How do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning?

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Your washing machine should ordinarily not make any noise when spinning- it should be whisper quiet(smooth) and any noise can be pointing to a problem with a part or the entire appliance.

So, how do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning?

That’s what this article is all about…

Remember you want to fix it ASAP otherwise you may end up incurring a huge repair bill as whatever is causing weird noises when spinning could cause further damage to the washer if not fixed early enough.

How do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning?

Keep in mind that there’s not one size fits all solution when it comes to a noisy washer during a spin cycle- you will need to try different repairs depending on the kind of noise you’re hearing..

Let’s start with front load washers..

How do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning – Front load washers

Banging noise

For the most part, it’s due to an unbalanced load.

So open it up then try to redistribute your wet garments more evenly around(in the tub).

Also, it might be that it is not level so check if it’s level and correct the issue.


Rumbling or rattling noises

In most situations, this noise is caused by a damaged drum bearing.

You can test this by spinning the drum by hand- it should be smooth when you spin it manually so buy a replacement tub bearing if it is noisy and replace it.

Don’t forget that overloading your washer (washing unbalanced loads) frequently tends to lead to the bearing going bad.

Quick Note: The main bearing might have gone out(on the drum shaft) leading to the rattle. Also, the shocks might be bad, causing excessive rattle. It is the same if drum springs/the spider arm get damaged


Chirping Noise 

A chirping noise is mostly heard if your washer is not level.

Here is the thing: When your washer is not on a pedestal(Non-Pedestal Installation), all 4 feet of your washer need to be in firm contact with the floor level.

Additionally, ensure that all nuts on all 4 feet are firmly tightened against the washer cabinet.

On the other hand:

When the washer is on a pedestal(Pedestal Installation), the feet must be completely removed from the washer before installing it onto the pedestal.

And yes, to make sure that no chirping sounds will be made by your washer, the black pedestal pads should be securely placed between the top of the pedestal and the washer.

Finally, ensure pedestal feet jam nuts are engaged to the bottom of the pedestal steel panels.


Rattling or tapping noises

In addition to what I have explained above, the noise can occur when either the drain hose or water inlet hose knocks against the rear of the washer cabinet.

Also, the vibration of the washer can be transferred to the hoses hence the rattling sounds in there(as the water is pushed through the hoses).

Recommended fix:

Secure the washer with either beaded straps that comes with the washer or wore tie.

Besides, make sure there are no items leaning near or against the washer.

Don’t forget to try out all the previously recommended fixes..


Squealing or hooting Noise

Maybe the belt is squealing and belt tension adjustment will fix it- you may have to replace the best if the noise persists(first check if it looks worn).

Additionally, there’s a clutch/shifter part (Under center pulley)- it is typically a plastic part with an arm coming out of it then going to the actuator- and it could be the source. Try swapping it out and the actuator.

That’s not all: The strange squealing sound can be heard when the hoses are either kinked/clogged so check for kinked or clogged hoses -if this is the problem, straighten and clean the hoses.

Finally, ensure that both hot and cold-water supply shutoff valves are fully opened- The noise is sometimes heard if the hot and cold water supplies are not fully open.


Thumping Noise 

If you hear the noise during a slow/low spin, try the following:

  • Remove the shipping bolts-if shipping bolts are still in the washer, then you will definitely hear this noise until you remove the bolts.
  • Ensure all 4 feet are making good contact with the floor-here, front and rear feet must be in firm contact with the floor.
  • Besides, the washer must be level- do not install the washer on sliding, raised wooden or sagging ground(place).

Don’t forget to try out all the previously recommended fixes..


Whirling noises

When you hear whirling sounds in your washer during spin, below are the most likely causes and what you can do:

  • Rebalance the load– an unbalanced load could create movements in the washer basket which may result in Whirling noises so the first thing you should try is redistributing your clothes.
  • Level your washer-if your washer is not on the level, you might hear whirling noises so adjust your washer feet to make sure there are perfectly level (we already spoke about what to do for both non-pedestal and pedestal installations)
  • Remove the bolts that came with your washer-it is absolutely necessary to remove all the shipping materials for your washer to operate well.


How do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning -Top loader washers

Clicking or clacking noise

This may come from a coin stuck (probably in the outer drum).

Another possibility is a tiny plastic thing/piece could be stuck inside the drain pump-and the sound is due to the impellor hitting it.

In fact, there’s a chance something is stuck in the impeller itself.

So open up drain pump and see if something is there- and remove it.

Also, look for stuck foreign objects in the drum/impeller – we keep forgetting coins or other objects in our pockets when washing your clothes in the washer and they end up there.


Grinding /rubbing noises

Start with the basic solutions: Level your washer and make sure the load is balanced.


Violent grinding noise could be signaling that something is getting caught somewhere or an obstruction is perhaps stuck somewhere so another thing you may want to try is disassembling the washer and checking all internal parts.


There might be a drain pan under your washer-If you have placed a drain pan under your washer, the tub bottom might rub rubbing against the drain pan.

Just to be clear, it will mostly happen when you’re washing bulky items.

Recommended fix:

Extend the leveling legs to the maximum height.


Other potential culprits

Broken drive pulley

If your washer drive belt(for washers with a drive belt) is broken, you may hear a horrible grinding or rumbling sound when the drum spins.

Here your best bet is to replace the broken belt.


Bad spider arm

The spider arm may also be faulty- it is probably bad if whenever you crab the spin basket in your washer -and you push it forward and backward- it feels loose and junky.

In addition, if you see any burnt marks on the door boot or the spin basket is cutting into it, then that’s another pointer to a bad spider arm.

Regarding the solution, changing it out is the best route (purchase a replacement on Amazon)- Keep in mind that there is quite a lot of disassembly you need to do to access the part. 


LG washing machine noisy spin / LG washing machine making high pitched

This noise is mostly heard when the washer is filling and can be caused by the following things:

  • Too much water pressure-Adjust the hot and cold-water valves on the water supply to the washer.
  • Clogged water valve screens-water valve has small screens which filter lint and debris. And when clogged, you may hear a high-pitched noise as the water struggles to pass through a congested screen.

Recommended fix

Consult your washer owner manual for instructions on how to detach the water valves and clean or else replace their screens.

Again be sure to try out all the previously recommended fixes..


How do you fix a noisy washing machine when spinning? Major possible causes and solutions in summary

Can be a belt problem

Check it and tighten/replace


Noise can be caused by drum alignment fault

Open it up and check (correct, if you can)


It might also be a result of motor fatigue/obstruction

Remove any obstructions/replace motor.


Could be the idler pulley too

It breaks occasionally, resulting in the noise- and the noise will remain until you replace it


Stuck foreign objects in the drum /door/or other internal parts

You may forget coins or other objects in your pockets when washing your clothes in the washer.

Problem comes if the objects find their way into the impellor or agitator- your washer can start sounding noisy when spinning.

So open the washer and remove any stuck objects(YouTube will come in handy when disassembling your washer- search for washer disassembly videos there).


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