LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual

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Here’s a detailed LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual to help you fix your LG refrigerator problems.

If your LG refrigerator is acting up, then, you have come to the right place.

This LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual will guide you in fixing almost all your LG refrigerator issues.

Table of Contents

LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual

Since there is no one-does-it-all solution, we shall divide this article into sections depending on the part that is acting up. 

LG refrigerator won’t turn on

Start by checking the power cord. Your kids or pets might have tugged at it and made it loose.

So, is the cord well connected?

If no, be sure to connect it properly.

Next, confirm that the power outlet is working. To do this, simply connect your phone to the outlet and see if it starts charging.

If the outlet is faulty, you can either fix it or get an electrician to do it for you.

Finally, check the circuit breaker – is the line to your refrigerator tripped?

If yes, be sure to reset it.

LG refrigerator not working / LG refrigerator won’t work / LG refrigerator stopped working

Does the display light?

If yes, what you are experiencing is a brown-out.

This will result in the light and display turning on but the compressor won’t start. As such, you will need to test the power outlet to confirm that it has a voltage of 120v and an amperage of 15 amps.

If it is significantly below this, you will need to have an electrician look at the power outlet.

Moving on…

Does the refrigerator make clicking noises from the bottom?

The clicking is from the start relay as it tries to power on the compressor. Apparently, it is unable to start the compressor hence your unit will not work.

As such, gently remove the start relay and shake it. Does it rattle?

If yes, then, it is faulty and you will need to replace it.

Additionally, if the start relay does not click entirely, it could be faulty hence it cannot start the compressor.

In this case, you will test it for continuity and if it lacks continuity, it is faulty and will need to be replaced.

Luckily, you can easily order an OEM LG refrigerator compressor relay on LG’s Amazon store.

Other than that

The electronic control board (ECB) might be to blame. As such, you will need to check it out.

Tip: before removing the ECB, first snap a picture of its wiring. This will come in handy when re-connecting it.

Note that the ECB cannot be tested for continuity.

As such, you will visually inspect it for any problems.

So, does it have arcing, burnt connections or does it appear cracked?

Now, if you are able to spot any problems with the board, you will need to get a replacement control board for your model.

LG refrigerator stopped running no sound

First, check for power supply issues as we have done above.

Next, power cycle your refrigerator.

To do this, unplug it for five minutes to clear any electrical charges that might result in a malfunction. 

Still, if your refrigerator is not running, it is highly likely that your compressor is bad.

This is because the compressor hums as it runs.

So, read how to know fridge compressor is not working and how to fix it.

LG refrigerator stopped working no lights

The steps to fix this problem are similar to the ones we have just covered above on LG refrigerator not working and LG refrigerator won’t turn on.

So, check them out and see how it goes.

LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual – more fixes

Moving on…

LG refrigerator won’t stop beeping

This normally indicates that the door switch isn’t detecting your door as closed.

So, have you left your door open for a long time?

If yes, be sure to close it.

Moving on…

If the door is closed, it could be that your door is not closing fully.

To check this, first open the unit and confirm that nothing is preventing the door from closing fully. If there is, be sure to remove it.

Next, you will need to test the door switch.

Before testing the door switch, it is important to understand that there are two types of switches:

  • The reed/magnetic switch – to test it, place a magnet above it and see if the interior lights of the fridge will turn off.

lg refrigerator won't stop beeping

  • The push switch – to test this switch, push the switch to see if the refrigerator’s interior lights turn off.

lg refrigerator not cooling

In both cases, if the lights do not turn off, it means that the switch is either not connected properly or it is faulty.

As such, first check if the switch wire harness is connected properly. If it isn’t be sure to connect it well.

On the other hand, if nothing is wrong with the wire harness connection, it means that your switch is faulty.

Consequently, you will need to get a replacement switch for your model.  

Alternative fixes

Finally, it could be the case of dirty or dirty or damaged door gaskets/seals.

In most models, this is accompanied by the 67 error code (Er 67/F 67/ r 67).

This code means that refrigerator doors are not closing fully. This would result in warm room air entering the refrigerator as cold air leaves it.

This could be caused by either dirty or broken door gasket seals.

So, first get a mild detergent and a damp rag and use them to wipe the seals.

This will remove any grease or dirt around the seals. Once you are done, close your door and see if the beeping stops.

Unfortunately, if the beeping does not stop, your seals are faulty and you will need to get OEM LG door seals replacement.

LG refrigerator not cooling / LG refrigerator won’t cool / LG refrigerator stopped cooling

If it is a brand new (or recently installed) refrigerator, let it sit for at least 24 hours for it to stabilize its internal temperatures.

