Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting guide [problems and fixes]

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We have prepared this Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting guide to help you fix your Frigidaire affinity dryer if it has started acting up.

It’s quite detailed so we hope it will help you get your appliance working again.

Let’s dive in:

Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting – how to repair various Frigidaire affinity dryer common problems

Basic solutions to try

There are some common essential fixes that you can try for a couple of problems.

I’m speaking about the following very common problems..

  • Frigidaire affinity dryer not heating
  • Frigidaire affinity dryer not heating no error code
  • Frigidaire affinity dryer not working at all
  • Frigidaire affinity gas dryer not heating up
  • Frigidaire affinity gas dryer not drying completely
  • Frigidaire affinity dryer taking too long to dry
  • Frigidaire affinity dryer blinking lights

So we shall start our Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting with the fixes for these super frequent issues for the appliance:


Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting – basic causes and what to do

For the above troubles, here are the repairs you should try:

Now, chances are you have overloaded it, it’s plugged up with lint, you have selected wrong temp, the ventilation is restricted (or the exhaust duct is blocked), heating element is fried, or the thermal fuse is burnt out.


Check the temp setting

It may be failing to heat/dry because you selected incorrect temp setting so check the temp you have set it to.


Check the load

It could be taking longer to dry because you have overloaded it so check load size.

To be clear, it’s best to fill the dryer between 1/3 to 1/2(of its capacity).

Besides, filling it as recommended reduces wrinkles in your clothes.


Check dryer vent

It is so important to check exhaust duct..

You see, if the dryer vent is clogged(even partially), the airflow through your dryer will be restricted, substantially increasing drying time or causing it not to work at all.

You should, therefore, clean the dryer’s venting system- pull the dryer out, untap it (from the outside) and push in your hand and pull out all the lint.

Do this once per year(at least).

Also, your duct needs to be 4 inches(in diameter), at least for optimal dryer performance.

Oh, and your duct should be made of rigid/semi-rigid metal.

And remember to check if there are air leaks around the air duct(seal them)

Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting

Clean lint filter

Clean the lint filter-and that’s because fabric softener and Dryer sheets tend to leave some residue on your dryer’s lint filter, hindering the airflow.

In fact, you should clean it always-after every load.

Try Holikme lint cleaner kit.

ALSO READ: How to clean lint from front load dryer [step by step]


For extended drying times issue

Check if the blower fan blade is broken or loose- and replace/tighten.

Check installation- if the dryer is installed in closet(with a solid door), have a pro re-install it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Check if the moisture sensor is badly connected/defective- connect it properly/replace.

Replace electronic control- do this if your dryer runs normally but keeps giving drying errors.


The heating element could be dead

In this case, the best fix is replacing the heating element (test if the heating element has continuity first).

Note that if the element is shorted, you should get no continuity between the heater terminals and heater shroud.

If you have opted to replace, we recommend the Genuine Frigidaire replacement heater and you can always search for helpful Frigidaire dryer heating element replacement videos on YouTube to guide you during installation.


Frigidaire affinity dryer thermal fuse could be blown

Frigidaire affinity dryer thermal fuse

You probably understand that the fuse(it attaches to the thermostat) cuts out power to the appliance to prevent overheating and likely damage to your dryer.

Here are some of the symptoms that could be pointing to a bad thermal fuse(electric models):

  • No heat / not enough heat
  • Longer drying time
  • Dryer will not start- If the fuse breaks, the dryer could fail to turn on, because it thinks the temp is too high
  • Dryer runs too hot

So ensure your dryer fuses are operational(Note that if the circuit is blown, you might still see the dryer turn but there will be no heat)

We recommend this replacement fuse(if yours is blown).

Quick Note: Another cause of longer drying times is high humidity. Try to use a good dehumidifier near the appliance.


Frigidaire affinity gas dryer not heating up but turns on

  • Check if gas supply valve is open.

frigidaire affinity dryer not heating and shutting off

  • Next, confirm that your dryer has enough air supply(to support the burner flame)
  • Check the tank- it’s obvious that an empty gas tank/utility interruption could cause the problem.

Also, keep in mind that gas models must be connected to a 120V circuit.


Frigidaire affinity dryer not blowing hot air

This is often due to a heating element issue.

Just to remind you, it is the heating element that warms the air just before it enters your dryer’s drum.

So if the element has fried -or a part within the assembly is defective, your dryer may not blow hot air.

You still have to test the element for continuity (use a multimeter) and you’ll need to replace it, if there’s no continuity.


Frigidaire affinity dryer not turning on

For the issue of your Frigidaire affinity dryer not starting, your first suspect should be power supply issue.

For that reason, check the power connections (in the back) and see if they’re all looking good.

