How to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings [Step-by-step]

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Learn how to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings in this troubleshooting guide

Resetting a washing machine to its factory defaults is always worth a try any time you are troubleshooting an issue.

And so below is how to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings:

How to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings

There are several ways of doing this but perhaps the easiest method is by unplugging your Maytag top load washer for a minute and plugging it back in.

Alternatively, you could just turn the breaker (to your washer) off for about a minute then turn it back on.

More often than not, this should take back your washer to the factory settings meaning that any problematic settings, preferences, or options you may have selected will be cleared.

And that could get your appliance back up and running once more.

If this does not work (of course, there are no guarantees), below is the procedure you should try:


How to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings – alternative reset maytag washer top load method

If you did unplug the unit (or reset the breaker) and the problem persists even after you let the washer sit for a while, here is what you should do try:

Step 1:

While the washer is off (but plugged in), rotate the cycle selection knob counter-clockwise (left) from the current position to the 12 o’clock (top position).

Step 2:

Then, rotate the cycle selection knob right(clockwise) and wait about 1/2 second.

Step 3:

Next, turn the cycle selection knob once again right(clockwise)  one click and wait about 1/2  second.

Step 4:

Make yet another right turn: That is, turn the cycle selection knob once more right(clockwise) one click and again wait about 1/2  second.

Step 5:

Now rotate the cycle selection knob counter-clockwise(left) one click again and wait about 1/2 second.

Step 6:

Finally, rotate your cycle selector knob right(clockwise) one click – this makes the lights on the machine (all) start flashing.

Once this happens, rotate the knob right(clockwise) until only the “rinse” LED light is on.

Now close the lid then press start.

Your washer will run a fresh calibration and then power itself back once again.

That will probably take care of the stubborn fault (every time you calibrate, any sequences are cleared and the control reset).

Important notes:

Be sure to check your tech sheet because there are some subtle variations in the calibration steps between the various Maytag top loader washer models.

Here is what you should know in regards to the documentation:

Now, for the most part, the tech sheet is found inside of the lid-inside front left of cabinet- and you must flip the top up(to find it). 

Unfortunately, you might have to open up your washer a little bit to find the technical data sheet in some cases (there are some screws you may need to remove at the back to be able to lift up the lid and reach the service manual) so study your machine first.


How to reset Maytag top load washer to factory settings: What if the reset is not helpful?

If there is no change, you will obviously need to check your washer further and possibly run a few more tests.

The most helpful step in such an instance is having the washer run self-diagnostics -It’s the most practical place to get you started.

That’s because the machine will give hints to what’s wrong in there by producing error/fault codes when running the numerous diagnostic tests.

In a nutshell, putting it to self-test mode is the best way to figure out what’s exactly wrong with your washing machine if resetting it has not helped.

Which brings me to a vital question: How do you put Maytag top load washer into diagnostic mode?

Now, you have to rotate the dial in the correct rotation sequence as described in the following diagrams:

Maytag top load washer reset

Diagram 1: Correct rotation sequence to activate service diagnostic test modes

And here is how you know you have entered service diagnostics (because it is good to be sure you are there):

how do i reset my maytag top load washer

Diagram 2: How to tell you have successfully activated diagnostic test modes

Now, there’s a crucial point I need to make clear:

Activating the service diagnostic test modes only won’t help…you must go to the actual fault (error) code display mode – you can only see the fault codes when here.

So here is how to enter fault (error) code display mode and view error codes:

how do you reset a maytag top load washer

Quick Tip: Again, refer to the technician booklet (in the pouch underneath its top lid)- your washer does come with all the information you need to run diagnostic mode.

If on running service diagnostic mode you notice some fault codes (or error numbers), your next step is finding out what the displayed fault code points to- that way, you will have an idea of what needs to be repaired/replaced.

To put you in the right track, below is a summary of common Maytag washer fault codes/error numbers and their meaning:

Fault number F0 (Error number E2)

Meaning: over-sudding condition  detected.


Fault number F0 (Error number E4)

Meaning: Washer has detected water temperature 105°(or higher) during rinse cycle..


Fault number F0 (Error number E5)

Meaning: Washer has detected off balance load


Fault number F1 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Washer has a problem in the motor control part (of its main control)


Fault number F2 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Stuck key on UI


Fault number F2 (Error number E3)

Meaning: Main control and UI is mismatched


Fault number F3 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Pressure sensor problem


Fault number F3 (Error number E2)

Meaning: Inlet water temperature issue


Fault number F5 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Lid switch problem


Fault number F5 (Error number E2)

Meaning: Lid lock problem


Fault number F5 (Error number E3)

Meaning: Lid unlock problem


Fault number F5 (Error number E4)

Meaning: Lid not opened (between cycles)


Fault number F7 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Basket speed sensor problem


Fault number F7 (Error number E5)

Meaning: Shifter fault


Fault number F7 (Error number E6)

Meaning: Motor fault


Fault number F7 (Error number E7)

Meaning: Motor not reaching target RPM


Fault number F8 (Error number E1)

Meaning: No fill or long fill


Fault number F8 (Error number E3)

Meaning: Water overflow issue


Fault number F8 (Error number E5)

Meaning: Reversal of hot & cold inlet hoses.


Fault number F9 (Error number E1)

Meaning: Long drain (due to drain hose/drain pump issue)


How to reset Maytag washer to factory settings (Maytag washer reset) -Final words

You should always try to reset your Maytag top load washer by using the above methods at the first opportunity any time you’re trying to fix it.

If successful, the machine is likely to start functioning normally again.

NOTE:  Don’t throw in the towel after just one trial- try the recalibration procedure again (and again) and even try to wait a little longer if you’re using the unplugging or circuit breaker reset approach and see if it will work (it occasionally succeeds).


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