Maytag washer filter location top loader no agitator [Explained]

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Maytag washer filter location top loader no agitator: In this article, I will be telling you where to find the filter on your washer when it’s time to clean/replace it…

As you might be aware, washing machine filters play an important role in keeping your Maytag top loading washing machine in good condition-The filter traps debris and foreign objects from the water when doing your laundry(keeping it running smoothly).

The issue is, the filter tends to get full of trapped debris and junk (with time).

So you occasionally need to clean it.

But this comes with a new problem – locating the filter is not always straightforward (filters are not, in general, easily accessible).

That is where this article comes in…

Read on to find out how to locate and clean filters in a top load Maytag washing machine with no agitator (we will specifically concentrate on the agitator-less model in this post).

Maytag washer filter location top loader no agitator (Maytag washer filter location top loader without agitator) explained

As with other washers, Maytag top loads have either two or three filters depending on the model:

  • One drain/lint filter.
  • Two mesh filters.

A quick look at your user manual might only show the mesh filters.

However, in this article, we are more interested in the less known lint trap filter.


But just before we go on,  let me mention that not all Maytag washers (without an agitator) have the lint filter.

Indeed, this filter is, for the most part, in older Maytag washer models.

In other words, HE and other newer Maytag top loading washer models do not have the lint filter.

Instead, they rely on a self-cleaning pump filter to remove the lint and junk trapped during your wash cycles.

Keep in mind that Maytag recommends that you run an empty wash cycle once every thirty days to flush excess lint from the pump filter when it comes to these latter-day models.

So, where is the lint filter in my Maytag top loading washer  (without agitator)?

Well, the lint filter is usually a removable lint screen located inside the washer’s drum.

And to be clear, you will typically find it along the drum’s top rim as a hanging net-like structure like the one shown below:

maytag washer filter location top loader without agitator

However, in selected models, you will find the filter on the wall of the wash tub.

So that’s it….search for the filter along the drum’s top rim  or on the wall of the wash tub….


How to clean filter on Maytag top loader washer (no agitator)

Now that we have found the filter, let us see how best to clean it…..

Start by depressing the top tab of the lint filter – this will loosen the trap from its housing hence you can easily remove the filter from the washer.

Next, turn the filter inside out and discard the lint into the trash can.

For a better clean, take a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) and gently scrub the insides of the filter under running water.

Then, gently wipe any lint that might be trapped inside the filter housing (Using a moist cloth).

Finally, reinsert the filter back into its housing and be sure to listen for a “click” -The “click” means that the filter has connected fully to its housing.


Maytag washer filter location top loader without agitator -A word on the mesh filters

The mesh filters are usually found behind the washer where the hoses connect to the inlet valve.

And  they will also get clogged (with time) moreso if you live in areas with hard water.

That being so, these filters require cleaning once in a while as well.

Otherwise, they would reduce the amount of water entering the washer and you will start to note that your washer is either taking long to fill or isn’t filling at all.

So, how do you clean mesh filters?

Well, to clean these filters, first turn off the water faucets and remove the water hoses from the washer.

Then,  pull out the filters-using pliers- and gently scrub them using a toothbrush under running water.

Once done, reinsert the filters and reconnect the hoses – do not forget to turn on the water faucets immediately.


Maytag washer filter location top loader no agitator – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Maytag top load washer have a filter?

The short answer is yes.

Maytag top load washers have two mesh filters found at the back of the washer.

To be clear, older models have an additional drain/lint filter found on the rim of the drum or inside the agitator depending on the model.


Where is the filter location on a Maytag top loader no agitator? 

In most top load Maytag washers that do not have an agitator, you will normally find the lint filter along the rim of the drum (This filter looks like a small net).

However, on a few models, you will find the filter along the inside wall of the wash tub.

Remember that that not all top load Maytag washers have this filter -some are self-cleaning, thanks to technological advancements..


Maytag washer filter location top loader no agitator (Maytag top load washer filter location) – final words

Cleaning your Maytag washer’s drain/lint filter is an important maintenance procedure that you should perform frequently.

That is because once the filter is full, it might result in clothes coming out of your washer with lint/stains on them.

So always make a point of cleaning your lint filter after every six weeks or once you see stains/lint on clothes.


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