LG refrigerator French door problems and recommended fixes

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In today’s article, we shall be looking at how to resolve the most common LG Refrigerator French door problems – some of the fixes are pretty easy as you will find out below

LG refrigerator French door problems and recommended fixes

Let’s get started.

LG refrigerator double door freezer not working / LG French door refrigerator freezer stopped working

If it stopped working, the best route is to start by checking the basics.

So first confirm that the power cord is properly plugged in – your kids (perhaps even your pet) might have tugged at it and loosened it- be sure to plug it in properly.

Next, check the circuit breaker to see if it is tripped– if it is, simply reset it.

Finally, you will need to confirm that the power outlet is working.

To do so, connect your phone to the outlet and see if it charges.

If the phone does not charge, probably your outlet is faulty – you can either fix it yourself or you can get an electrician to do it.

In the meantime, try connecting your refrigerator to another working outlet and see if it will roar back to life.


If the phone is charging but the refrigerator isn’t, it is worth to test the outlet’s power – your refrigerator requires a voltage of 120v AC and an amperage of 15 amps.

So if your outlet is not within this range, you again need to plug your refrigerator into another power outlet.


LG refrigerator French door not closing properly / LG French door fridge not closing properly

For the most part, this is accompanied by the door alarm beeping continuously.

Again start by checking the very basic stuff – is the fridge too full? Is there something dangling from inside the fridge that is preventing the door from fully closing?

You see, chances are that either the door gasket is dirty or food items are obstructing the door.

Therefore, be sure to rearrange the food items near the door to make sure that they do not interfere with proper closing of the door.

And while at it, gently wipe the door gasket with a moist cloth and a mild detergent.

Speaking of the door gasket, carefully inspect it to see if it is cracked or torn.

Now, if it’s worn/torn,  your best bet is replacement door gaskets for your refrigerator- we recommend you order LG French door refrigerator OEM left door gasket and OEM right gasket (It is best you replace both gaskets -right and left- door gaskets rather than having a new gasket working with an old one).


Next fix

Next inspect the thin metal flap (also known as the cold/cool screen or door mullion) that is on the left door – the flap is what the right door presses against to create a seal.

Bear in mind that when you open the left door, this seal should automatically fold inwards.

So: is the flap folded out when you open the left door?

If yes, simply fold it inward before closing the door-you can simply use your hands.

However, if the flap keeps on unfolding when you open the door or it does not fold when you try to fold it, it might be because your door mullion is faulty.

Consequently, you may want to install an OEM LG French door refrigerator door mullion.

And is your refrigerator level?

The issue could as well be due to levelling problems..

Now, at the top of the aforementioned flap, you should see a small plastic piece-this piece usually fits into the track located at the top middle of both doors.

I want you to inspect and confirm that both doors are aligned at the top such that the flap comes into contact with the track when closing the doors.

Additionally, your refrigerator could also be tilting forward and this would result in the doors not closing properly.

With that in mind, you may want to go through LG’s refrigerator leveling guide once again- it’s a very useful resource for those who’re having problems levelling their LG refrigerators.

Quick Tip: Because there’s a super wide variety of LG French door refrigerators, LG recommends you refer to your owner’s manual for model-specific instructions.


Check the Door-in-Door button

It is also likely that you are pressing the Door-in-Door button when closing the door-This can result in the door not closing as it should.

For that reason, be sure not to press this button as you close the door.

Also, inspect and see if the button is stuck-If it is, try to reset it by pressing the button several times.


Is it a brand-new refrigerator?

If your brand-new LG French door refrigerator is not closing as it should, first inspect it for leveling issues as we have discussed above.

Also, be sure to check that you haven’t pressed the Door-in-Door feature while closing it as we have just seen.

Besides, if the doors had been removed during installation, doublecheck that they were installed properly.

The owner’s manual that came with your refrigerator should have a detailed guide on this.


Additional solutions

If the freezer door isn’t closing, it is likely that its drawer is reversed- This is quite common with new refrigerators or if you have recently removed the drawers.

The solution is to check for the “front” and “back” imprints on the drawer to confirm that you have your drawers inserted in the right manner- correct them, if not.


LG French door refrigerator won’t stop beeping

This is frequently an indication that your doors are not closing fully or the internal temperature is too high.

So verify that you are not storing hot food inside the unit or overstocking it.

Otherwise, follow the steps under the section: LG French door refrigerator doors not closing properly to correct other potential problems with the door.