Moreover, if the refrigerator was filled with food upon its installation, it will require more than 24 hours before it can start cooling.

Has there been a recent power outage?

If yes, your LG refrigerator will need to sit for at least 24 to 48 hours for its internal temperature to stabilize.

So, be sure to give it time.

Next, confirm that you have demo mode turned off in your unit.

When this mode is turned on, your refrigerator will display either OF F or O FF.

To deactivate demo mode on 2018 or earlier models, press and hold the ice plus and refrigerator buttons/icons together for five seconds.

As for more recent models, press and hold the ice plus and refrigerator icons simultaneously. While still holding the refrigerator button, tap the ice plus key three times.

Your display should now display the temperature controls indicating that demo mode has been turned off.

Alternative solutions

Does the refrigerator display an error code?

If yes, it could be a frost build-up issue. As such, you will need to defrost it.

Additionally, if it could be the case of faulty door seals – they leave a gap once you close the door(s).

To fix this issue, refer to the steps we have just seen above on fixing your LG refrigerator won’t stop beeping.

Moving on…

Have you recently stored hot food inside the unit?

If yes, you will need to first take out the food.

You see, hot food temporarily warms the unit thereby requiring it to run longer just to bring the temperature back down.

With that in mind, always let your hot food to cool down before you put it inside your refrigerator.

Other than that…

How frequently are you opening the refrigerator’s doors and for how long?

Frequent opening of the door will result in warm room air entering your refrigerator. The same case applies if you are opening the door for long.

This warm air will lead to your refrigerator having to work for longer to cool.

Here’s the catch.

If you are opening the door every now and then, your refrigerator will never achieve its set temperature because you are introducing warm air every time the unit is about to cool.

Inspect the door switch

If the door switch is faulty, it will not detect that the door has closed.

In turn, this would result in the cold air not being blown to your refrigerator.

To test the door switch, be sure to follow the steps we have just seen above on fixing an LG refrigerator that won’t stop beeping.

LG refrigerator not cooling – more solutions

Confirm that food is not blocking the vents. This would lead to poor airflow hence no cooling would take place.

While at it, confirm that you are not overstocking your refrigerator as this would have the same effect on airflow.

Tip: the recommended stocking levels are utmost ¾ way full.

For efficient air circulation, confirm that there is at least 2” of space between your refrigerator and the wall as shown below:

lg refrigerator troubleshooting guide

Moving on…

You will want to make sure that your doors are aligned properly.

If they are not, they would create problems with the door gasket sealing hence warm air would find its way into the refrigerator.

To align the doors properly, check out LG’s leveling instructions.

LG refrigerator not cooling enough

First, inspect the condenser cover panel for signs of accrued dirt, lint, pet hairs and so on.

You see, the dirt might accrue on the panel holes to an extent of reducing the ventilation efficiency of the condenser. This would translate to your refrigerator not cooling enough.

So, if the condenser panel is dirty, you will need to clean it. In this case, a vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

If the condenser panel is not the issue, you can refer to the above steps on LG refrigerator not cooling as the other steps are the same.

LG refrigerator not cooling but running

In this scenario, you are assured that power is not the problem.

What you should know is that the steps for fixing this issue are similar to the ones we have just covered above on LG refrigerator won’t cool.

So, refer to the above steps to fix your unit.

LG refrigerator not freezing / LG refrigerator won’t freeze / LG refrigerator stopped freezing

Using a thermometer, measure the freezer temperature – for freezing to occur, the temperature should be between 4⁰F and 0⁰F. This is the recommended temperature by LG.

So, if the temperature is above this, be sure to lower it.

As for the other steps, they are similar to those of LG refrigerator won’t cool that we have just tackled above.

So, be sure to follow the above steps to fix your refrigerator freezing issues.

LG refrigerator not cooling or freezing / LG refrigerator stopped cooling and freezing

The troubleshooting steps for this are similar to the ones we have just tackled above on LG refrigerator not cooling and LG refrigerator not freezing.

So, try those steps and see how it goes.

LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual – additional problems and fixes

Other issues that your LG refrigerator may run into are… 

LG refrigerator not making ice / LG refrigerator won’t make ice / LG refrigerator stopped making ice

To kick us off, if the refrigerator is brand new, let it sit for 24 hours before it can start making ice.

What temperature have you set the freezer at?

For ice to be produced, the freezer must maintain a temp of at least 19⁰F.

However, LG recommends a minimum temperature of -4⁰F (-20⁰C) for ice to be produced.

Note: a warmer temperature might produce ice but albeit at a slower rate.

