Samsung oven won’t heat past 150 [Solved!]

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Your Samsung oven won’t heat past 150? 

Picture this: Your Samsung oven has always produced excellent cooking results and you have been happy with the purchase so far.

But today, when everyone is home for Christmas (and waiting to enjoy a sumptuous Dinner), your Samsung oven won’t heat past 150!

Well, don’t panic because this is an issue – and it seems to be quite frequent going by the number of complaints scattered online- you can resolve yourself.

This is where this troubleshooting guide comes in….

Below are the fixes worth a shot if your Samsung oven won’t heat past 150 (they often work and they may make your oven work like new again)…

If your Samsung oven is not heating past 150 degrees, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide:

Samsung oven won’t go past 150 (Samsung oven stuck at 150)– fixes you should try

Bear in mind that there might be a modest gas smell also, if you own a gas model such as model NX58F5500SS.

1.     Reset the oven

If your Samsung oven won’t go past 150, one of the quickest and easiest fixes you should try is cycling the circuit breakers off/on.

This usually erases any errors that could be lingering in the memory and occasionally helps to resolve the problem of Samsung oven not heating up as expected.

Try it and see if the issue will go away.

Proceed with the following fixes if tripping the power did not help.


2.     Replace the igniter

If you own a gas model such as Samsung NX58H900WS/AA gas oven, perhaps your best bet is replacing the igniter.

You see, a defective igniter has turned out to be the culprit countless times and it might be the reason why your Samsung gas oven won’t heat past 150 (note that the lower ignitor is generally to blame).

Sure, it could be igniting but then it may be wearing and thus not be working as well as it should.

So, how do you go about this?

Well, the first step is, of course, to order for a compatible replacement oven igniter.

Now, This Maytag 12400035 perfectly fits in many Samsung ovens and it is much cheaper than the Samsung OEM model.

I should add that there is one major difference when it comes to the Maytag 12400035 in some ovens -the Maytag 12400035 has one dual connector while some Samsung units have two individual connectors.

The good thing is that you can easily fix this by turning off power to the unit (or the breaker) then cutting off the connector.

Your final step for the workaround is splicing (use the wire nuts supplied in your Maytag part bag).

It is a pretty simple hack and you only need basic tools (a Phillips screwdriver, wire cutter, and a regular stripper) to do it.

You can also opt for This authorized aftermarket product – it fits with numerous Samsung brand oven models as well (it is a Samsung OEM model part# DG94-00520A).

Try the new heater igniter – it could get your oven to work in a pinch!

And oh, you can search for YouTube tutorials to guide you.


3.     Run a self clean cycle

Another solution that could save you from incurring a hefty repair bill is running a self-clean cycle.

You see, starting a self-clean cycle may have it heat up to 500 degrees (or so) making it ‘forget’ the problematic 150 temp value (it may be stuck in the memory).

If your stars align, this may help it work once more.


  • Start the self-clean cycle on your unit.
  • Let it run for five minutes then ‘clear’ the cycle.
  • Restart the unit and see if it will resume preheating properly.


Samsung oven won’t heat past 150 (Samsung oven only heats to 150) and convection fan won’t turn on

You may observe 150 degree just showing on your Samsung oven (but it won’t ever heat) and at the same time, the convection fan not turning on.

Now, if this is what you have noticed, your best course of action is to replace the convection fan motor (the convection fan motor usually spins the fan blade to help hot air circulate through the oven for proper heating).

Here is the thing: This replacement convection fan motor (OEM part# DG31-00005A) fits with a variety of Samsung Brand Models and might be what you need.

Lastly, for directions on replacing this motor, YouTube has tons of helpful videos.


Samsung oven won’t heat past 150 (the display blinks 150 indefinitely)

If it is still not yet back to normal heating, you can try the following steps:

  1. Kick on your unit’s broiler
  2. Next, shut it off.
  3. Now turn on the oven again.

Did it work? It does get it to heat up correctly on occasions.


Samsung electric oven won’t heat past 150 (and there is a flashing blue dot)

If your electric oven just stays flashing 150 when you hit bake (it is so frustrating especially if dinner was ready to bake), it could be worth checking the heating element – it may have developed a problem.

Unfortunately, there is no easy method to troubleshoot the element and the best solution is to replace the oven heating element.

The best thing is that you can quickly complete the job without professional assistance once you order the right part (Check current price here).

You may again Google for relevant YouTube videos – any good one should point you in the right direction.


Why is my Samsung oven not heating up?

So, why exactly does your Samsung oven go to 150 degrees once you put the start button on only to stay there (your oven remains cold)?

The answer is it could be any of the defects I have mentioned above (from a worn out igniter to a bad heating element and everything in between).

There are other rare causes too including a defective control board, a faulty thermostat that makes it shut off prematurely or even burnt cord(s).

With that in mind, the best approach is to try what your guts tell you before scheduling a service call- as you have seen, most of the fixes are easy to accomplish.

If you are in luck, you could even get rid of the issue before it is too late to bake yummy Christmas cookies for your family!

Be sure to use this link to contact Samsung support for further advice if nothing helps.


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  1. Excellent information. Thank you. bang on correct.
    My Samsung oven lower igniter stopped working after 1.5 years. The knobs which look like stainless steel are actually plastic and all broke.
    I will never buy a Samsung product again.

  2. Electric stove version

    The openings in the back of the oven show that oven exhaust is exiting there. The wires penetrating the back skin are scorched.

    That makes me think the oven vent has some sort of blockage, but it has a heavy duty wire screen over it.

  3. I have a Samsung oven model # NX58J5600SG/AA. I’m wondering what igniter replacement part to buy for my particular range? thank you so much in advance.


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