Best LG portable air conditioner drain hose reviews– 3 top picks

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If the drain hose that came with your LG portable AC cracked/torn apart, finding a good replacement LG portable air conditioner drain hose will be urgent.

So we have done all the heavy lifting and shortlisted 3 great replacements for your cracked LG portable AC exhaust hose.

Of course, heat these days can be unbearable and you want to get a hose that is an exact match for your LG portable AC in time for the summer heat..

Here we go:

LG portable air conditioner drain hose – the 3 top picks we recommend

LG portable Air Conditioner Compatible exhaust vent-5.9″ Diameter, Length up to 80″, Anti-Clockwise Thread

universal air conditioner drain hose

This is a great fit for portable LG portable AC models and surprisingly feels better-made and much sturdier than factory-installed hose.

We are also happy that the length is longer than the standard size that tends to come with the AC so it is likely to reach your casement window without any struggles if that is what you need.

Plus, not only does it fit perfectly for LG portable AC units but it also installs quickly and with ease.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that this exhaust vent has an anti-clockwise thread direction so it is important to check that it will be correct for your A/C before purchasing.

Also keep in mind that the diameter of this portable AC drain hose is 5.9” meaning that it is compatible with a range of LG portable AC models.


  • More durable than most replacement options (it is much thicker).
  • Adjustable length- you can keep the vent at 15 inches (the shortest length) or opt to extend the hose to 80 inches (longest length).
  • Quick and easy to connect to your AC.


  • You may need to mess with it a little to make each end fit snug.



TURBRO LG Portable Air Conditioner drain Hose – 5.9 Inch Diameter, 78-Inches Length, Anti-Clockwise Thread

lg portable air conditioner vent hose

This could be a brilliant option too if the adapters in your original exhaust hose have a clockwise turn.

Note that the hose diameter is 5.9 Inches as well so it will work for any LG portable air conditioner with this hose diameter.

Installation is a breeze too (you should be done with the installation in about 10 minutes!).

Again, the length of the hose is expandable -The shortened length is 16 inches and you can extend it up to 78 inches depending on your needs.

Moreover, it is durable enough because the Polypropylene material it is made from is way thinner than in originals hoses.

Quick tips:

  • As mentioned above, before you buy this hose, check that the diameter of your original hose is 5.9 inches –measured from one outer edge to the other outer edge.
  • In addition, make sure the hose you are replacing has a counterclockwise (anti-clockwise) threading direction – it won’t work if the appropriate threading is unavailable.


  • The hose is extremely sturdy.
  • It’s even longer than the original hose (for the most part).
  • The replacement process is incredibly easy and you should have very few problems connecting it!


  • No major weakness.

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MyLifeUNIT Universal Portable Air Conditioner Drain Hose, 5.2 Ft long

lg portable air conditioner vent hose

This is not expensive and is of reasonable build quality to meet daily use.

Also, the piping is designed to be super flexible and you can even make 90 degree bends freely if needed, making it a good choice for units built in a tight space.

The thickened material it is made of makes it fairly sturdy and it is likely to outlast most of the similarly priced competitors.

Another nice thing with this universal air conditioner drain hose is the easy peasy installation.


The diameter on the first end (the end that connects to the A/C) is 0.9 inch/23 mm while the diameter of its other end is 0.7 inch/18 mm.

With that in mind, be sure to measure your LG A/C to confirm the outlet size (As mentioned, the length is 5.2 Ft).


  • Easy to install (while ensuring a super tight fit).
  • It is the most affordable of the bunch.
  • The drain tube is long enough.


  • May not last as long as an original hose.

Quick Tip: If you pick this, remember that you should ensure the right tilt angle when installed on your LG portable air conditioner. It is best to hang it over the desired overflow area.


LG portable air conditioner drain hose -Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How do you tell if your AC needs a clockwise or counterclockwise drain hose if the original is not available for comparison?

Without any old tubing to help you compare, the first way is by examining the connection port (on your air conditioner).

The trick is to simulate/mimic the leading edge (of the tubing) and you can use a screwdriver or butter knife to help you do the simulation.

To be clear, you place the screwdriver or butter knife across the opening then turn it slowly.

Now, try to turn the knife to the right – if it seems to follow the ridges deeper, your AC is going to need a clockwise fitting.

Conversely, if everything is turning to the left, you probably need a counterclockwise fitting. 

Another way you can tell is by looking at the fitting (on your AC) and imagining screwing the drain hose into that very fitting.

If it seems you’d be screwing the hose in a clock-wise direction, then you should purchase a clockwise hose.

On the other hand, if it seems you would be screwing it in a counterclockwise direction, then a counterclockwise thread hose is needed.


Can you connect 2 short drain hoses together to make the hose longer?

Well, it depends though they are generally connectable.

However, the connection may not be sufficiently strong if water pressure turns out to be too high so you should consider fixing them with a quality clamp.


Do I need to drain my LG portable air conditioner?

Ordinarily No- it should recycle the water.

However, when the weather conditions are extreme, the answer is probably yes!

You see, you might need to drain your LG portable AC if it’s exceedingly humid because it tends to fill up with water too fast for effective recycling of the water


Bonus video 1 -How to setup a continuous drain to drain LG portable air conditioner


Bonus Video 2- how to drain LG portable air conditioner quickly


Wrap up

Different LG portable AC models might use varying diameter hoses so please measure (and double check) that your existing drain hose’s diameter and the threading direction are well matched with the size and direction of the LG portable air conditioner drain hose kit you choose.

Thankfully, the instructions (and sometimes pictures) sellers publish alongside the product description are really helpful when it comes to choosing the correct size hose or thread.

You can as well contact the seller on Amazon (or via the brand’s official email) directly for help.


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