Maytag Washer Door Lock Problem [Fixed]

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If you’re having a hard time trying to figure what how to fix your Maytag washer door lock problem, try the following solutions:

Maytag Washer Door Lock Problem [How to fix Maytag door lock issue including Maytag Maxima washer door lock problem]

Maytag door lock issue?

Be sure to verify that  nothing is blocking the door or the lock mechanism. Besides,  clean all that area around the door because soap build up can cause the fault. 

Here are additional troubleshooting steps.

The first thing you should give a shot at when your washer suddenly stops unlocking (or locking) the door is resetting the washer.

Here is how to reset a Maytag washer (works for most Maytag washing machine models):

Step 1

Press “Power/Cancel” button.

Step 2

Push the necessary button to select a new cycle (you want it to “think” that you are just about to run a new wash cycle).

Step 3

Press “Start/Pause

Voila! You have just reset your Maytag washing machine

Quick Note: For the most part, you can also reset it by power-cycling it -unplugging it from power (or turning off the breaker) for about 3 minutes and then restoring power. In some models, holding down “Start” can get it going again.

Keep in mind that resetting cancels any bad settings you’d chosen leading to problems such as the door getting stuck.

So, did that solve your Maytag washer door lock problem?

Obviously, if the door did not release, you will need to further troubleshoot what’s specifically wrong.

So let us now look at how to fix specific Maytag washer door lock issues since each of the known faults have varied solutions.

Maytag Washer Door Lock Problem – How to troubleshoot particular issues

Before we go to the solutions, it’s worth mentioning that several errors/faults can be behind your door lock woes.

For example, the washer won’t unlock if it is not draining properly – due to a drainage issue.

Also, the door lock may be behaving badly as a result of lint jamming some parts.

There are other potential reasons including a broken Maytag washer door lock switch and a defective main control.

It may, for example, not be detecting if the door lock is closed. In addition, it might be detecting an open lid switch as it attempts to lock.

With that out of the way, we can now turn our attention to the most common door lock related issues in Maytag washers..


Maytag washer door stuck (Maytag washer door lock stuck)

There is a trick that often works if the door is completely stuck shut.

It is also worth a crack where a Maytag Washer/Dryer is stuck shut and the “door-locked” icon repeatedly flashes even when it’s powered off (and it will not turn on when you press “power” button).

Here is what you do:

Choose any three buttons. For example, you can pick Extra Rinse(1), Steam for Stains(2), and Cycle signal(3).

The buttons you select really depends on your model- you can opt for Spin(1), Soil(2), and Extra Rinse(3). etc.

Now, you will press these three buttons in the order 1-2-3, three times – Put another way, you will press 1-2-3 then 1-2-3 then 1-2-3 within 10 seconds.

This will put the washer in diagnostic (self-test) mode.

But you don’t want it to run the whole self-diagnostic process…you will just wait 10 seconds and then exit diagnostics (Poking the power button should cancel the diag mode)

If this does not help, look for the tech sheet (underneath the top lid) and confirm the proper diag mode (there might be various modes) to run to view error codes.

When you do that, you want to see if it will flash any error codes pointing to what’s causing the door lock issue.

If it does, check the manual/tech sheet for ideas on what the error code(s) mean.

For example, you could see error codes F8 and E1 flash, which indicate water supply problems, for some Maytag units.


Maytag washer lid lock not working

For persistent Maytag washer lid lock problem, the best solution is to buy a replacement lock (it is the surest Maytag washer lid lock fix and Amazon stocks them).

This is especially so if you can hear the washer lock trying to actually lock without succeeding (And, of course, the washer won’t start until the lid locks).  

You can search for and watch a YouTube video showing how to perform Maytag washer door lock replacement (there are quite a few)- it will be super helpful if you’re not sure how to do the job.

Quick Tip: Before you replace the lock, you need to be sure it is the culprit. For guidelines on how to test it, see the section how to test the lid lock later.


