again cycle the power and see if the issue of not going higher than 175 will disappear (depending on the exact error code).


Replace the igniter

For some Samsung oven models, you can try to replace the igniter- the culprit turns out to be a bad ignitor on many occasions. 

If this is the solution you wish to try, you need to shop for the right replacement igniter.

This replacement igniter works for models such as Samsung NX583G0VBSR gas freestanding range, Samsung NX58H5600 Gas Oven, SAMSUNG NX58M660WS/AA, Samsung FX510BGS gas range, and more.

Likewise, this fits Samsung oven FX710BGS, Samsung NX58F5500SS, and several others.

The thing is, you need to be careful because there are tons of different ignitors (and they’re not universal).

Moving on to the replacement procedure, it is generally a breeze to fix the igniter yourself and it should not take you more than 20 minutes.

Plus, you only need a simple screwdriver and perhaps a flashlight.

Of course, the best approach is to Google for YouTube tutorials to guide you.

Samsung oven wont heat past 175 (Samsung oven won’t heat past 175) – other potential solutions

If your Samsung oven won t heat past 175 and you want to have it work like new again, there are a couple of other repairs that are worth a try.

Read about them below:

Replace the temperature sensor

If your Samsung oven will not heat past 175, it could be because the temp sensor inside the oven is not working properly.

There is no easy way of fixing a faulty temp sensor so you may have to consider replacing it as well.

But before that, you can try to test if it is functional using an ohmmeter – you don’t want to waste time and money replacing an operational sensor!

For the test, keep in mind that the resistance of your sensor usually rises with the internal temperature of your oven (if it is working properly).

There are YouTube videos to help you do the replacement and you can shop for the replacement sensor here (be sure to check if it’s compatible with your specific oven model before ordering).


Replace the heating element – try if for the issue of Samsung electric oven not heating up

If your Samsung electric oven won’t heat past 175, probably you should narrow down to the bake heating element- it is another part that triggers heating problems once in a while.

The solution is to replace your Samsung oven heating element and the good thing is that it is a task you can quickly do yourself.

You need to order the part (Check its price here) and then look for a good YouTube video for installation directions.

This brilliant Video by explains it very well and I recommend you watch it.


Samsung oven only heats to 175 but broiler works

Also, the oven may be staying at 175 degrees but the broiler works.

If this is the situation your unit is in, give the following two particular potential fixes a shot:

  • Reset the unit
  • Replace the igniter

These seem to get rid of the issue quite frequently and you should try them first.

But don’t stop there- try the other remaining solutions if the above two don’t work (your luck might be in the other fixes!) 


Samsung oven not heating over 175 (Samsung oven stuck at 175)-Final words

If your Samsung gas oven won’t heat past 175 after trying all the above, it could be time to call a repair person.

However, it is best to reach out to Samsung (or your retailer) if your oven is still under warranty.

The service center (or your retailer) will generally follow up directly with you to schedule service – and you may even get yourself a replacement oven!


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