Of course, you also need to check if the house fuse is blown or the circuit breaker is tripped(Reset the circuit breaker / replace fuse).

In addition:

  • Ensure you have not overloaded the dryer’s electrical line – it is best for the dryer to be on its own separate circuit.
  • Check is the dryer power cord is plugged in securely (also check if the plug might be loose).
  • Check if the thermal limiter is tripped- you’ll need a replacement


Frigidaire affinity dryer not spinning

Possible causes and fixes:

  • Faulty drive belt- replace
  • Failed dryer motor-replace
  • Drum roller has a problem- repair or replace(they could be worn out).


Frigidaire affinity gas dryer not heating and shutting off

If it won’t heat up(at all the heat levels) and actually shuts down immediately you press the start button, check for a bad igniter or faulty gas coils

While the surrounding area is dark ,try to run your dryer -with the dryer top temporarily removed- and check if you’ll see if there’s an orange glow (coming from bottom left of your dryer).

If not, replace the burner.

Otherwise, test the gas coils for proper ohm values..

I should add that ohm tests on gas coils will not always be conclusive so you can perhaps consider replacing your gas coils directly as they’re not too pricey.

Also, you can see if the flame sensor has problems (it’s on the side-of the burner tube).

The other parts you could test are the high-limit thermal fuse and the thermostat (check thermostat for resistance).

You’ll certainly need to replace the part you find bad- Ignition Coil Kit, the Flame Sensor, or  Control Thermistor part.


Frigidaire affinity dryer wont shut

Again check the door switch– if it does not appear to be functioning properly, replace it (unless it’s an issue you can correct easily).

A temporary solution for this malfunction is to you open door / unplug it.

Eventually, you may need to get a replacement control board.


Frigidaire affinity dryer door open error

If you are additionally getting door open error, you’ll likely also have to test its door switch (and replace)


Frigidaire affinity dryer 3 blinking lights

For the most part, the fault comes from a bad control board- you probably need to get a replacement Frigidaire Affinity dryer control board.


When to replace the motor

frigidaire affinity dryer motor

Sometimes your problems might be coming from a bad motor but it is not easy to determine if the motor is the culprit.

For that reason, we advise you to look for the following signs before changing out the motor:

  • It is too noisy (making some loud noise when you listen in)
  • The appliance will not start
  • The dryer will not tumble

We recommend a genuine Frigidaire affinity dryer replacement motor, if you’d like to replace the motor.


Blower fan makes loud noise

For the issue, try this:

With the dryer un-plugged, spin the fan then listen out for any binding or knocking against the fan/cover assembly.

Also, inspect all mounts for proper alignment/fit on the motor(front/rear clips) and the fan/cover assembly.

It is worth to unscrew nut(s) from the motor shaft and then re-install – be careful here not to cross the thread fan nut or motor shaft threads.


Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting -Other problems

Excessive wrinkling

Causes and solutions

  • Dryer is overloaded– check load
  • You have left items too long in dryer– remove clothes as soon as the cycle ends
  • You have not sorted items correctly– sort items sufficiently before you start load (see your manual for instructions)
  • Too high drying temp set– check temp settings.


Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes

If your appliance is displaying some error, you will want to know what it means before you can begin repairing it.

With that in mind, read our Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes troubleshooting guide– you’ll see how to fix many of the most common Frigidaire affinity dryer fault codes


How to reset Frigidaire affinity dryer error codes

You probably know that resetting the machine sometimes helps clear potentially false error codes.

See our Frigidaire affinity dryer reset guide for the exact steps you should follow to have your dryer reset..


Frigidaire affinity dryer diagnostic mode

To enter Service Diagnostics Mode on your Frigidaire affinity dryer:

Unplug for about 5 minutes then go to step 2

  1. Press and hold “Select” and “Cancel” buttons(simultaneously) for about 6 seconds. This resets the control.
  2. You’ll hear a buzzer sound at some point.
  3. Next, immediately after the buzzer sounds, rotate its cycle selector knob 5 turns, counterclockwise to the second position(from the bottom).
  4. Once it’s there, Press and hold Options and Cancel buttons(simultaneously) for 2 seconds.
  5. The control will now enter service test mode- and the buzzer will once again sound 3 times and you’ll see all LEDs blink rapidly.

Watch the YouTube below for the rest of the steps…



Frigidaire affinity dryer troubleshooting manual -Wrap up

Keep in mind that your Frigidaire affinity dryer manual has some extra care tips that can help you avoid some of these troubles in the future.

Reminder: Do not ignore YouTube if you are swapping out parts like the heating element, thermistor, limiter, etc.-  There are some very helpful videos there that can show you how to change the parts out.

PS: If you cannot get the correct part, you can try to contact Frigidaire directly (they will direct you where to get genuine Frigidaire affinity dryer parts)

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