Now, if your French door model is still beeping even after trying the fixes in the previous section, it could be that the reed switch is faulty or that your unit is not properly leveled.

See our other article: LG refrigerator keeps on beeping/chiming for the best fixes for the issue.


LG refrigerator French door problems – more troubleshooting steps


LG refrigerator French door not cooling / LG fridge French door not cold / LG French door refrigerator won’t cool / LG French door refrigerator not cold

Recall that for a brand-new refrigerator, you need to let it sit for up to 24 hours for it to begin cooling.

If that doesn’t change anything, proceed as follows:

Check if your refrigerator is blinking OF F or O FF?

If yes, it means it is in demo mode and you will need to turn this mode off for cooling to resume.

Below is how to deactivate demo mode in LG French door refrigerators:

  • For 2018 & earlier models, start by opening one of the doors.
  • Next, press and hold the ice plus and refrigerator buttons together for five seconds.

For 2019 & later models:

  • Press and hold the ice plus and refrigerator icons together.
  • While still holding the refrigerator button, tap the ice button three times.

Next, confirm that the doors are closing fully.

You see, if they are not,  warm room air could be entering inside the refrigerator, impeding cooling.

In fact, if the doors are not closing properly, your unit will, for the most part, beep continuously.

To fix this, go back to the section: LG French door fridge not closing properly and do as recommended.


Alternative troubleshooting

Has there been a power outage recently?

If yes, you will need to let the unit sit for around 24 to 48 hours for its temperatures to stabilize.


Are you frequently opening the doors or leaving them open for too long?

If yes, you will need to minimize the number of times you are opening it and only open it only when necessary.

Here’s why:

Frequently opening the door tends to cause poor/no cooling as you will be introducing warm air before the refrigerator even cools.


Check the vents

Carefully check to confirm that you are not blocking the vents with foodstuff – this leads to poor or no airflow.

Also confirm that you are not stocking your fridge beyond ¾ way.

We already saw that overstocking your unit typically results in it taking long before it is able to cool down everything.

In addition, this can hamper airflow and perhaps even block the vents.


Check spacing

Finally, confirm that you have properly spaced your refrigerator as this allows efficient air circulation.

LG recommends that there is around 2” of space between the refrigerator and the walls as shown below:

LG refrigerator French door not cooling

LG French door refrigerator not cooling enough

Here I suggest you begin by inspecting the condenser coils for signs of dirt-It could be that the coils are dirty and this will reduce the efficiency of the refrigerant.

Now, if the coils are dirty, simply vacuum them clean.

Quick Tip: it is advisable you vacuum the coils every six months.


LG French door refrigerator not freezing

Here is what you should first try if it is not freezing, no matter what you do:

Using a thermometer, confirm that the temperature inside the unit is between 4⁰F and 0⁰F.

Now, if the temperature is above this range, be sure to lower it to within this range or lower for freezing to occur.

Otherwise, if the temp is within this range (or lower), follow the troubleshooting steps under the section: LG French door refrigerator not cooling as the troubleshooting process for freezing and cooling faults are pretty much the same.


LG refrigerator French door problems – additional fixes


LG refrigerator French door ice maker not working / LG refrigerator French door not making ice / LG French door refrigerator won’t make ice

If it won’t make ice, try the following:

Let the unit sit for some time

If the refrigerator is new or there has been a recent power outage, let it sit for around 24 to 48 hours for normal ice production to resume.


Check the temp

What is the freezer’s temperature?

You see, LG recommends a temperature of -4⁰F for normal ice production to occur.

Quick Note: A higher temp once set may produce ice but at a slower rate.


Inspect the water supply

To do so, dispense a glass of water from the water dispenser.

Does it dispense?

If it does not, carefully inspect the water supply line for signs of kinks – if there are, be sure to straighten them out.

Speaking of water supply, what is the water pressure to the refrigerator?

Other than water pressure issues, there are other factors that might result in your French door refrigerator not producing ice.

Read our article: How to fix LG refrigerator ice maker problems for detailed instructions.


LG French door refrigerator not dispensing ice / LG French door refrigerator won’t dispense ice

Ice dispensing fault can be due to several reasons- think of a clogged auger motor, frozen ice chute, and so on.

See what you should do in our detailed article: How to fix an LG refrigerator ice that is not dispensing ice.

LG refrigerator French door problems – final words

Before you buy a new part, be sure to confirm that the part number is compatible with your model.

After all, you do not want to buy a part only for it not to fit your model.

Happy troubleshooting!



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