Your LG fridge not cooling? Try these LG fridge not cooling reset instructions

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Is your LG fridge not cooling? If yes, then, this LG fridge not cooling reset article is for you.

Today, we shall be guiding you on how to fix your LG refrigerator when it is not cooling.

We shall explore several troubleshooting steps such that by the end of this article, your refrigerator should be cooling normally.

Let’s dive in.

Your LG fridge not cooling? Try these LG fridge not cooling reset instructions

For the most part, an LG refrigerator that is not cooling can be fixed simply by resetting it.

And essentially, the easiest way of resetting an LG fridge is by power cycling it- you can also cut off power at the circuit breaker then restore it.

See how below…

Power cycle the refrigerator

First, disconnect the refrigerator from the power outlet and let it sit for about five minutes.

Just to be clear, the purpose of letting the unit sit for around five minutes is to let the static/flea electrical charges that might be causing the cooling problems to clear from the electronic control board.

So you can now reconnect your refrigerator once the five minutes have elapsed.



Turn off the circuit breaker

The power cord might be located at the back of your refrigerator.

If that’s the case, it can result in a lot of unnecessary trouble as you move the refrigerator trying to access the cord.

Recall that moving refrigerators might cause problems with their leveling not to mention that moving some refrigerators is a tedious process due to their weight.

Now, you can still reset the refrigerator without having to move it even a bit.

Here’s how…

Simply go to your mains and turn off the circuit breaker to the refrigerator line and let it sit for five minutes.

Once the five minutes have passed, you can turn the circuit breaker back on.

Moving on…

It is possible that resetting the refrigerator will not fix the cooling problems.

That’s because there are other reasons that might lead to your fridge not cooling other than flea charges on the control board.

So, what are these other potential troublerousers and how do you fix them?

Well, here are some helpful tips to try for example for problems such as LG fridge not cooling after power outage


LG fridge not cooling reset – what to try is resetting does not help

Is the refrigerator new? 

Here you will likely need to let the unit sit for up to 24 hours.


Well, because in new units or units that have experienced a power outage, the internal temperatures tend to increase.

For that reason, the refrigerator will require up to 24 hours for it to stabilize its internal temperature and cool to the set temperatures.


Check to see if you are overstocking the fridge

Here’s the thing: refrigerators cool by moving cold air within the fridge compartment.

So overstocking your unit will probably lead to obstruction of airflow.

It is also likely that you might be blocking the air vents hence the cold air from the freezer compartment will not be blown into the fridge.


Just make sure that you are not stocking your fridge more than ¾ way.

Additionally, check inside to make sure that there is no foodstuff blocking the air vents.


It could be due to improper installation

This is typically the issue if your fridge is not cooling after the required 24 hours are over.

Usually, LG recommends that you leave a space of at least 2” between the refrigerator and the surrounding walls.

This spacing allows for efficient airflow for the condenser coils to dissipate heat from the refrigerator to the surrounding environment.

So make sure that your unit is at least 2” away from the wall and the ceiling.

If that does not help……………..

Now, it could be that your refrigerator is not properly leveled.

But how does this affect cooling?

Here’s the thing:

A refrigerator that is not level might result in the doors not sealing fully.

This could, in turn, result in warm air entering the fridge as the cold air leaves the unit.

In a nutshell, confirm that you are obeying the all-important LG’s refrigerator leveling instructions.


LG fridge not cooling reset – more solutions to explore

Does the refrigerator display an error code?

If the refrigerator is also blinking an error code, it makes troubleshooting much easier.

Now, there are three error codes that could be behind your LG refrigerator not cooling issue.

To start with, if the refrigerator is blinking either E CL or E CH, it might be signalling that the refrigerant is leaking.

Meanwhile, an E CL code generally points to a leak on the low side (evaporator coils) whereas the E CH error code indicates a leak on the high side (condenser coils, capillary tube, 3-way valve).


When the refrigerator leaks, the amount inside the refrigerator will probably be not be enough to cool the unit.

Therefore, if you note any of these error codes, it is important that you have the leaking point identified and the refrigerant topped up.

Tip: For refrigerant issues, you should call an EPA-licensed technician- the refrigerant is highly toxic both to you and to the environment so only licensed technicians are allowed to handle it.

Other than that..

If the unit displays the code F dH, r dH or Er dH, then it is potentially not defrosting.

Remember that when your fridge is not defrosting, it could lead to the evaporator coils getting covered in layers of ice thus preventing cold air from flowing into the fridge compartment.

Suggested solution

You will, for the most part, need to defrost the unit by removing all foodstuff, unplugging the refrigerator and leaving it for eight hours with all the doors open.

While at it, be sure to lay dry towels in and around the fridge to absorb water from the melted ice.

