Your LG fridge making noises? Do this!

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LG fridge making noises – what does the noise mean? Can I fix it?

Your LG refrigerator will produce several sounds in the cause of its lifetime. Some are normal and you should not be worried upon hearing them. However, others are calling your attention to the fact that something is wrong.

In this article, we will guide you through these various sounds, what they mean and what you can do to eliminate them.

LG fridge making noises – what to do depending on the noise LG fridge is making

So, let’s get started.

LG fridge making loud humming/buzzing noise

Recall that a healthy fridge will hum gently as the compressor runs.

However, if the humming is too loud to an extent of disrupting conversation or it can be heard from the next room, then, something is definitely up with your unit.

This will range from a faulty fan motor grommet to water line connection issues to a faulty compressor and so on.

As you can see, there are several factors that might lead to this. That is why we have dedicated a whole (and comprehensive) article to better guide you in singling out the cause of the noise and how to fix it.

So, check out our other article: how to fix my refrigerator when it is making a loud humming noise.

LG fridge making hissing/gurgling noise

It is normal for a healthy refrigerator to make these noises.

So, don’t be worried when yours hisses/gurgles.

Chances are that it is the refrigerant moving through the unit.

Also, it could be the sound of the refrigerant alternating between liquid and gaseous states.

LG fridge making tapping noise

Tapping noises are normal and they will go away by themselves within minutes.

However, what causes them?

For one, tapping noises will occur if the refrigerator was moved while it is in operation.

So, be sure to always turn off your refrigerator before you move it.

Also, for models that are equipped with a linear compressor, the tapping noise will occur for around 30 to 90 seconds when the compressor starts to run.

LG fridge making rattling noise

In most cases, this is not a normal sound for a healthy refrigerator.

In new models, it is usually due to improper installations whereas, in older models, chances are that some part is wearing out.

Several factors might result in your LG refrigerator making rattling noises.

This will range from a rattling water line to a jarred linear compressor and so on.

With that being said, we have written a comprehensive article that will guide you step-by-step on how to eliminate the rattle.

So, read our other article: refrigerator makes rattling noise? (here’s what to do).

LG fridge making noises – additional noises

Moving on…

LG fridge making sizzling/hissing noise

You might hear this noise several times during the day.

The sound is pretty normal hence it should not worry you.

Here’s why…

Refrigerators normally have an auto-defrost feature that will kick on several times during the day to defrost the unit.

As the ice melts, the water might drip on the defrost heater hence the sizzling noise you are hearing.

Should I be worried that the heating rod is becoming too hot that it might damage other components of the refrigerator?

Short answer, no.

Typically, LG refrigerators have a thermal fuse inside the defrosting assembly.

So, if things were to get too hot, the thermal fuse would blow thereby protecting your refrigerator – no need to worry.

LG fridge making dripping noise

This is yet another normal noise that your LG refrigerator will make as it runs.

Typically, the dripping noise will originate from the bottom of the unit.

When it occurs, it means that the refrigerator is defrosting and the noise you are hearing is that of water hitting the drain pan.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to eliminate the noise.

Nonetheless, the dripping is barely audible.

LG fridge making pulsating noise

Modern refrigerators are designed with energy efficiency in mind. As such, these refrigerators will run for longer but still consume less energy.

Anyway, these efficient compressors will make pulsating noises as they run and at times, the pulsating may be a bit loud more so after you have opened the door for some time.

With that in mind, a pulsating noise is normal and it means your LG refrigerator is healthy.

LG fridge making clicking noises

A clicking noise that occurs once every couple of hours is pretty normal.

It might either be the start relay clicking the compressor on or the defrost timer clicking on to start the defrost cycle.

However, if the clicking noise becomes frequent, say every couple of minutes, then, this is concerning.

In light of that, we have written a comprehensive article on how to eliminate refrigerator clicking noises that will guide you on how to go about it.

Here’s the article: refrigerator makes clicking noises? Here’s how to fix it.

LG fridge making noises – troubleshooting more noises


LG fridge making whooshing/whistling/blowing sounds

A whooshing noise is a normal operation and it should not worry you.

You see, as the circulation fans run, they will blow air throughout the refrigerator hence the noise.

These circulation fans are usually the condenser and evaporator fans.

Nonetheless, you can reduce the whooshing noise by ensuring that your refrigerator is at least 2” away from any wall be it from the back or from the sides.

LG refrigerator making popping/snapping/crackling sounds

Mostly, this is a normal noise in a healthy refrigerator.

However, when it gets too loud or frequent, then, something is not right.

It is usually caused by several factors such as thermal expansion and contraction of the refrigerator material, popping ice during defrost and so on.

Bearing that in mind, for a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting the popping noise, check out our other article: refrigerator making popping noise? (here’s what to do).

LG fridge keeps on beeping/chiming

To kick us off, your refrigerator is calling your attention to the fact something is up with it.

