Where is Maytag refrigerator reset button?

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Wondering where to find the Maytag refrigerator reset button (perhaps you want to reset your Maytag refrigerator)? Well, read this…..

One of the fastest and easiest ways to fix your Maytag refrigerator when it starts acting up is by resetting it.

Moreover, performing a reset will save you money and time that you could have spent on getting a technician or replacing parts.

Bearing that in mind, below I will take you through how to reset your Maytag refrigerator (Hint: Forget about the Maytag refrigerator reset button because ….well, it is not there!)

Also, we shall look at how to reset the temperature when the unit isn’t cooling/freezing.

Looking for Maytag refrigerator reset button? Well, it is not there…You should try this instead

There are two easy ways to reset a Maytag refrigerator.

However, as mentioned above, none of these involve the reset button since Maytag refrigerators (the modern day models) do not have a reset button.

The good news is that these methods are as effective – they have the same effect as the old reset button.

So let’s have a look at the correct reset instructions when it comes to most Maytag refrigerator models.

Option 1: Power cycle the refrigerator

This is the easiest way to reset your Maytag refrigerator.

Now, to reset the refrigerator through this procedure, first disconnect it from the power outlet.

Follow this by waiting for five minutes.


This will give the refrigerator enough time to clear out any static/flea electrical charges that may be in the electronic control board.

Here’s the thing: For the most part, it’s these static charges that occasionally cause a malfunction of your refrigerator.

That being so, once these charges are eliminated, your refrigerator could resume normal service.

Remember: Once the five minutes are over, be sure to reconnect your refrigerator.

Note: You typically need to give your unit up to 24 hours for regular operation to restart.

Moving on…

At times, you might be unable to access the power outlet – it might be located at the back of the refrigerator and the refrigerator is too big to move around.

Not to mention that moving it might affect its leveling and this would cause more problems -quite a number of issues occur due to improper leveling.  

If that’s your dilemma, you will need an alternative procedure to reset your refrigerator …

Which brings me to the next reset procedure: using the circuit breaker to reset your fridge……


Option 2: Use the circuit breaker to reset your Maytag refrigerator [instructions]

Basically the process is nearly the same as described above with the only difference being that this time you will cut the power supply to the fridge by turning off the circuit breaker to the refrigerator line for about five minutes.

Don’t forget that this should allow the flea charges to flow out of the control board.

You again need  to wait about five minutes before resetting the circuit breaker.

And yes- be sure to give your refrigerator up to 24 hours before using it can begin cooling the way it always has.


How to reset Maytag refrigerator after power outage

After an outage, you might notice that your refrigerator is behaving strangely.

Now, when this happens, chances are that the unit did not start up well or there was a communication error between the control board and one of the critical parts.

Consequently, you will need to reset the refrigerator.

The truth is there’s no special method of resetting Maytag refrigerator after power outage…..you either plug it out then take it back in or go down the circuit break reset procedure route. 

So be sure to try either way and see if the glitches get cleared.


How to reset temperature on Maytag refrigerator

At times, you may note that you are having trouble adjusting your Maytag refrigerator’s temperature(That means your refrigerator will not cool or freeze whatever you have packed in there).

Indeed, this might be accompanied by an unresponsive control/display panel.

Oh, and sometimes the control panel lights will also flash and all the indicators will light up -but you still won’t be able to adjust the temperature.

Now, when this happens, it is-for the most part- an indication that the electric control board might be faulty.

Yeah, that’s right-usually it is not the display board that is malfunctioning….

I should say that this is pretty common  with Maytag, Whirlpool and Amana refrigerators- and the fixes below generally apply to these brands too.


Well, you will likely need to replace the refrigerator’s control board.

Tip: Before getting a replacement control board, first access your refrigerator’s control board and check its part number. Use this part number to order a new control board that is designed for your refrigerator model.

Now, once you have replaced your control board, you will note that the display will blink PE accompanied by four digits.

This signals that you’re now in programming mode.

Consequently, you will need to adjust the displayed code to the right code for your model which you can locate on the sticker inside your refrigerator.

Now, this being a DIY procedure, it is better to demonstrate it rather than explain it.

That being so, the video below will better guide you on how to go about resetting the temperature on your Maytag refrigerator:


Maytag refrigerator reset button – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there a reset button on a Maytag refrigerator?

Short answer: No -Maytag refrigerators do not come with a dedicated reset button.

So your best bet is trying to power cycle the unit as we have seen above.

Where is the reset button on Maytag fridge?  

Unfortunately- and you already know that by now- Maytag refrigerators do not come with a dedicated reset button so power cycling the unit is typically the way to go.

Maytag refrigerator reset button – final words

As we conclude, if you have a Whirlpool or Amana refrigerator that is acting up, then this guide is also for you.

This is because all the reset steps we have outlined above also apply to these models including programming the code once you replace the control board.


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