Samsung oven control panel locked [fixed!]

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A control panel that won’t respond at all may be due to the child lock getting engaged accidentally.

And it often occurs if you interrupt the oven during a self-cleaning cycle (or your kid interrupts it before the Self-clean cycle completes fully).

It may also lock when Sabbath mode is activated- Sabbath mode prevents the oven’s panel from responding to any input at all (bear in mind that Sabbath mode is typically available for the Bake feature).

The good news is that you can unlock the oven yourself if it was locked unintentionally – you really do not need to prioritize calling a technician.

This article covers a variety of fixes you should try if your Samsung oven control panel locked unexpectedly.

Try them and see if the controls will start working again.

Samsung oven control panel locked [potential fixes]

samsung oven control panel not working

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Reset the oven

The first thing you should try is resetting the oven (we are assuming that you have already tried to unlock the oven using the right procedure but failed).

Here is how to reset Samsung oven:

Just power cycle the oven at the breaker for about 60 seconds then power it on afresh.

Another way of making the unit’s computer reset is by unplugging your oven for about 5 minutes and then plugging it back in.

If the panel won’t still unlock, try the fixes below:


Samsung oven control panel locked?  Check if it is in Sabbath Mode

Samsung oven control panel not working? Try to deactivate Sabbath mode.

Sabbath mode adjusts the oven to meet the specifications of selected religious laws (for holidays/days of rest) and could be preventing the unit’s panel from responding to your input.

To deactivate Sabbath mode, touch and hold the below buttons (choose the right combination depending on your model) for 3 seconds -until SAb clears from the display.

Available button combinations:

  • Bake +Touch to WakeUp.
  • Bake +Number 1.
  • Timer +Oven light.

Note: Some touch screen units usually display OK /Sabbath Mode Off instead. This is the indicator you should touch and hold for 3 seconds again until it disappears if you want to turn off the Sabbath mode.

Also, for units such as FX510BGS Range, you press and hold “CLOCK” and “TIMER ON/OFF” pad simultaneously for 3 seconds to turn off Sabbath mode.


Check the control board

Another possible reason is a bad control board and it could be worth taking a chance on the control board if the previous solutions failed.

Now, the best repair is replacing the board with a new one.

You can purchase a replacement oven control board on Amazon then look for a video tutorial to help you tackle the task.

Luckily, there are several YouTube tutorials that show how to perform Samsung oven control board replacement.

Search for one and follow the directions (your owners manual can also have detailed instructions). 


Troubleshooting other problems

Samsung oven control panel frozen / Samsung oven control panel not responding / Samsung range control panel not working / Samsung gas oven control panel not working

For these kinds of issues, try to reset power to your oven by turning the breaker off, waiting about 30 seconds, and then turning power back on.

If the issues persist, check if the ribbon cables that plug into control board are dirty.

What is needed here is removing the ribbon cables and cleaning the contact pads gently– you can use a small amount of contact cleaner and lint free cloth.

The other culprit that you can think of is the oven control board.


Samsung oven control panel locked – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I unlock my Samsung oven control panel?

General directions: Touch and hold the “START/SET” pad for about 3 seconds.

Note that specific directions for turning off the Control Lock on each Samsung oven model are sometimes printed on the panel. Follow them.

Your user manual can also be helpful if you are unsure how to unlock Samsung oven control panel for your particular model.


Samsung oven panel locked after self cleaning. How do I unlock my Samsung oven after self clean?

Option 1: Wait for the oven to cool down sufficiently then try the steps above to unlock it -The controls are usually designed to stay locked after a self-clean cycle is complete until the temperature falls below 350 degrees.

Option 2: Reset the unit and see if this helps.

Option 3: Start a new self-cleaning cycle but be sure to cancel it promptly. Here are the steps:

  1. Press “Self-Clean” button to start a new self-clean cycle (it is important to wait until you hear the self-clean start before proceeding to the cancellation step)
  2. Press “Clear/Off” after just 60 seconds. This cancels the cycle.

This could again reset the programming and may help remove the lock symbol from the panel.

Option 4: Replace the thermal fuse- you may need to replace the thermal fuse if the panel stopped working after/when running a self clean cycle.


The fuse tends to get burned if power jumps occur during the cycle.


How do I turn off child lock on my Samsung Oven?

For some models, all you need to do is press “START” for about 3 seconds.

The display should indicate either “CHILD LOCK ON” or “CHILD LOCK OFF” when child lock locks or unlocks and then display time.

In others, you press “START” for about 3 seconds to have the child lock unlock- It will show when it has unlocked.

Still, in some Samsung units, you should hold down “Lock” on the control panel again for 3 seconds and then wait for the child lock to unlock.


Parting shot

If none of the above suggestions help to resolve your oven control panel problems, then professional service could be necessary.

You can thus place a call to an experienced repairman.

You may also contact Samsung support center or your retailer for advice /proper directions.


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