How to reset LG refrigerator temperature

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In this article, we shall look at how to reset LG refrigerator temperature.

This is article is for you if your LG refrigerator is not cooling down to the set temps, the display is reading the wrong temperature or temp keeps on changing automatically to the wrong temp.

Let’s dive in.

How to reset LG refrigerator temperature

There are several factors that might result in your refrigerator not reading or cooling to the right temperatures.

Similarly, there are several ways to go about resetting the temp on your refrigerator depending on what is causing it to act up.

So, let us look at the different causes and their respective troubleshooting procedures one by one.

Power cycle/ reset the refrigerator

At times, your control board might be having static/flea electrical charges that cause it to act up.

As such, to correct your refrigerator operations, all you need to do is reset it.

To reset the temp (and make it read the correct temp), disconnect the refrigerator from the power and let it sit for five minutes.

Once you plug the unit back in, set it to your desired temp and let it sit for several hours before measuring the temperature again.

If static charges were the problem, your LG refrigerator will now start reading and cooling to the set temps.

Alternative reset procedure

To manually reset your LG refrigerator, set the freezer temp to -6.

Follow this by fully opening and closing the freezer door three times and then setting the freezer temp to -3.

Now, let the refrigerator sit for several hours to let the temperature stabilize.

However, if the problem still persists, then, the below steps will help you in fixing the temperature problems on your LG refrigerator.

Defrost the refrigerator

Carefully inspect the inside of your refrigerator.

Are there signs of frost build-up more so around the evaporator coils?

If yes, it means that your refrigerator is not defrosting as it should.

As a result, your evaporator coils would be too clogged for them to cool/freeze the refrigerator.

Recommended solution

First, you will need to defrost your refrigerator.

To do this, unplug the refrigerator from power, open its doors and let it sit overnight (or for 8 hours).

Once you reconnect the unit, does it read and cool to the right temperatures?

If yes, it could be that either the defrost heater has failed or the defrost thermal fuse has blown.

Luckily, you can easily identify which part is faulty.

To do so, take out the defrost heater and do an ohm test.

Tip: a continuity test will not work on some defrost heaters.

For a healthy defrost heater, you should get a reading of between 10 and 150 ohms.

Any other reading means that the defrost heater is faulty and you will need to get a replacement.

Fortunately, you can easily order an OEM LG refrigerator defrost heater on their Amazon store.

On the other hand, if the defrost heater is fine, it means that the defrost thermal fuse is blown and you will need to replace it.

Clean the condenser coils

The condenser coils at the back of your refrigerator require vacuuming every 6 months.

Now, if you have never vacuumed yours, it could be that too much dirt/lint has accrued on the coils.

If you are wondering how this affects your LG refrigerator’s temp, here’s how…

You see, the condenser coils are responsible for cooling the refrigerant as it runs through your refrigerator.

So, if the condenser coils are dirty, they will not cool the refrigerant. In turn, the refrigerant will not cool your refrigerator hence the temperatures won’t come down.

That being so, be sure to vacuum the condenser coils at the back of your refrigerator.

How to reset LG refrigerator temperature – more solutions

Moving on…

Refrigerant issues

It could be that your refrigerant is leaking from the refrigerator.

When this happens, the amount of refrigerant inside your refrigerator is greatly reduced. In other words, your refrigerator will not have enough refrigerant to sustain the required cold temperatures.

In most models, you will note that your refrigerator is blinking either CL E/E CL or CH E/E CH.

For the E CL error code, it means that the refrigerant is leaking from the low side (evaporator coils).

On the other hand, E CH indicates that the refrigerant is leaking from the high side (condenser coils, capillary tube or 3-way valve).

If this is the case, hang on for a bit as I will give you the recommended solution right after this…

Has the compressor been changed recently?

If yes, it could be that the refrigerant that was added to the unit was not enough.

You see, the amount of refrigerant that LG recommends on the sticker inside the fridge is usually lower than the required amount of refrigerant needed.

This would mean that refrigerant won’t reach the required pressure and temperature to keep the unit running at the right temperature.

Recommended solution

Due to how toxic refrigerants can be both to you and the environment, EPA dictates that only EPA-licensed technicians should handle the refrigerant.

So, be it a leak or lack of enough refrigerant, you will want to get an EPA-licensed technician to handle the refrigerant.

Also, be sure to confirm that they put a little bit more refrigerant than the recommended amount.

How to reset LG refrigerator temperature – the compressor is faulty or it was not installed properly

Now, if the above solutions do not fix your refrigerator, your compressor might be faulty – perhaps, the refrigerant found its way to the pump or the compressor is not compressing the refrigerant to the required pressure.

This would translate to the refrigerant having trouble cooling the unit. As such, you will need to replace the compressor.

Luckily, you can easily order an OEM LG refrigerator compressor such as the LG TCA36411702 compressor on their Amazon store.

Tip: LG refrigerators are notorious for leaving burnt crap in the high side (capillary tube, condenser coils, yoder loop and possibly the 3-way valve) when the compressor goes out.

Recommended solution

When replacing a faulty compressor, you will need to flush out the high side with a solvent – this can be time consuming and some techs won’t bother to do it.

Alternatively, when replacing the compressor, you might opt to change the condenser coils and the filter dryer instead of having to flush them with a solvent.

Also, the new compressor will require a new board and/or a firmware update so that it can operate properly – some techs don’t do this either.

You see, if the refrigerator has the wrong firmware, it will result in the new compressor running at the speed of the old compressor which might be incorrect depending on the compressor model you bought.

How to reset LG refrigerator temperature – final words

If your refrigerator is less than 10 years old, it would be best to contact LG to fix your unit.

This is because the refrigerator’s parts are still under warranty and you would only incur labor costs saving you the cost of getting new parts.

If the refrigerator is less than 5 years old, you are in luck because the parts and labor are both still under warranty – will cost you nothing to have your refrigerator fixed.


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