Maytag washer stopped working full of water [Fixed]

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Read this to the end if your Maytag washer stopped working and is full of water (Maytag washer stopped working full of water).

If you own a Maytag washer that has suddenly stopped working and is full of water, worry not.

Below is how to fix the Maytag washer stopping mid-cycle while full of water issue…

Maytag washer stopped working full of water – causes and recommended fixes

It could be due to a large or unbalanced load – rebalance the washer

The load might get unbalanced as the washer spins – this is common with top load washers- making  your washer to stop mid cycle.

So first open the washer lid and re-arrange the load to balance it properly.

Also, the load is likely too large for the washer hence it won’t start the cycle after it fills with water.

Therefore try to reduce the amount of clothes in your washer to ¾ way(utmost).


Is it sudsy?

If you are using the wrong detergent or too much detergent, the suds could be preventing the washer from running or advancing to the next cycle.

Try the following fix:

Start by draining the washer – the steps are coming up in a jiffy.

Once you have drained the water, run a rinse cycle to get rid of the extra suds.

So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications when it comes to the type and amount of detergent you are using – this information is in your owners manual.


It could be due to drainage issues

If your Maytag washer is not draining as it should, it can stop as soon as it finishes the spin cycle and it tends to not proceed to the rinsing cycle.

Quite a few problems (each with its unique solutions) can be behind this as we will see below…

Drain hose issues – start by checking the drain hose

Start by inspecting the drain hose for signs of kinking – if there are any, straighten them out.

And while at it, inspect it for clogs (remove them, if you see any clogs).

Oh, and confirm that the hose is installed properly -at a maximum height of 96”- especially for a new washer that is acting up.

Quick Tip: The minimum recommended height for Maytag washer drain hose installation is 39” so again double-check that you have installed yours within this range.


It could be due to a clogged drain filter

As you might be aware, the drain filter filters out lint, coins, and other debris from the wash cycle.

The thing is the filter usually gets clogged (over time)- and it needs cleaning to restore proper functionality.

So the next thing you should try is removing and cleaning the filter – the idea is to eliminate all trapped debris.


It could be a drain pump issue

Finally, it might be because of a drain pump issue.

Recommended repair

To be sure if the drain pump is behind the fault, test it for continuity – the video below shows how…


Don’t forget that the part is typically bad if it doesn’t have continuity- and your best bet is replacing it (we recommend the genuine Maytag washer drain pump replacement if you want to go down that route).


Maytag washer stopped working full of water – further troubleshooting steps

Check if the lid switch/lock assembly mechanism is faulty

The other thing that could be the culprit is the lid switch (for Maytag top loading washers) or the lock assembly (For Maytag front loading washing machine).

You see, if the lid lock switch assembly is faulty, the clothes might pop it open during tumbling.

So it is important to test if the switch/lock assembly is bad..

The good news is that it’s not something very difficult to do- you simply test it for continuity (The switch should have continuity when the lid/door is closed and no continuity when it is open).

Of course, you should replace the part if there’s no continuity.

Speaking of swapping out the lid switch/lock assembly, we recommend the complete lid lock switch replacement /or the lock assembly combo part (for front load models)- be sure to search for YouTube tutorials (There are some really good ones) to help you complete the swap.


Inspect the suspension rods/spider arms for damages

If your model is a top load,  the suspension rods may have snapped during laundry.

This ,in turn, dislodges and unbalances the wash basket, subsequently stopping the cycle.

Now, to check if this is the issue, open the wash basket and inspect the suspension rods (installing compatible replacement suspension rods could fix your washer if you find them damaged).

Bear in mind that, if your unit is front loading, it is the spider arms that often get corroded, ultimately leading to washer malfunction.

So open up the wash tub and observe the spider arms- you want to see if there are any signs of corrosion/other damage.

Once again the best repair is replace them entirely.


Maytag washer stopped working full of water – final suggested solutions

Check if the belt is loose/has snapped

Front loading models occasionally stop working once the belt works itself loose or snaps.

So you may want to take a look at the belt and see if it is still intact (open up the washer to access the belt).

Now, if the belt is loose, you can easily tighten it – use the pulley to do that.

Otherwise, it’s best to get a replacement belt for Maytag washer (the the correct size)- installation is again not that hard ( also there are several YouTube tutorials that show how to do this).

Test the motor

Finally, if you have tried the above troubleshooting fixes to no avail, the wash motor is the final part that you should test.

If you’re not sure how do that, we recommend you read our previous article: How to test Maytag washer motor


Your Maytag washer not draining completely? Here’s how to drain it

As earlier promised, here’s how to drain your Maytag washer.

How to drain Maytag washer

When it comes to manually draining the washer, the steps will differ for top and front load washers.

But, before we look at how to specifically drain them, make sure that you have a large bowl and a dry towel with you.

How to drain front load Maytag washer

First, take off the washer’s back panel.

Locate the drain pump filter housing at the bottom right of the washer just next to the drain pump.

The drain filter housing looks like the one shown below:

maytag washer not draining

Put a dry towel underneath the filter assembly.

Next, put a large bowl on top of the towel just underneath the filter assembly.

Now rotate the filter knob counterclockwise to remove the filter- water will start flowing into the bowl.

Once all the water draws out, remove the bowl and the towel.

Now remove any debris that might be trapped inside the filter.

Re-insert the filter and rotate it clockwise till it is firmly in place.

Finally, attach the back panel and close your washer.


How to drain top load Maytag washer

Take the drain hose and place it in a basin below the washer’s level – confirm that all of the hose is below this level.

This will drain out any water in the hose into the basin.

Moving on…

Since the washer remains closed as long as the water has not drained, you need to bypass the locking mechanism.

To do this, start by disconnecting the washer from the power outlet.

Some models will require you to remove the whole back panel, whereas other models need you to only remove the small panel that holds the control panel in place.

The essence of doing this is to enable you to lift up the top of the control panel – remember lifting up the whole top of the washer will give you access to the washer tub.

Quick Note: If you cannot access the washer tub at this point, disconnect the lid switch wire harness from the control board. That way, you can open the lid with no hassle.

Now pull out all the water from the wash tub (Using a wet-dry shop vac).

Once you have drawn out all the water,  reassemble and close the washer.


Maytag washer stopped working full of water – final words

That’s how you can fix your Maytag washer if it is stopping mid-cycle (and is full of water).

Good luck!


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