So, ensure that you have your temperature at -4⁰F or below.

Inspect the water supply

To confirm if this is the issue, try and dispense a glass of water from the water dispenser.

If it dispenses, then, a water supply connection is not the issue.

On the other hand, if it does not dispense, you will need to inspect the water line and see if it is kinked or if it appears damaged.

If it is kinked, be sure to straighten the kinks out.

On the other hand, if the water line is damaged, you will need to replace it.

Fortunately, LG offers OEM refrigerator water lines that you can easily order on their Amazon store.

For additional ice maker troubleshooting steps, read our other article: LG refrigerator ice maker problems.

LG refrigerator not making craft ice / LG refrigerator won’t make craft ice / LG refrigerator stopped making craft ice / LG refrigerator stopped making ice balls

If you have recently installed the refrigerator, give it at least 48 hours for it to begin making the craft ice.

Note: the first craft ice may not be round and clear.

Next, go to the control panel and check the Craft Ice setting.

If the craft ice indicator is off, it means that your craft ice maker is turned off.

Consequently, tap on the craft ice setting to turn the craft ice maker on.

Tip: turning this ice maker on will automatically set it to produce one batch of three craft ice every 24 hours. If you want it to produce more than this, simply press the craft ice setting again. Your display will change to show that you have increased the number of craft ice being produced to six.

Additional solutions

Next, check the feeler arm on your ice maker.

Here’s why.

If it is pushed up, it will stop making additional ice to prevent an overflow.

So, confirm that the feeler arm is lowered if there is no ice in the bin. Also, be sure to confirm that the feeler arm is not obstructed and it can move freely.

Moving on…

As for the other steps, they are similar to the ones that we have just covered above on LG refrigerator not making ice.

So, be sure to follow them to fix your craft ice maker.

LG refrigerator not making enough ice

To fix this error, read our detailed guide on LG refrigerator ice maker problems more so on the ice maker not making enough ice part on steps to fix your ice maker.

LG refrigerator won’t dump ice / LG refrigerator won’t dispense ice

Again, for a detailed guide on fixing this ice maker error, read our comprehensive guide on fixing LG refrigerator ice maker problems.

LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual – fixing water dispenser issues

LG refrigerator not dispensing water / LG refrigerator won’t dispense water / LG refrigerator stopped dispensing water

Is the control/child lock engaged?

If it is, you should see an illuminated lock icon on the refrigerator display.

To turn the control lock off, press the lock icon. You will know that it has turned off once the lock icon disappears.

On other models, to turn control lock off, simply tap on the lock function.

Does your display show any codes?

If your refrigerator is displaying either Sb or S6, then, it means that it is in sabbath mode.

To deactivate sabbath mode, press and hold the wifi and freezer icons/buttons together for three seconds.

Still, if the dispenser is not working, press the dispenser lever down and listen for a humming noise.

If the refrigerator hums when trying to dispense water, you will need to inspect the water supply line to the unit.

Is it turned on? If no, be sure to turn it on.

Also, check the water line for any kinks or damages.

If there are kinks along the line, straighten them out.

On the other hand, if the water line is damaged, you will need to get a replacement water line.

More solutions

It could be that the water tank is frozen.

To fix this, inspect your refrigerator for signs of frost more so around the water tank.

Consequently, you will need to defrost your unit.

If a frozen water tank was the issue, be sure to increase the internal temperature to prevent future freezing of the tank.

Tip: the recommended temperature for your fridge compartment is between 35⁰F and 38⁰F.

If you press the water lever, do you hear a click?

If no, it means the switch under the lever is either stuck or faulty.

For this, you will need to open the water dispenser and try to engage and disengage the switch. If it was stuck, then, this should fix it.

Otherwise, test it for continuity.

If it lacks continuity, it means it is faulty and you will need to get a replacement dispenser switch.

Purge air from the water line

This could be the issue if there was a recent water interruption or you have installed/changed your water pipes.

This would result in air bubbles traveling to your refrigerator’s water tank leading to an airlock.

To purge the air out, press and hold the dispenser lever for around five minutes.

This will flush out any air locks that might be in the tank.

Once the water begins to dispense, continue pressing the level till the sputtering stops and the water flow becomes steady.

LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual – final words

By now, we are sure our detailed LG refrigerator troubleshooting manual has helped you in fixing your LG refrigerator.

Before we wind up, here are two extra tips:

  • If you are unsure of how to go about a given step, we recommend you get an instructional video from YouTube to guide you.
  • When replacing your refrigerator parts, it is best to get LG OEM parts as they will outlast their generic counterparts. Moreover, using generic parts will void LG’s warranty.


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