Maytag top load washer drain pump filter location

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What is the Maytag top load washer drain pump filter location?

In today’s article, we shall tell you how to locate the drain filter in your Maytag top load washing machine.

Additionally, we shall look at how to clean/replace the filter in these washing machines.

Let’s dive in.

Maytag top load washer drain pump filter location

Before we go too far, let me mention that the drain pump filter is oftentimes referred to as the lint filter/trap- remember its role is to capture lint and debris away from drain water

And the filter is located in actually not always in the same position- there are two different possible locations depending on if the washer has an agitator or not.

Let us first look at where to find the filter in Maytag washers that have an agitator…..


Maytag washer top load washer (with agitator) drain pump filter location

If your model is a Maytag Dependable Care series washer, then the this section is for you….

Now, for these models, the drain pump filter is typically located beneath the agitator.

So to access the filter, first remove the agitator by taking out the ¼” nut that holds the agitator in place -You should see this nut at the bottom of the agitator plate.

Then, once the nut is out, lift your agitator and you should see your filter at the bottom.

Quick Tip: Much older models (nearly all) tend to have four small black filters whereas the other models have one bigger mesh-like filter.

To remove the filter, wedge a flathead screwdriver or a putty knife underneath the edge of the filter and gently push it up all the way round the filter.

Please be gentle as you push on the filter- you could otherwise end up damaging it.

So how do you go about cleaning it once it is out?

Well, hang on tight – we shall be look at the exact steps in a minute……


Let us first see where to locate the filter in other Maytag models that also have an agitator.


Maytag Performa and Atlantis washer models drain filter location

In many of these models, the drain pump filter is fixed at a similar location as above – the only difference is how you access it.

Here is how to reach it because it is the key difference:

  • First remove the center cap on the agitator by pulling on it- You should now see a bolt that holds the agitator in place.
  • Loosen this bolt and pull the agitator straight up.

At the bottom of the tub, you will locate four small filters – these are your drain filters.

Quick Tip: In other Maytag top load washers models, you can locate the lint trap filter inside the agitator.  Just keep in mind that to remove it, all you need to do is simply twist the upper “cuff” of the agitator and lift it off – your filter should be sitting inside the agitator.


Maytag washer filter location top loader without agitator

Don’t forget that not all models without an agitator come with a filter.

Nonetheless, if your model lacks an agitator and you suspect that it is one of those featuring a filter, you will find our other article Maytag top-load (no agitator) washer filter location explained useful when it comes to locating the filter.


How to clean Maytag washer filter top load

Cleaning the filter is pretty straightforward and should take you less than a minute.

First, remove the big debris such as coins using your hand and discard them.

Next, gently brush the filter with some warm water to remove the trapped grease, lint and dirt particles.

Also, if you note that the area around the lint filter housing is dirty, be sure to clean it with some warm water and a rag.

You can now reinsert the filter into its housing and make sure that it clicks in place.

That’s all!


Maytag top load washer drain pump filter location – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do top load washers have drain pump filters?

Yes and no.

In other words, it depends on the model of your top load washer.

Generally, earlier models do have a drain pump filter and it’s usually located inside the wash basket.

As for HE and other newer washers, quite a few do not have the drain pump filter. Instead, they have a self-wash mechanism that gets rid of junk.


Where is the drain filter on a Maytag top load washer?

If your model has an agitator, you can locate the filter inside the agitator or beneath the agitator plate.

But in most models with no agitator, the filter is usually found along the drum’s rim.

However, in a few models, the filter is along the wall of the wash tub.

Just don’t forget that not all top load Maytag washers have a drain filter…a few have some sort of self-cleaning mechanism


Maytag top load washer drain pump filter location – wrapping it up

The drain pump filter plays a crucial role in top load Maytag washers.

However, with time, it will be full of lint and when this occurs, it will require cleaning.

So, make a point to regularly clean the washer’s filter – every six weeks or when you observe that your clothes are leaving the washer with lint/stains on them.


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