In most cases, it usually means that the internal temperatures are high.

So, have you left the refrigerator open for long?

If yes, be sure to close it.

Also, it could be that you are overstocking the fridge to an extent that something is stopping the door from fully closing.

Therefore, check that nothing is preventing the door from fully closing.

Moving on…

It is likely that you have recently stored hot food inside the unit.

If so, first take out the food and let it to fully cool before storing it.

Now, the unit won’t stop beeping till the internal temperatures are down to the unit’s temperature range.

However, you can hasten this by selecting the super freeze and super cool options (available in some models).

This will freeze and cool your freezer and fridge at a faster rate. Just remember to turn these options off once the fridge stops beeping.

Additional solutions

If the beeping continues even after fully closing the door, it could be that the reed/door switch is faulty.

Typically, LG manufactures refrigerators with two types of door switches.

These switches have different testing procedures as you can see below:

  • Magnetic (reed) switch – place a magnet over the switch and see if the beeping stops.

lg fridge keeps on beeping

  • Push switch – push the switch to see if the alarm quiets.

lg fridge makes loud humming noise

Alternatively, you can visually inspect the upper hinge to confirm that it is flush against the refrigerator cabinet properly as shown:

lg fridge makes clicking noise

If you note that it is raised out of position and there is a space, the door will not make contact with the switch hence the beeping.

If the alarm stops beeping or there is a space between the switch and the hinge, it means that the doors are not properly aligned with the switch. This is mostly the case if your brand-new LG refrigerator keeps on beeping.

Consequently, you will need to level the refrigerator and align the doors properly.

To do this, follow LG’s refrigerator leveling instructions

On the other hand, if the beeping does not stop during the above test, it means your door switch is faulty.

As a result, you will need to replace it.

Fortunately, you can easily order an OEM LG refrigerator push switch or OEM LG refrigerator reed switch on their Amazon store.

LG fridge keeps on beeping – more solutions

If your refrigerator is beeping as it blinks the 67 error code (E 67/Er 67/r 67/F 67), it means that the control board cannot sense the door as closed.

This means that either the door gaskets/seals are dirty or faulty.

To fix this, start by wiping the gaskets with a mild detergent and moist rag.

This should remove any built-up grease or dirt.

If the error code does not clear and the beeping continues, it means that the seals are faulty and you will need to get replacement seals.

Fortunately, you can easily get OEM LG refrigerator door seals on LG’s Amazon store.

LG fridge making knocking/banging/thumping sounds

To kick us off, constant knocking noises are not normal in a healthy refrigerator – something is definitely up and you will need to check it out.

Does the noise seem to originate from inside the fridge or from the bottom of the unit?

This will be anything from a frosted evaporator fan to a faulty compressor.

See how you can pinpoint and eliminate the source of the noise in our previous post: why does my fridge make knocking noises? Here are the possible causes and their recommended fixes.

Fan noise LG refrigerator (how to fix LG refrigerator noisy fan)

If your LG refrigerator fan is making noise (knocking or scraping), it is clogged.

For the evaporator fan, it is most likely frosted and to eliminate the noise, you will need to defrost your refrigerator.

The easiest way to do this is by unplugging the refrigerator and letting it sit overnight.

As for the compressor fan, you will need to clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

Otherwise, if you note that the fans are making rattling noises, it means that their motor bearings are worn out.

If the rattling noise comes from inside the refrigerator and it stops every time you open the door, then, the evaporator fan motor is to blame.

On the other hand, if the rattling noise is coming from behind the condenser coils, then, the condenser fan motor is to blame.

In this case, replacing the fan motor is the only way to eliminate the rattling sounds.

The good thing is that you can get an OEM LG refrigerator evaporator fan motor or OEM LG refrigerator condenser fan motor on LG’s amazon store.

However, for a comprehensive guide on the different fan noises, be sure to read the different noises we have covered above.

LG refrigerator making noise when door closed

Your LG refrigerator will make a variety of noises when the doors are closed.

These noises will range from humming to banging to knocking noises and so on.

Since the factors that cause this vary, it is best to troubleshoot your unit using the steps we have covered above depending on the type of noise your refrigerator makes.

LG refrigerator making noise but stops when door opened

There are four kind of noises that you will hear when this is the case. They are:

  • Scraping noises.
  • Rattling noises.
  • Knocking noises.
  • Loud humming noises.

All these problems are pointing to problems with the evaporator fan or the fan’s motor.

This is because the evaporator fan motor stops when the door is opened as this conserves energy.

Having said that, following the steps we have just covered above will help you to eliminate these noises.

LG fridge making noises – conclusion

Just like other refrigerator brands, LG refrigerators also make noises as they run. Some of these noises are normal while others are calling your attention to some acting up part.

It is our hope that by now, you can easily identify noises that require your attention and that you can fix them.


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