Also, be sure to wipe any moisture that might be present before you plug the unit back in.

That said, it is important to test the defrost heater to make sure that it is not the culprit.

To test it, set your multimeter to the lowest ohm setting and insert the probes into the terminals of the heater.

Bear in mind that if the defrost heater is healthy, you should get a reading of between 10 and 150 ohms.

If you get a reading that is out of this range, then your heater may be faulty and you might have to replace it with an OEM LG refrigerator defrost heater.


More solutions depending on the error code

If the unit is displaying the error code R 67, it usually means that the doors are not closing properly.

Consequently, confirm that there is no foodstuff or cabinets preventing the door(s) from fully closing.

And if there is some foodstuff blocking the door, be sure to rearrange them- also make sure you have inserted the cabinets properly.

Next, confirm that the door gasket is not dirty.

If it is, clean it with a moist cloth and a mild detergent.

Speaking of the door gasket, also inspect it for signs of wear and tear as this might also allow cold air to escape the fridge while warm air enters it.

Remember that if you note that the gasket is worn out, our advice is you get replacement gaskets from LG based on your refrigerator model.   

Inspect the left-door metal flap

Quick Tip: This step applies to French door refrigerators only.

Also known as the door mullion or cold screen, this flap is located on the left door and it is what the right door presses against to create a seal.

Know that when you open the left door, the flap should automatically fold in.

So if the flap does not fold in, your right door will not seal properly thereby creating a gap for warm room air to enter the fridge and the cold air to escape from the fridge.

Subsequently, if you observe that yours is not folding, you can easily fold it in as you close the left door.

Now, if your metal flap refuses to fold in, it could mean that it is faulty and the best solution is investing in an OEM LG refrigerator door mullion replacement.


Turn off demo mode

It could also be that your refrigerator’s demo mode is activated.

You might be aware that Demo mode is used on refrigerators that are on display in a shop as it saves on power by deactivating some features including the cooling features.

Now, this might be the issue if you are having a new LG refrigerator that is not cooling- it might also be the case for old refrigerators.

So if your refrigerator displays either OF F or O FF, it means that demo mode is turned on and you probably need to deactivate it.


Well, to deactivate demo mode in 2018 and earlier models, press and hold the refrigerator and ice plus buttons together for five seconds.

Meanwhile, for 2019 and later models, first press and hold the ice plus & refrigerator buttons together.

Next, while still holding the refrigerator button, tap the ice plus button three times.

Your display should now show the temperature controls indicating that you have successfully deactivated demo mode.


LG fridge not cooling reset – final fixes

You might have a faulty start relay or compressor

To start with, if the start relay is faulty, it won’t turn on the compressor hence the refrigerant won’t be pumped around the fridge.

And to figure out if the start relay is faulty, you will need to test it for continuity.

If it lacks continuity, then it is likely faulty and you will need to replace it with an OEM start relay for LG refrigerators.

On the other hand, if the start relay is not broken, it could be that the compressor is faulty.

Consequently, you might have to test the compressor to see if it is the actual cause of your appliance’s woes.

The video below demonstrates how to test the compressor so watch it..


Now, if the compressor is faulty, you of course need to get a compressor that fits your model- and we have already seen that only an EPA-licensed technician should do the replacement since the refrigerant in the compressor is toxic.


Test the door switch to see if it is faulty

Another cause of cooling failure is a door that won’t shut.

You see, if this is the case, your fridge will not detect the door as closed even when it is closed.

That being so, the evaporator fan will not blow cold air into the fridge section hence no cooling will take place.

The solution is testing the door switch (and swapping it out, if defective)..

Testing instructions

As you can see below, there are two testing procedures, depending on the switch model in your refrigerator:

  • For reed/magnetic switch – place a magnet above the switch and see if the fridge light turns off.

lg refrigerator not cooling reset button 

  • For regular door switch – push the switch and see if the fridge light turns off.

lg refrigerator reset button

Now, if the fridge light does not turn off, either the switch wire harness is not connected properly or the switch is faulty.

So, first disconnect the switch wire harness and reconnect it properly.

Now, if nothing is wrong with the wire harness, then the door switch is perhaps faulty and you will need to replace it.

Fortunately, you can easily order OEM push switch and OEM reed switch from LG and have them delivered to your house. 

LG fridge not cooling reset – final words

Be sure to clean the condenser coils every six months.

This is because the dirt that accrues on them will lower their effectiveness of removing heat from the refrigerant.

In turn, this would result in your refrigerator not cooling to the desired levels.

Tip: if your refrigerator keeps on beeping, either the door switch is broken or the doors are not closing fully hence no cooling will take place- try the steps above and see if your unit will stop its bad behavior..


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