Samsung nx58h5600ss oven not working [Fixed]

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If your Samsung nx58h5600ss oven has mysteriously stopped working, don’t panic.

Below are a couple of fixes you can try by yourself (and save tons of money in the form of hefty service call costs)!

Samsung nx58h5600ss oven not working [troubles and suggested Fixes]

Here are possible repairs depending on what has made the oven stop functioning:

Samsung nx58h5600ss oven won’t turn on / Samsung nx58h5600ss not heating

If your Samsung nx58h5600ss oven stopped heating or won’t turn on, try these troubleshooting procedures:


Check the gas pressure

The first thing you may check is the gas pressure (of course for gas models) – if too high, the unit may not turn on.

Also, there could be a mild gas smell.


Reset the unit

The next repair you may attempt is resetting the oven.

You see, some of the basic errors are cleared by simply resetting the appliance so it is worth a trial.

How to reset Samsung nx58h5600ss oven

The easiest way to reset your oven is by turning off the circuit breaker (for about 30 seconds) and then turning it back on.


Replace the igniter

If your stove top works properly but your oven won’t heat, try to replace the igniter- it could turn out that the igniter has developed a fault.

To do this, you will need to buy a replacement igniter – Samsung nx58h5600ss oven igniter part number is DG94-00520A and you can order it on Amazon (Here is the Amazon link to the igniter you need for your Samsung nx58h5600ss oven).

Once the part is delivered, you can Google for Samsung nx58h5600ss oven igniter replacement videos on YouTube for the precise steps (overall, the repair typically takes less than 30 minutes even for those less fond of DIY repair jobs).

Here is the thing: If the igniter was the fault (it may have started shorting or even burned out), the oven should work like a charm after the replacement.

Quick Tip: Bear in mind that the above fix applies in most situations where the oven won’t heat (it is a pretty common issue around the nx58h5600ss oven model).


Samsung NX58H5600SS gas range oven ignites but won’t work after using the self-cleaning feature

Another recurrent issue is that of the Samsung nx58h5600ss oven stopping working as a result of a self-clean malfunction- and BTW we have noted tons of complaints about this issue online. 

Now, if this is what has happened to your unit, you should replace the thermal fuse (a faulty thermal fuse is usually the culprit as it blows out if an electrical issue occurs while running the self clean procedure in your oven).

Here is the little thermostat you need to replace and you may watch this YouTube video (credit to Jaela Superstar) to learn how to open the oven and perform the replacement.


Samsung nx58h5600ss bake not working -Samsung nx58h5600ss oven Baking Element stopped working abruptly

If the unit’s baking and roasting function has suddenly stopped working, your best bet could be to try to replace the part (it is often the baking element that is faulty here).

The OEM part number is DG47-00020BV and you can order it here.

Here is a YouTube video by to guide you during the installation.


Samsung gas range nx58h5600ss troubleshooting: Samsung nx58h5600ss oven stopped working after power outage

If this is the defect you’re experiencing, it could be that an electrical issue occurred once power went off especially if there had been a major snowstorm.

We recommend that you try to reset the oven by turning off the circuit breaker then turning it back on as described earlier.

This may resolve the electrical glitch and make your oven cook and bake again.


Samsung nx58h5600ss oven not working: Samsung nx58h5600ss buttons not working

If the buttons stopped working (forcing you to use the cook time option to shut off the oven), you can try the following fixes:

Clean the contacts

The cause of the buttons failing to work might be poor contact between the main board and the panel because of dirt/grime.

Try to access the part then clean the contacts and see if the buttons resume proper functioning.


Install a replacement panel

If no luck even after the cleaning, consider purchasing a replacement touchpad membrane Switch (the part # is DG34-00027B – check the current price here) and change out the part.

The installation is not too complicated and there are helpful videos on YouTube to guide you.


Replace the Assy PCB Main

Now, sometimes you need to replace both the Control Pad/touch pad and control board (PCB main board) to have the buttons start responding once more.

So if you have already replaced the touch pad but that does not seem to work, it is worth trying to replace the PCB Main (control board) to make the buttons work again.

The best part?

The control board is much easier to change out than the touchpad (less disassembly is generally required).

Here is the compatible part (the correct part # is DE92-02588J) and you can again look for YouTube videos to help you complete the replacement.


Samsung nx58h5600ss oven not working: Samsung nx58h5600ss display not working

If the display stopped working altogether (it goes blank and you can’t get the oven buttons to work), the first step you can try is resetting the unit (check the reset procedure above).

If this doesn’t help, you could try to install a new ‘membrane’ that will go around the oven’s display panel as described in “buttons not working” section. 


Samsung nx58h5600ss convection fan not working

The best solution for a problematic convection fan is replacing the fan motor.

Here is the part (part number is DG31-00014F) and you can get replacement directions for this motor on YouTube.


Final words

If none of these troubleshooting procedures have resolved your issue, you can call Samsung technical support if your unit is still under warranty (here is a link to their official Twitter account).

Alternately, you can contact your retailer to have the unit replaced if you just recently purchased it.

Likewise, you can contact them to request service if you have extended warranty.

The other option (if you are out of warranty) is to use this link to find an authorized service center near you for further help.


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