Maytag washer lid lock error

Here is what you might see occasionally:

Your door is locked (it won’t unlock) and the “door lock” light is blinking.

At the same time, you might notice error code E01 F09 (meaning long drain time) on the washer.

If this is what you are seeing, try the following:

  1. Disconnect it from power.
  2. Get the top off your unit. There are a handful of hex screws that you need to remove at the back- once you do that, slide the top out and set it aside.
  3. Next, narrow down to the front (right) near the control panel.
  4. You want to reach down -between the front exterior and the tub.
  5. Now, there’s a pull tab there (it usually resembles this closely).
  6. Go ahead and pull up the ring on it. In most cases, that will release the door.
  7. But that’s not all- you should clean the drain trap while you’re still in there because it is likely to be the root cause of your drainage troubles.

This will probably put the light out and eliminate the issue conclusively.


Maytag washer door lock light flashing (Maytag washer door lock light blinking)

If you notice your Maytag washer door lock flashing, try the aforementioned 3-buttons, 3-times trick and see how it goes.


Other Maytag washer door latch repair and tricks you can try If you’re still facing the Maytag washer lid not locking issue

First perform the following Lid Lock test (steps may vary so refer to your manual):

  • Lock then unlock the lid.

Important Notes: 

When the lock gets enabled successfully, “Lid Lock” light turns on and only unlocks when the basket RPM is zero (0).

If the lid is not closing (and this is possibly what is happening with your appliance), your washer will start to beep and the LEDs will begin to flash.

So if your washer has “refused” to lock and unlock, try the following Maytag washer door lock repair s and tricks..

  1. Check if there could be an interference causing the lid not to lock and clear it– wash media buildup (link, detergent, etc.) can prevent the door lock mechanism from properly sliding.
  2. Check the lid lock mechanism further for obstruction/binding – fix as necessary.
  3. Next, unplug the washer (or disconnect power).
  4. Remove the console to allow you access main control.
  5. Visually verify that the J-15 connector is correctly inserted (all the way) into the washer’s main control.
  6. If J15 had not been inserted properly and you have corrected the problem, perform the above Lid Lock test again.
  7. But if J-15 was fine, proceed as follows:
  • Remove J15 from the main control.
  • With an ohmmeter, measure the lid lock resistance. You want these values across the indicated J15 connector pin-outs:
Lid Lock Resistance
Component Resistance Contacts


Lock Switch


85 – 155 ohms J15-1 to J15-3
Lock Switch Locked= 0 ohms

Unlocked= Open Circuit

J15-3 to J15-4
Lid switch Lid Closed= 0 ohms

Lid Open= Open Circuit

J15-3 to J15-2
  • If the resistance values are as above, proceed to the further troubleshooting step below.

On the other hand, if you find the switch measurements incorrect, there is a huge chance that the lid lock is faulty. Replace it as explained earlier.

Further troubleshooting

If none of the preceding steps corrects your Maytag washer door lock problem, you will probably need to swap out the main control.

You may order it on Amazon and do not forget to calibrate the washer after the installation to finish the repair.

You can watch this video by Sears to see how the main control is replaced on a Maytag top load washer.


Is there a Maytag washer door lock bypass?

A common question folks ask is whether there is a way you can bypass the door lock once it starts acting up (or when it is clear your Maytag washer door lock is broken).

Now, it’s not that straightforward because different models are designed differently- but you can try to look at the wiring diagram and see if it’s possible (if you can read a schematic).

Otherwise, for safety reasons, we strongly advise against attempting any Maytag washer door lock override (pets and children can get hurt and even die if it is disabled).


Wrap up

If the machine does not start acting normally after you reset it, it is almost certain that your Maytag Washer door lock problem can only be resolved by replacing the door lock mechanism or main control.

Follow the steps outlined above to carry out the required tests and replace the part you find damaged.


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